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Best Coffee Machines for Home

The best coffee machine for home is honestly, very subjective. If you were to ask 5 different coffee lovers, you might actually get 5 different ‘best coffee machines’. The growing interest for at-home barista standard coffee has increased exponentially, especially since the lockdown period. Many are willing to spend as long as they can get the caffeine fix exactly the way they wanted. If you need a good cuppa everyday, investing in a good machine… Read More »Best Coffee Machines for Home

Barcelona Chairs - Modern Style Interior Design

What Is Modern Style Interior Design

Sleek surfaces and luxurious feels. These two are the main impressions of a modern style interior design. Like most popular interior styles like the Scandinavian and Minimalism, this style is proven a timeless design statement to have. A celebration of natural materials and zero tolerance for unnecessary detailing, the clean modern style interior designs make a good choice for prestige hotels, offices and even in your homes as well. What is modern style and how… Read More »What Is Modern Style Interior Design

What is Mid Century Modern Interior Design? | Your Casa Concept

What is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

If you have been searching up about this alluring interior design, you’ll find a common award-winning American TV show that kept appearing in your search as well. It is arguably influential in the spread of the Mid Century Modern design. Through the seven seasons of the show, it greatly portrayed the interior design during the 60’s-70’s. The picture below is the famous home setting of the main character – Donald Draper. Image Source | Delightfull… Read More »What is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

How to Clean Sofa Cushions | Your Casa Concept

How to Clean Sofa Cushions

Your sofa absorbs plenty of beatings – from being sat on for hours and capturing every odors you can ever imagine, down to collecting airborne dusts and dirt particles. It’s the perfect, cosy place to nap, snack or watch Netflix on. An integral part of your family. As cautious as we are, food crumbs and spilled drinks do happen. Especially for homes with small children and/or pets, you get more challenging stains like urine and… Read More »How to Clean Sofa Cushions

List of interior design styles | Your Casa Concept

List of Interior Design Styles

Very much like fashion, one’s personality can also be shown through the choice of their interior design style. There is no best kind of style, only one that best expresses you. Homeowners that have a lack of understanding of their preferred style which matches their personality would often find themselves having mismatched items around the house – which is actually a common thing. If it’s a new home, this presents a huge challenge for interior… Read More »List of Interior Design Styles