What is Samsung SmartThings?

One of the things that is frequently searched during this pandemic season is having smart homes devices. What used to be a far-fetched idea is now a more welcoming thought since big players like Amazon, Google and Samsung come to play.

They came up with products that are easy to understand. User-friendly for everyday people like you and me. It is no longer just for the tech enthusiasts. Anyone who educates themselves well enough can have a smart home.

The South Korean brand, Samsung, is no stranger to the electronics world. And the Samsung SmartThings is just one of the many popular products in their smart home collection.

People enjoy convenience, love automation. Having the ability to control everything through the app. Also, according to how you want it to be, at which times you want it to work and other customisable actions.

Whether you are converting your smart home for the first time or thinking of switching from your current choice, this article would perhaps help you decide your next move.



SmartThings is simply a system. The idea is to seamlessly control all the other smart products in your home – within a single app.

Samsung SmartThings is a centralised cloud-based intelligence that helps you to connect your smart devices smoothly. Like Amazon’s Alexa, but way more choices of pairing devices.

There may be some devices that need to be put to place beforehand. The setup might require a bit of work but you know it’s all worth the trouble upon successful implementation.

Arguably not the best system, so to say. However, the SmartThings’s impressive connectivity with more than 40 brands, over a range of appliances, makes it easier to find smart home devices that are compatible for your smart home.

What is SmartThings | Your Casa Concept


Your smart home needs a brain. So first thing’s first: the SmartThings hub.

The hub looks closely like the physical router that all your compatible smart home devices will be connected to. This baby needs to be connected to a strong and reliable wifi network or ethernet cable, which brings me to my next point.

The SmartThing hub is compatible with Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Such devices have their own mesh networks. They don’t rely on just the wifi, so these guys will still work smoothly even if your wifi breaks down.

The SmartThings Hub | Your Casa Concept

It is especially useful for the ones that are more important, like the motion sensors and lights. They are the last thing you need to fail in a smart home.

Alternatively, you can purchase the SmartThings Wi-fi. It performs both as a Wi-Fi router and a hub and boasts to blanket your home with up to 1,500 square feet of secure coverage. Its ability to connect to the devices at optimal performance is thanks to the Plume system that powers the SmartThings Wi-Fi.

A single unit of this is good but to take full advantage of its features, it is recommended to get the three-pack.

The Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wifi Router | Your Casa Concept

After that is done, one will need to download the SmartThings app, which is available on both Android and on iOS. Simply create an account to start off.

Once you are in, you’ll have the luxury to do these things:

  1. Connect
  2. Control
  3. Create

Samsung SmartThings App Screenshot | Your Casa Concept
Start connecting and check all the status of all the compatible devices

Samsung Smartthings App screenshot | Your Casa Concept

As soon as the devices are connected, this is what you will see on the home screen. You will be able to see your devices’ status and then have more control over that particular device when you click on its icon. You can be notified of their progress through a pop up window.



The director of all the smart devices at home, you. You have the ability to direct multiple selected devices at once to create something called a ‘scene’.

Samsung Smartthings App Screenshot | Your Casa Concept

For instance, the ‘going out’ scene. Choose multiple devices and set the actions of each of them. When saved, every device in this scene will be ready for your command – which you can cue when you are leaving home, in a single tap.

Automation is slightly more creative because conditions have to be met before the SmartThings execute the actions of your devices.

Samsung Smartthings App Screenshot | Your Casa Concept

The SmartThings app is not limited to a singular rule only. You can string a routine, triggering action right after the first action is done. Maybe you can set a morning routine. Turn off the heater or AC, then get the coffee machine to start brewing and set a podcast to play on the speaker.

Imagine a home that is smart enough to handle your day-to-day chores. That’s what the Samsung SmartThings is for.



There is seriously a large number of devices that the Samsung SmartThings can control in a home. So the next thing will be to properly check if the devices are compatible.

Find out the extensive list of featured brands: here.

Would someone with a Google Home or Amazon Echo need to change to SmartThings at all?

It depends on how smart you want your home to be.

Samsung has a known history of developing home appliances ranging from refrigerators, washing machines to any sensors. They are one of the few brands to come out with smart sensors too, like the door, water, smoke and fire sensors.

Not downplaying Google Home, Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa even but the convenience of finding compatible smart devices to pair into the Samsung SmartThings cloud is arguably the easiest.



The two biggest barriers for someone to get started on the smart home journey are privacy and costs. In some ways, besides the abundance of compatible appliances, the Samsung SmartThings have some edge over other smart home hubs.


It has better privacy compared to the smart speakers who would be waiting and

listening to your commands 24/7.The ability to take control without voice command. One can have the voice command activated but otherwise, the smart home functions through one’s preset rules via the Samsung SmartThings app.

However, there are bigger privacy issues that still lingers around the idea of a smart home. Understandably, the risks are still there.


Cheaper Installation

It is the DIY solution for those who want to save on some installation money for a smart home fixture. Because the SmartThing is a cloud-based intelligence, it gives more flexibility to homeowners who do not want to install permanent smart home fixtures.



It all sounds too good. Better privacy, more compatible devices and cheaper installation.

Sounds like Samsung had released the perfect creation in the smart home market. However, this great product by Samsung has had it’s fair share of negative reviews. Several who had purchased the router had the unfortunate connection issues, either with the network, the wifi or with the smart home devices.

Some reviews on Amazon even highlighted that the tech support was not as helpful or efficient as people would expect to get from a large brand like Samsung.

Despite some negative reviews that surround the Samsung SmartThings, many are satisfied with its strong signal strength and easy to use interface.

Smart Home | Your Casa Concept

There is always space for improvement and especially for a brand like Samsung, it’s probably a matter of time before they refine and release a better version of it.

Choices for a smart home hub are plenty and it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. It is always good to get more information before you begin your smart home journey.

14 thoughts on “What is Samsung SmartThings?”

  1. Hi SAM,

    Thanks for this article showing us another alternative to smart home devices. I know Samsung is powerful in manufacturing smartphones, but it’s my first time knowing that they are creating a smart home product line. I agree with you that privacy and cost are the first two things when installing smart home devices. Due to Samsung’s products’ lower prices, I will love to take a look next time when I see them online or in the retail stores.


    1. Hey Matt,

      The reviews for their smart home hub leans both ways, perhaps we’ll be introduced better versions of it. Otherwise, yes, their smart home devices are of good reliable quality. They have a wide range for kitchenware which is very commendable.


  2. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s amazing how far we have come with technology. I remember watching a short video from some British show from 1960 where they were predicting something like Samsung SmarThings and other such devices. There was another documentary where I learned that none of this technology would be possible without the American Space Agency NASA. All these tech inventions were designed to assist in space missions primarily. Commercial use was secondary. Cool, right? I just wanted to share some interesting fact. Thanks again for sharing this post. I like the idea of SmartThings and will be looking more into it.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Yes! I believe so. It’s amazing to see how we’re slowly realising the devices that was ‘predicted’ from past shows. Just look at AI! It’s simply very advanced now. Quite the time to live in. Loved that you shared this!


  3. Hi SAM,

    Samsung seems to be a growing company. I always associated the Samsung brand with TVs, but found they had some nice kitchen appliances when I was shopping for those.

    For their SmartThings device, I like the option to use preset rules rather than voice activation. Automated listening devices are not my thing! Setting a routine of actions sounds like a handy feature too.

    Thanks for sharing another option for a smart home device.

    1. Hi Leah!

      I agree, their kitchen appliances are really handy. I find them useful but at times I question if I’m becoming too lazy. Technology sure is something.

      I have a friend who has her google nest on for 24/7 and ready to listen to her commands. It does feel like you are in great control but also a little scary to know that its listening to our conversation. I’m with you in this, feels like there is no privacy even though we were in a safe space. Still, a very cool feature, for sure.


  4. Wow, Sam! I am from 1961, and I am really amazed about all the technology we have today. Very convenient! If we are going on holiday, we can shut the house and control if someone is trying to enter our house. Everything we can check from another country, we need only the wifi for that. Or coming from work, we can switch on the radiator, having it warm while driving home. It is amazing! To have set up such installation means comfort. 🙂
    However, I would also be concerned about privacy, and it needs to be well tested before I would buy these Smart Things. Great article, and great to see the possibilities!

    1. Hey Sylvia,

      Exactly! It’s having that control, all at your fingertips. Truly amazing.

      And yes, I feel it’s important to do proper testing and read about them properly before actually purchasing for our homes – for our own safety!


  5. Sam,

    Seems like the Samsung Smartthings is the way to go! Samsung has done a good job with its electronic devices over the years. You mention that you like the Smartthings system over Google Home or Alexa. What shortfalls do Google Home and Alexa have that Samsung covers?

    According to your article, the set-up seems easy to do. I’m not a techy person, so that set-up is important. Thanks for your article! It was very informative.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I think the SmartThings have an edge over the number of compatible devices that spreads from security to kitchen appliances. It’s easier to find one that can be paired with SmartThings.

      Secondly is the choice of activation simply via phone, not by voice activation. I’m somehow uncomfortable with the fact that a device is constantly listening to my conversations. Feels like my privacy is invaded.

      Yup! Set up seems pretty easy for the average guy. Despite that, reviews are still a mix of negative and positive. I’m looking forward to a better version of the Samsung SmartThings.


  6. I remember reading a short story a few years ago about a smart house like that. It was set in the future, a science fiction story, and now that science fiction has become a reality. I would like to have a smart house or perhaps have part of the house organized with Samsung Smart Things. Samsung is a good brand. I also heard that Google had also developed something like that. It’s incredible. Is the installation complex since you have to connect all devices to the hub? Does one need help with the installation?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes! We are living in what was thought to be fictitious. Samsung is indeed a good brand.

      You are right. Google has developed something called the Google Nest, which is a smart speaker. So you command it through voice activation.

      Installation should be an easy one if the SmartThing is placed well in the house to connect to all the devices without interruption. I think one will have to familiarise herself with using the app on the phone to control the actions smoothly. Which should be alright for the common smartphone user!


  7. Hi SAM,

    Truly fascinated, amazed how world have evolved and developed in terms of technology having control over everything all at our fingertips.

    Samsung is definitely the most innovative brand which offers quality products at affordable prices and making life simplified.
    Optimizing home with smart things for smart lifestyle tailored to our needs is an excellent choice as it will handle our daily chores and stresses so one can focus on other important chores.

    The smart thing hub illustrated is so adorable and worth investing to unify our lifestyle and homes.
    Great Information

    1. Hi!

      Totally. Somehow blessed to be living in this time where technology is advanced enough to help up with our daily needs, easily with our commands. It’s just amazing no matter how you see it.

      The SmartThings has been quite the thing, but I do believe there is more space for improvements. Lets see what they have in store for us in the future!


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