What Is The Best Home Gym Equipment?

It wasn’t that long ago that home gyms were considered a luxury. Maybe it was perceived that only those who have an extra room or an unused garage space could have a decent home gym.

Homes of all sizes are welcoming the idea of a home gym, more than ever before. Especially so since some of us went through the lockdown and were not able to hit the gym as regularly as before.

The workout-at-home frenzy is not going away, as we see sales for home gym equipment skyrocket since the pandemic.

A couple of gym equipment would not tear such a big hole in your pocket.

Besides affordability, we know how important the sizes of the equipment are too. So here’s a list of the best trusted, credible and recommended equipment you can consider for your very own home gym.



The actual gym offers a variety of machines but you can’t be buying all of them. Your home gym should consist of equipment that you would certainly use, and not just because they are nice to look at.

Along with other subsidiary but essential equipment like the yoga mats, density mats and mirrors, home gym equipment generally fall into two main categories:

  • Cardio equipment
  • Targeted muscle/strength training equipment

Variety is the spice of life. In this case, it is best if your home gym equipment is versatile enough to be used for various exercises too. Having variations will help you stay excited to workout every other day.


The size of certain gym equipment can take up quite a bit of space. It is, in fact, an important factor to consider. Which is why it is probably best to choose those that can be folded up and kept away neatly when not in use.

Understandably, price is the one factor that turns many people away. A home gym, especially with good cardio equipment, is not a small investment.

However, with more alternatives in the market, there is a higher chance of getting good quality equipment at value prices. It is highly advised to do your own research and check for trusted reviews. Pay attention to the warranties of the equipment too!

To sum it up, choose your equipment based on:

  1. Value & Benefits
  2. Versatility
  3. Equipment Size
  4. Warranties and Customer reviews



  1. Exercise bikes

First up on the list, naturally, is the exercise bike. It is one of the most efficient ways to burn more calories while still being in the comforts of your home.

The exercise bike is also a good low-impact cardio machine that is easy on your joints – which is good for those of us who have sustained injuries before. Or simply because age has caught up to us.

You can place the exercise bike easily in a corner of your living room and get a workout going.

Workouts on exercise bikes can get fun, as you are able to vary the levels of intensity of it. Most exercise bikes have levels of resistance that you can challenge yourself to, along with the speed.

The inclusion of interval training with resistance easily doubles this cardio equipment as a strength training equipment too.


Exercise Bike for Home Gym | Your Casa Concept

Dimensions: 101cm (length) x 126cm (height) x 50cm (width)

Sleek look, efficiently designed. The Bluefin Fitness Tour Bike 5.0 comes with durable transport wheels for better mobility around the house.

Other key features to note:

  • 12 automatic training programs + 24 manual levels of resistance
  • Heavy duty 12kg flywheel
  • Magnetic braking and silent drive system
  • LCD display with heart rate and pulse monitors
  • Integrated bluetooth speaker and smartphone app


2. Treadmills

There’s nothing much to explain about the benefits of a treadmill. Running is a definite full-body cardio that is sure to work up a good sweat.

Due to the nature of the equipment, treadmills can be ruthlessly noisy when in use. It may not be ideal if you stay in an apartment, where you live close to your neighbours.

A treadmill is long and can sometimes be rather tall. If you are really considering getting one, get a silent, foldable treadmill which you can store away neatly in a corner.

Treadmills WILL take up space, both width and height. Make sure you have comfortable spaces around, if a treadmill is included in your home gym list.


Foldable Treadmill for Home Gym | Your Casa Concept

Dimensions: 136cm (length) x 130cm (height) x 66cm (width)

Lift, fold and lock. When it comes to the bigger gym equipment, you would want to search for one that is portable to keep.

Bluefin Fitness’s treadmill is where compact meets commercial grade quality. Along with a fully integrated smartphone app called Kinomap, you have access to thousands of training videos and classes for you.

This allows you to have the range from challenging professional training to relaxing recovery runs.

A definite key aspect of this treadmill is the quality of the running belt. It comes with a unique aero-damping system and a 5-layer anti-static track. This is highly important for traction, making every running stride smooth with better joint protection.


3. Elliptical Machine 

Elliptical Machines are somewhere in the middle of cycling and running. One of the most popular pieces of gym equipment.

It provides a high cardio workout and is a lot less stress on your joints, if we were to compare it to running on the treadmill.

While exercise bikes have a tendency to focus on the lower part of the body, an elliptical machine has movable handles that can work your upper body too.


Elliptical Cross Trainer

Dimensions: 113cm (length) x 151cm (height) x 50cm (width)

The commercial grade Curv 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is compact in design with a silent drive system. It comes with built-in wheels for easy movement.

With 12 automatic programs and 24 manual levels of resistance to play around with, the elliptical trainer provides excellent muscle-building and calorie-burning functionalities.

Other key features include:

  • Magnetic braking
  • Dual ergonomic grip handlebars
  • Anti-slip foot pedals
  • 12kg flywheel mass



1. Dumbbells and Barbells

Do not be deceived by their simple looks.

Dumbbells and Barbells can be the most flexible in the types of workouts you want. Depending on how you workout, they can train you to use multiple muscle groups all at once, or just target a couple of muscle groups.

The individual weight plates, individually, would need plenty of space. Especially for guys who can lift heavier weights. They would need the whole rack.

However, the recommendation below combines both equipement to make one amazing flexible, adjustable weights set for a home gym.


2-in-1 Dumbbells and Barbells for Home Gym | Your Casa Concept

Space-efficient and Multifunctional. The adjustable weights set comes with 2 dumbbells and a connecting rod that you can easily convert into a barbell.

Plus points for its octagon-shaped weight plates that will prevent any chances of rolling.

Reviews on Amazon are good as well, with many saying that it is safe, of good quality for its price and easy to assemble/disassemble.


2. Pull up Bar

The smallest footprint of home gym equipment: the pull up bar.

A pull up bar is something you can attach on your doorway and get some pull ups for the day.

The beauty of the pull up bar is versatility, where you can work out your back, lats, biceps, abs, etc.


Pull Up Bar for Home Gym | Your Casa Concept

Attach the pull up bar easily in just minutes. It should be suitable for most standard doorway frames between 72-92cm, able to carry a maximum weight of 200kg (A fair warning, the longer the bar is stretched, the lesser the weight it is able to withstand.)

AVOID: Attaching on glass surfaces, hollowed door frame and fragile wall.

Notably, this pull up bar has a patented solid design, where it is able to extend pressure outwards, thus improving its anti-skid abilities. In addition, there are locking catches that helps to further prevent slipping.


3. Abs Roller Wheel

The one equipment that looks simple, easy and just harmless.

Technique is extremely important for the abs wheel roller. When done correctly, this equipment will challenge your core muscles. Besides training for the abs, the abs roller also helps to improve\ your back, while also targeting your lats and shoulders.

However, those who haven’t trained their cores before are advised to start with crunches and/or planks first before trying this equipment.


Abs Roller Wheel for Home Gym | Your Casa Concept

The abs roller wheel essentially works out all your muscle groups at once AND strengthens posture stability.

Highly portable and space efficient. You barely need space for this equipment to work with. It’s the perfect home gym equipment to have!

This abs roller wheel from Fitnessery comes complete with a complimentary knee pad, nutrition e-book and also an abs workout e-book.

Common reviews from other Amazon buyers are:

  • Sturdy and high quality ab roller.
  • Good, non-slip grips.
  • Easy assembly.


Everyone needs a form of exercise to stay fit physically and mentally. Having a gym at home makes exercising truly convenient so you’ll have no excuse for skipping your workout.

Getting new gym equipment can be very exciting. And is especially important to protect the floors when cardio equipment comes into the story. Consider density mats if the equipment is not going to be kept when not in use.

The bench will prove its importance for those who are doing weight workouts (safer too).


Adding the various gym equipment to cart in a single buy will frankly be expensive. Knowing exactly which equipment to have and planning your way there will help.

Not only will your home gym be cheaper than a gym membership in the long run, it will also be a highly effective home gym because it has all the equipment that you enjoy using!

No matter which fitness level you are at, you’re never too late. Anyone can start designing a home gym with their favourite equipment.

It’s time to get fitter!


8 thoughts on “What Is The Best Home Gym Equipment?”

  1. Dumbells are by far one of the best things you can use at home. My home gym is priced at less than a hundred bucks, and it has all the essentials I need. (one of them being a set of dumbells)

    If I were you, I would also add a jumping rope since it’s pretty inexpensive and gets the job done better than any other cardio machine I’ve used. At least recommend one for your readership beneath this comment 🙂

    Lovely content, as always.


    1. Hi Gorjan,

      I have to agree, because I have some at home too.

      Perhaps, at the end of the day, it’s the motivation (from within) to workout that matters most. I do have friends who simply go for runs and follow HIIT workouts. Maybe the money spent is just for the yoga mat and a pull up bar. Also a good pair of running shoes.

      YES. A jump rope is just a superb cardio killer to have, or just a good warm up item to get yourself warmed up. One thing’s for sure: you can really break out a sweat with 30 mins of skipping. Awesome recommendation, Gorjan.


  2. Hi Sam. Thanks for this comprehensive review. By the way, until the beginning of the pandemic I went to the gym regularly but now it is closed. It affected my health, so I gained a lot of weight and I lost my energy… I have been thinking about home gym equipment for a long time and I came across this article while researching. I think that’s what I was looking for! All the equipment is great, but an exercise bike would suit me best.
    The price is very affordable for such a quality bike. It’s great that I can pay by card or via paypal! I’m just wondering if shipping is worldwide?
    I have bookmarked this website and looking forward for more articles.

    1. Hi Danijela,

      I totally get you. I used to frequent the gym… a lot. Hahaha. Its a very nice feeling to work out in the gym!

      I think for now they ship within the UK but you can contact them directly for shipments outside of the UK.

      Glad that this article could help you a bit. And I hope you’ll gain back some motivation, with an exercise bike at home.


  3. Hi Sam, I really enjoyed this post on home gym equipment. I have an exercise bike which as you say can easily be set up in your living room, I like to read when I am on the bike. I would suggest resistance bands as something you could add to your list as they are a very good for building up your muscle strength.

    I agree that lack of space can put a lot of people off regards to purchasing home gym equipment. If they look into it by reading posts like yours they will get a good idea of size of equipment, cost etc…

    Thanks again for a great post.

    1. Hi Frank,

      Good for you! For me, I think the words would look like they are dancing if Im reading and cycling. Hahahah. I’ll stick to watching shows or just listening to music for now.

      Agreed. Resistance bands are excellent suggestion. Flexible enough to target any parts of your body too!

      It really can make you think twice. However I’m very sure if you want a home gym, you can always work your home to have a decent corner for a proper workout. You just got to make smart buying.

      Glad you liked the article!


  4. Hi Sam,

    I like you divided them into cardio and heavyweight training equipment so that people can purchase the one that suits them the best. To be honest, dumbbells are my top pick since you can use them for training almost every part of your muscles, and they are smaller than treadmills, which are easier for storage. I would also purchase a bench to have more options to train my chest, arm, and back muscles.

    Thanks for sharing today. 🙂

    1. Hi Matt,

      Dumbbells would be my top pick as well. Very space saving. The 2-in-1 dumbbell and barbell would work perfect for you.

      You are right. The bench is highly recommended for training with weights. It’s safer, I feel.


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