What Is The Most Popular Christmas Decoration?

Admittedly, the festivities have been dampened quite a bit since the beginning of Covid. Events are slowly getting back to normal but certain things are definitely more felt: Intimacy, privacy and most importantly, safety.

These are what you could ever wish for Christmas and we’re grateful for everything we have been through this whole time.

Decorating a lovely Christmas theme for home never gets old. It’s magical and it’s about having a good time with our loved ones.

Nothing’s ever too early when it comes to planning, Christmas decorating especially. If you’re already saving and sourcing for ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of the most popular decorations that never fails to light up the Christmas spirit, and the beautiful meanings behind them.



Decorations without a theme can look messy. One of the things we look for in home is a theme with decoration and furniture that flows and complement throughout.

The traditional bold red and green colours may disrupt your current home decor. Maybe they are not your cup of tea.

Try going for farmhouse decorations or the mid-century modern styles instead.

Neutral toned and aesthetically pleasing. Both interior designs, the farmhouse and mid-century modern, use colours that are flexibly easier to match with your existing home interior design. 

We’re talking about the white, navy, natural wood tones and other light neutral tones that can bring out the Christmas feels as much as the traditional colours.


Let’s dive into some of the most popular Christmas decorations to include for your home this year!




Candles are often the light of Christmas, if not for the fairy lights. It is a tradition that has been around for centuries. 

The reasons for the burning candle varies, aside from being simply a festive decoration. It can be for religious reasons or to remember those who are away. Even, a symbol of celebration and gratefulness.

Aromatic Scented Candles | Your Casa Concept

Scented candles can be both decorative and blanket your home with a good scent. They make a home smell very welcoming, which makes them the perfect addition to capture the Christmas mood. 

Scented candles, or aromatic candles, are known to have sophisticated fragrances that help to soothe the minds too, even on other regular days. 

Set the candles on the dining table, the bathrooms, the table at the doorway or even the living room’s coffee table.

Scented Candles for Christmas | Your Casa Concept

100% natural soy wax candles that are entirely free from toxins, paraffins and harmful residue. These candles from Benevolence  are made with the best ingredients to fill your homes with natural goodness. 

The matte black and gold stamped packaging makes these aromatic candles feel luxurious and will match greatly with many home interior designs.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, choose the brand with a good purpose. You’ll feel more satisfied buying from brands that have a cause. It might capture the feeling of Christmas better too.

Every Benevolence’s candle purchased is donated to ZOE International, an organisation that works to end child trafficking across the world.

Safety is always a concern when it comes to fire. Place them on higher surfaces that are out of younger children’s reach and away from flowy curtains or anything that can potentially catch fire. 

A much safer solution: Flameless candles.

Battery operated, flameless candles can be as warm and welcoming as real candles. Especially for homes with kids or pets, this will ease your mind from potential, unnecessary dangers. 

Recommended below is a set of flameless candles that comes together with dancing flame in unbreakable glass cover. The simplistic look and warm glow makes it great for the Christmas occasion.

Flameless candles for Christmas | Your Casa Concept



Everyone loves these lights. Magical, tiny little lights that twinkles – the fairy lights. Rightfully popular to make a home merry and bright for Christmas!

Fairy lights are the tiny LED bulbs on flexible metal wires. They are mostly battery operated but there are some that would require a powerpoint to be plugged into. Easy to function and very versatile, they can be placed or wrapped anywhere. 

Fairy lights decoration


Plus, you can keep the fairy lights for other holidays and occasions too. Some ways to use fairy lights for Christmas decoration are:

  1. Create a bright centrepiece jar of ball ornaments and fairy lights. 
  2. Wrap the fairy lights around garlands and swags.
  3. Fairy light curtains!
Curtain fairy lights for Christmas | Your Casa Concept



What used to be natural wood branches stringed together is now made from artificial nature that never go bad. 

Garland decorating is one of the oldest Christmas traditions in America, one that reminds us that warmth and happiness is possible during the cold winter season.

Whether the garlands are fresh or faux, they can certainly fill a home with lushes of greens, hung freely on any furniture that has a frame – like the fireplace or kitchen wall cabinet. 

Garland decorations for Christmas | Your Casa Concept

One can even have garlands wrapped around the staircases and pillars. A good tip before buying your garland would be to measure the length you need. We don’t want the decor to come short! 

An extra touch of fairy lights or silver and gold ornaments around the garlands makes it a stunning piece of Christmas decoration. 

Along with the garland decor is the swag. Swags are hung vertically, have a wide center and ends that are tapered. You can see them on the front door of a home, above the mantel and sometimes, decorated on top of the letterbox.



Poinsettia decorations for Christmas | Your Casa Concept

The iconic poinsettias light up a home with their bright red, star-shaped leaves. They represent the traditional colours of Christmas aptly. 

With over 70 million sold, Poinsettias are indeed the most popular plant sold during the Christmas holidays. And in recent years, you can find them in diverse colours like pastel pink and creamy white.

White Poinsettias for Christmas | Your Casa Concept

These ‘flowers of the holy night’ have a religious Mexican legend behind them centuries ago and have since been used to add life to Christmas decorations around the world.

How to decorate with poinsettias:

  1. With some pinecones and ornament balls, the poinsettias can be excellent dinner table centerpieces.
  2. Further beautify the wreaths/garlands that you had hung around the house.
  3. Dress up the mantel!
  4. A small group of poinsettias under the Christmas tree.

Potted poinsettias are best to buy in the second week of December and should you wish to care for them after the holidays, you can learn more from here.



Christmas tree ornaments are not something you can ignore, not when each ornament actually has a special meaning. 

Like how a house ornament would symbolise family protection. A bird ornament reflects joy and happiness. A heart ornament represents genuine love in a home and so on.

Once hung onto the Christmas tree, it really feels like a complete Christmas home decoration. Like the cherry on top.

DIY Christmas Ornament | Your Casa Concept

DIY ornaments are increasingly gaining popularity. Not only are they beautiful, but they are more memorable when made with your own hands. You could probably save more too.

Have a mix of sizes – the large sizes, the medium-sized and also the small ones. The combination of their colours should match. Common colours are silver, gold, red and of course, green. 

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament | Your Casa Concept



A stocking filled with toys and goodies on Christmas night symbolises good fortune. Traditions are there for a reason and the Christmas stocking is a classic.

It’s a tradition that extends beyond children. Adults love them as well. 

The practice started out with real socks and stockings hung on mantles. Today, people alike can decorate their personalised or knitted socks for Christmas.

Get creative by personalising your stockings! You can engrave your name on them, have your favourite characters, and also upcycle what is already available at home. 

The usual stocking stuffers are fruits, candies, monies,  small toys and other small things that could fit the stockings.

Stockings can last a lifetime when cared well and it saves you some money to reuse them again for the next Christmas.

A lot of houses do not come with a fireplace (This is also dependent on the area you are staying at).

Instead, people are hanging their Christmas stockings from:

  • Decorative branch
  • Bookcase
  • Coat rack
  • Decorative ladder

Christmas stocking decorations are truly the kind to celebrate the magic of gifting.

Christmas Knitted Stockings | Your Casa Concept


Over the past 2 years have not been easy – mentally, physically and maybe financially. There has been a large increase in search of budget-friendly decorating ideas and gifts that do not result in too much waste.

No, people are not cutting back on the mood. But we are getting more creative and intentional in our decorating chapters.

One thing that you can surely find are things that are handmade, or made from Earth-friendly materials. 

Many begin putting up their Christmas decorations a day or weekend after Thanksgiving – and it doesn’t even hurt to start earlier. 


Up cycling and reusing what is already available is good. Making your own Christmas decoration can be a fun family bonding activity. It’s also more satisfying to see your hard work being put up to liven up Christmas at home.


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18 thoughts on “What Is The Most Popular Christmas Decoration?”

  1. I really enjoyed this lovely article on Christmas decorations. I’ve always loved Christmas and feel it’s a magical time for families. I love the tiny fairy lights and may get some as a table decoration. I already have flameless candles and enjoy watching the colours change:) I find they’re certainly a lot safer than real candles especially as I have a cat that’s into everything!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Wonderful. I think the flameless lights worked its magic well on me too.

      And yes. It is indeed for the safety of our beloved cats.

      Thanks for your kind comment!


  2. Hi Sam,
    This is the perfect time of year to get everyone in the festive mood of Christmas. I enjoy all the sights sounds and smells of good food cooking and the aroma of scented candles. It is no surprise they are one of the favorite gifts this time of year. I always have the Red Poinsettia’s decorating my home at Christmas. There is just something special about the shape and color I especially like. And I never forget that sprig of mistletoe over our doorway.
    Thank you for a very special holiday message!

    1. Hey there Chas,

      I would love for the joyous mood to start spreading earlier hahaha.

      Ah yes, the red poinsettias. It’s loud red colours are just enough to put a smile on anyone’s faces.

      And thank you for sharing a fair bit of your Christmas celebration. Let’s all look forward to this year’s!


  3. I like your recommendation list for the Christmas Decoration. I was looking for something simple but need to match the Christmas theme and my home Deco. Now I have got some ideas from your list.

  4. Hi SAM,

    I love candles since it calms me down and brings a relaxing vibe. But, I am always scared that my pets will get burned if they are curious about the flame. That’s why I found the flameless candles are my top pick for this coming season. The flame is flickering like real, and you can also set 2-8 hours automatically. What a brilliant idea! I think I will take this one and use them as a night light.


    1. Hi Matt,

      The flame will definitely catch their attention. Its their nature!

      Awesome! They can act as a night light pretty well. A good mood guaranteed for sure.


  5. Hey Sam, I enjoyed this wonderful article, it reminded me that Christmas is approaching. I adore that part of the year because of the decorating and the warmth that the holiday itself brings. Making decorations by hand fills me up. You’ve given great ideas and I really don’t know which one to single out because I like each one. I use candles and fairy lights every year but I really like the suggested candle because of the color combination. I have no doubt it smells fantastic! This year I will have a lot of fun making ornaments, it seems like a lot of fun. As you said making Christmas decoration can be a fun family bonding activity. Especially in the time of a pandemic that connected us even more to each other. At least the family will be together this year for Christmas.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful feeling you evoked. Keep writing such lovely and at the same time useful articles. All the best!

    1. Hi Danijela,

      Yes, how fast time flies. Christmas is in 2 months!

      Sounds like you enjoy making things yourself. I’m sure you’ll make great ornaments.

      Wishing a healthy and happy Christmas celebration for you. Thank you for your kind comment.


  6. These are great ideas for decorating for Christmas. I actually use all of these! I don’t go crazy decorating for Christmas like some of the friends I know. But, in Alaska, we’re all about more lights, just because it’s so dark in the winter and the twinkle lights help make the home brighter and more cheery. We have LED lights that span our living room that we use all year actually. I simply change the colors to match the seasons. Right now, I go between orange and red for Halloween. For Christmas, I like either purple or greens – Depends on the color of the lights for the tree that year. I have several types of lights for Christmas that I choose between. Makes each year a little different.

    Thanks for these ideas! Love them all.

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Wow! I would love to go to Alaska one day.

      Nice to know that your fairy lights can change colour. That makes things way easier. hahaha. Love that you have all of the decorations mentioned in this article. I can imagine a cheery and warm Christmas home. Good work!


  7. In just over two months it’s Christmas already…… Wow, where has the year gone?

    The soothing aromas of scented candles are a favorite for me…. gotta have them, and not just for Christmas!
    It will be nice to spend some quality time with my extended family again, and I’m looking forward to making some DIY decorations with my nieces again.

    Christmas is summertime in my part of the world, so it means lots of swimming, beaches, and nature walks. I’m seriously looking forward to leaving the restrictions of the last year and a half behind.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, it’s indeed fast.

      Family time is always heartwarming and along with the decorations, it’s about creating another beautiful memory together.

      Ah, tropical country you’re at! Have a good one, Andrew.


  8. I can’t believe that Christmas is coming up already! The years are just flying!
    You have some beautiful ideas here and I will apply some of them to my home. I usually buy poinsettias for Christmas, they are so lovely and I love the red leaves. I read that they may be poisonous to cats and dogs, so it’s best to keep them away from them. How long can poinsettias last, do you know?
    The fairy lights and garlands are also beautiful and festive. I would love to have some this Christmas. 🙂

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes, it’s very fast.

      Please do keep your pets away from poinsettias! If kept under good care, they can last you for 2-3 months.

      Fairy lights feels like a definite part of Christmas decorating. Garlands too!


  9. Hi Sam,
    I like your Christmas decorating ideas and remind us Christmas just knocking the door.

    Yes you remind all of us big festive can more decorative with candles . Lot of foods and your nice candle decoration ideas can make whole Christmas successful .

    As your article mention 5 types of helpful concept brings really handy .
    Good to read your article .
    Thank you

    1. Hi Goutam,

      Candles are absolute mood makers and especially the scented ones. You can try the Christmas scents if you’d like!


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