The Scandinavian Home Interior Design

The interior design that never seems to go out of trend – the Scandinavian. It’s hard not to see why. Bright, airy and gentle on the eyes, there is a certain air of modern elegance in a cozy Scandinavian styled home.

A design that holds a strong connection with natural elements and a quirky love for abstract pieces. That is, perhaps, the biggest reason why many are able to pull off their rendition of an inviting, cosy home.

With the basis of Simplicity, or some would say Minimalism, the Scandinavian interior design blends textures, soft hues and a genius play of lines and simple furnishings.

Clutter? Non-existent in the Scandi dictionary. Each piece has its function.



Scandinavian Countries | Your Casa Concept

The origins of the word ‘Scandinavia’ first came to light as early as the 18th century. It is a collective group of countries in Northern Europe. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are some examples of Scandinavian countries.

Appeals that oozes right from the images. ‘Serene’ is the word that is very apt to describe Scandinavian countries. Calm on the eyes, warm on the insides. The famous Scandinavian home interior design is heavily inspired by the lifestyle and vast, uncluttered nature of the Scandi countries.

People want to go home feeling cosy and void of bulky furniture. Search for images of Scandinavian countries and you can easily tell this style’s most common hues and shades.

The idea sounds simple and straight to the point, something you can pull off with some help. If you can squeeze some time to change things up before Christmas, here are some 5 must-haves in a Scandinavian home interior design.



Summers in the Scandinavian countries are between 8°C and 16°C, with winters averaging around 0°C. Naturally, it means that their homes are often decorated with warm textiles and layerings.

Warm textiles can vary depending on the room it is presented in. Throws, wool carpets, curtains, cushions, soft fabric furniture, etc. Materials that make you feel warm and cosy just by looking, let alone with touch. Naturally inviting and definitely good for winters.

Accessorize with warm textiles | Your Casa Concept

Warm textiles are necessary for cold countries or countries experiencing the four seasons. For tropical ones with summer all year long, the warm textiles might just make you feel more stuffy. Designing a Scandinavian home interior style is still possible, by choosing fabrics that are more summer-friendly.

Summer Friendly Fabrics | Your Casa Concept




With neutral painted walls, decorative pieces in a Scandinavian style home stand out easily. They become instant focal points and hence the need for them to be simple in order to maintain the clutter-free look.

Simple is far from boring in the Scandi context. They value functionality. It’s about finding pieces that are both functional and cleanly designed.

A touch of elegant ceramic. A comfy Ottoman. Or cushion pillowcases with geometric prints. They are often the add of life, but still within the subtle colours of the Scandinavian style.

Modern and contemporary pieces fit the Scandi style very much. It allows space for statement pieces that homeowners can use to portray their unique personalities.

Ottoman Stool for Scandinavian Style Home

Splashes of high contrasts are the hallmark of a Scandi designed home. The Ottoman above is an example of a simple decorative piece, standing bold against a silvery grey room. With just the addition of this velvety Ottoman, it adds colour, warmth and a tinge of luxe to the room.




One thing to note about the Scandinavian home design is the huge portion of windows. Their windows are usually bare of heavy curtains, maybe a thin linen for some privacy. Natural lightings are more welcomed to cascade their home’s beautiful interiors.

Allowing more natural rays to get in easily makes a space more inviting. They accentuate the clean lines of Scandi designs effortlessly, expressing different moods at different times in the day.

Elsewhere when lights are needed, they are designed with a purpose and only meant for that purpose. For instance, the dinner lights are hung lower for the sole purpose of illuminating food on the dining table only.

Scandinavian kitchen lights | Your Casa Concept

Design-wise, clean. The Scandi lights lean more towards geometric shaped, steel or brass materials that portrays their distinct elegance and luxurious vibe. Certain industrial or mid-century designed lightings can fit in well in a Scandi home interior design too.

Similar to the image above, Riverbend Home has a 3-piece set pendant light that will fit well above the kitchen island, against your grey or white kitchen walls. A classic brass and black combination, a mix of mid-century and scandinavian.

Scandinavian kitchen light | Your Casa Concept

You are able to adjust the height accordingly, a generous range from 11’’ to 68’’. There is a neat light diffuser at the bottom that reduces unwanted glare – another plus point. It is compatible with LED bulbs, which you will have to purchase separately.




We’ve seen how metal finished items can enhance the sleek interior. But be careful not to have too many of them.

In a space of plain white/beige/grey walls, minimal fixtures and metal undertones, it can be a rather cold environment. Hence, the importance of introducing wood elements to inject some life.

It’s the harmony of materials that makes a Scandi home appealing and timeless.

Wooden elements in flooring, furniture and on walls help to warm up a Scandinavian home interior design. It keeps the colour palette minimal while adding the coziness and brightness in a room.

Wood rim round mirror | Your Casa Concept

The rounded wooden-rimmed mirror, just from its shape, becomes an eye-catching functional decorative item. We see them in bedrooms, in the showers, down the hallway – anywhere. It’s a great piece to give your space that airy spacious feeling too.

Fancy yourself a chic round mirror with wooden rims like that? Well, you can.

The wooden frame around Kate and Laurel Hutton’s mirrors are constructed with quality, solid wood and 4 kinds of finishes to choose from.

Reviews for this item are remarkably positive. It comes with two hangers that are already installed. Simply hang your mirror whenever you are ready to display them.

Wooden rim round mirror | Your Casa Concept

Image Credit | AMAZON



A Scandinavian home is never complete without indoor plants and fresh flowers. An essential natural element to liven up your interiors. Also, a chance to tease another color to your palette.

Drawing that connection between you and nature. Plants have a therapeutic, calming effect on (most) people. In fact, the pandemic has caused a blooming interest in being an indoor plant parent.

So go ahead and choose a couple of easy indoor plants to care for, like the snake plant.

For the numerous number of times Daisies have appeared in the Scandinavian interior, it can be said to be the unofficial Danish national flower. You’d find them in the streets, people’s lawns, fields and even along highways of Nordic countries. Grow them if you have the means to or get a small bunch from the nursery.

Choice of vase or pots plays a rather huge role in plants and flowers decor. They matter as much as the type of plant or flower chosen. Stick to brass, ceramic or clear glasses to fit in with the rest of your Scandi interior.

Once you have some fresh plants and flowers in, you might itch to get more. Well, DON’T. Too much plant pots around may cause a bit of clutter.

Always remember, balance.


Now that you’ve gotten a bit of an idea of what pieces and color palette there is to a Scandinavian home interior style, would you have a go at it?

There is much to consider despite its known simplicity. But designing your home should be fun. See how you can incorporate your personality into it.

A Scandi home should feel free, not bare. Warm, cozy and welcoming. Do not be afraid to layer in some colours and materials to your Scandi home!

If you need more inspiration or have the urge to geek about this timeless style more, I would recommend you Scandinavia Dreaming: Nordic Homes, Interiors And Design by Angel Trinidad. The book shared a joyful amount of Scandi home images, with real testimonies of those who live in them and those who are in the creative community.

Dreaming Of Scandinavia | Your Casa Concept

Now, ready to design that Scandinavian home of yours?



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22 thoughts on “The Scandinavian Home Interior Design”

  1. Hi Sam,

    I love your article. The Scandinavian Home Interior Design really is beautiful. I have friends who moved into their new home in September, but they are nowhere near finished with the interior design. I have shared lots of things with them, but I have yet to share them the Scandinavian way.

    I will encourage them to look into this deeply and take it seriously because these are some lovely designs that you have.

    I will let you know if they do look into the Scandinavian way and how far they go with it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Oh I can feel the drag. Maybe they are still looking for more inspirations!

      Perhaps the Scandinavian design will appeal to them, hopefully? Hahaha


  2. Hi Sam,

    The Scandinavian home interior design is elegant and bright, and your article made me want to renovate my house as soon as possible. It must be relaxing when you come back home with a Scandinavian design after a long day working in the office, so I think this could be people’s references.

    Among all the recommendations, I love the wooden-rimmed mirror and Scandi lights. I might start replacing some furniture first to turn my place a bit Scandinavian this winter.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes! Loved how its airy, focuses on functionality but have great aesthetic appeals too. It’s really a great balance.

      Happy to know that you got inspired. Good luck and have fun with your change. I’m sure it will look superb.


  3. Hi Sam, I love the simplicity of the Scandinavian design. We tend to spend as much time as possible living on our 26′ sailboat in summer and have become accustomed to minimalist living. I am now considering updating our home to a more simplistic design. Thanks for these great tips. Oh, and since we live in Canada we definitely have four very different seasons which I love and appreciate.

    1. Hi Deb,

      Oh wow, a sailboat. That’s beautiful! I can somehow imagine a mix of Scandi and Nautical design. That’ll be one sailboat I wouldn’t mind staying in. Hahaha.

      Loved that you loved the tips shared. Enjoy sprucing things up alright! I’m sure you’ll do amazing with it.


  4. I’ve seen this type of interior design but I didn’t know the name of it. Scandinavian Interior Design… Now I’m going to remember it, thanks to your post.

    I can see why it never seems to go out of trend. They keep it simple, minimal, warm, and airy.

    Would I have a go at it? Definitely, I might even buy the book you suggested for the house I build.

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Totally. It’s a rather flexible design because they keep things super simple, don’t you think?

      Awesome. Hope you’ll make some great changes and have fun while you’re at it!


  5. Your pictures certainly show the harmony created because of the furniture selected. This Scandinavian ‘look’ is simple and yet elegant and inviting at the same time.

    With the cold temperatures experienced in these countries, I can imagine how important it is to be able to come home and feel at ease.
    I spent most of my life in New Zealand, where we do have some cold regions where this style would really fit in nicely. However, I lived in Auckland where the coldest temperatures in winter were eight degrees Celcius…. as warm as some of the summers in Scandinavia….. haha

    Now, I’m in South East Asia, and it never gets cold here…. well the locals are cold when it drops to about 20 degrees in the early mornings 🙂
    I like the look and the colours of your designs, so next time I’m out buying something for my apartment, I’ll keep it in mind, and look for the ‘summer-friendly fabrics’ as you have suggested.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes! The Scandinavian design is simply a charm.

      Oh my, that’s about the same (roughly) winter temperatures as Melbourne. God knows how much I struggled with the cold when I was staying there for a month!

      Soon you’ll get used to the ‘cold’ weathers in SEA the longer you stay there. Hahaha. I’m sure you’ll be choosing great things for your home. Light and breezy.


  6. Hi, Sam!
    Simply Wow! You showed the main mantra of Scandinavian Home Interior Design with simplicity through and through. It’s perfect for people who are getting bored with their interior decor but also don’t want to clutter up their living space with more stuff, which includes myself lol.

    I would love to renovate my space with Scandinavian design in the future. The gorgeous selection in Scandinavian style, especially the welcoming of natural light – is just according to my preferences. And the simple decorative pieces will make it easy for me to give my home a personal touch.

    Lots of appreciation for the post.

    1. Hi Femi,

      Agree with you. Always a nice feeling to change things up at home so you don’t come home feeling bored. I get that. Hahaha.

      Sounds like you got the concept real well! I’m very sure you’ll be able to design your unique Scandi place easily. Enjoy sprucing things up! And glad you enjoyed the article.


  7. Thanks for this post! That’s exactly what I needed.

    I know what I like when it comes down to Scandinavian design but I was just never too creative to come up with decorations for my flat on my own.

    But with the pointers in this article, I know exactly what should be changed!

    Thanks again, keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Dario,

      Thanks! I hope the article had inspired you to have a better idea, to have your own rendition of a Scandi home. Do not be afraid to let your creativity flow! I’m sure you’ll do great.


  8. Hi SAM,
    The Scandinavian interior design looks stunning, with minimalistic style using a blend of textures and soft hues to make modern decor feel warm and inviting.

    It consists of clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are beautiful and cozy. This style showcases an easy, uncomplicated aesthetic that is derived from a combination of basic design formations and its sophisticated design makes it trendy in the market.
    Nice content, Thanks for sharing!
    Have a Nice Day!

    1. Hi there!

      It is, isn’t it? The kind of home you can’t wait to go home to. Hahaha. And yes, it’s sleek designs makes it super timeless. You won’t get bored of the Scandi home interior design, for sure.

      Maybe someday you can try it for your home too!


  9. So glad I stumbled on this. We are moving in the New Year and as you can imagine we have a lot of stuff accumulated over the years.
    The Scandinavian interior design look is light, fresh and provides a clutter-free environment. I’ve shown this article to my husband and he is sold on the concept! We had been butting heads over new furniture for the move so now I can heave a sigh of relief!. Two pieces caught our eyes – the round wooden rimmed mirror and the 3 light pendent and so we are going for them…


    1. Hi Ceci,

      Congrats on moving! I can imagine how tired you guys must be from sorting out your things. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.

      Wow! It’s really so much easier when your partner agrees on the same concept. At least you will be able to maintain the design and have furniture and accessories that you both really like. I’m happy for you!

      Yes, those two items are simply fantastic additions to your Scandi home. I think you and your husband will do a great job designing this.


  10. Hi Sam,

    I loved your article. It is written in that same beautiful way as those Scandinavian home designs. Fun to read.
    I have a thing for the Scandinavian countries and was supposed to go this summer.
    Unfortunately due to Covid we didn’t make it. Maybe next summer..

    Keep it up. You’re doing a great job.


    1. Hey Nirit,

      I would love to go to those beautiful places as well. Looks like we have to wait for quite some time.

      Glad you enjoyed reading the article. Stay safe!


  11. This is so beautiful, light and airy! I suppose that’s the idea of the Scandinavian interiors! I absolutely love these decor. You have helped to get some ‘pleasant to the eyes’ ideas for my bedroom too, which I’m in the process of decorating. So, many thanks for that!

    Your website is the breath of fresh air in terms of interior ideas.

    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hi Habib,

      You nailed the description well. They are indeed made to make your space look beautiful and breathable (spacious).

      I’m sure you’ll do great decorating your place! Remember to have fun while you are at it.

      Many thanks and cheers!

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