Storage Ideas for The Home

We’re always on the HUNT for storage spaces. Which is often the case for those who live in small sized apartments. Even for our friends who have larger homes, we all can’t seem to ever have enough of them.

There is simply no room for another big closet or adding in more organising boxes!

The items don’t own us. We own them. And we have the absolute capacity to work out clever storage ideas within our four walls. View your home and spot potential storage spaces you actually have.

I gathered some ideas that you can implement inside your homes, reducing your organising problems one step at a time, starting from your living room, bedroom all the way to your kitchen storage.




Flat tops are the biggest culprit of clutters. Your solution is having hidden storage under your coffee table itself. This DIY coffee table is fun to do and simply not that expensive to make at all. This storage will be great to keep your couch’s throw or extra pillows you keep in case of stayover guest.

Find out how to build | ROGUE ENGINEER



Even with a bowl, keys being misplaced around the house is still a common thing to happen to date – with the risk of getting stolen too! Make use of your hanging frame and convert it into a safe for your keys. Hidden in plain sight, less chances of getting missing and that’s one less item on a flat top!

Find out how to build | PLANQ STUDIO


This kind of storage may not exactly be hidden but it sure does potentially provide you more shelvings and organising units for your home! Besides building the shelves to store your books or collectables, you can actually convert a part of it to a small storage place to store your canned food! There are unlimited potential to how you use the space under the stairs.

Who knew you can actually have a cosy, little office area too?

Find out how to build | BARNACLE’S CHOICE




In small apartments, open shelves may not be very convenient. So why not get yourself a headboard that stores some of your bedroom items? It’s a clever and stylish change from a regular bedside drawer to a hidden storage space.


Large mirrors are great and I’d say a must-have for a full view of your outfit before you head out. With the space they accumulate, it’s good to make it more functional. Build in your own storage behind it!

The small bathroom mirrors too, can be designed with pull-over side drawers that stores your sanitary essentials within easy reach.

Find out how to build | SHANTY 2 CHIC

Image source | HOME BNC


If you haven’t used the space under your bed, it means that you haven’t fully utilized your bedroom space yet. The typical ones are storage beds that are already built in. But it doesn’t mean you have to buy one too (they do come with a bit of a price).

Repurpose back your old drawers or get yourself a  wooden shelf at the second hand store. Screw in some casters below. Give it a new paint or paste some wallpaper on it and slide it right under your bed. You can fit in some shoes or seasonal clothes here with this easy idea.

Find out how to build | DIY FUN IDEAS


This idea may take a bit of portion in your bedroom (or living room) but it is exceptionally functional. Major boost to store the bigger items when you flip it up. Choose a spot that has a window on top so when the bench is closed, you can lay down some comfortable cushions to make yourself a cosy reading corner.

Find out how to build | INSTRUCTABLES WORKSHOP



Don’t ignore that small space from your ceiling to the top of your bathroom or bedroom door. Keep in mind to store only the light things like towels or toilet rolls. It is still over your head. You don’t want to walk in one day and have the entire built-in box or shelf to drop on you!


Image Source | HOMEDIT


Did you know that these are great installations for walk-in closets as well? These can be fixed easily. Floating shelves are aplenty in Amazon and they are pretty lightweight as well. What is nice about floating shelf, is its multifunctional value. When you feel it’s not fitting right above the door, mount the shelf elsewhere where it can be better utilised.


Floating Shelf Rustic Wood For Wall






In action movies, when the character pushes or pulls something in a room, and it reveals him to a secret room, we all go ‘wow’ (and maybe in our minds we all knew that there was going to be a secret room anyway).

I’m one of those who still have physical cookbooks and a file of hand-me-down recipes that I wrote and I want them in my kitchen without creating too much clutter.

The kitchen column panels are great to store them, where we can have them hidden and neatly stored away, without anyone else knowing where they are. Stealth.


Image Source | DRIVE BY DECOR


This is probably my favourite. A place to stash away your valuables is always a good thing to have. If your kitchen drawers are deep enough, work a false-bottom drawer to store some of your beloved jewelleries. It does not require much to make this simple yet sturdy idea to work!



Rollout shelves are great because they fit in those in-between spaces while providing you more organising options and of course, hiding your clutters . Rollout shelves can go beyond storing your spices, it can also store your laundry detergents.

The question is where can you roll a shelf in, which gives you convenience as well?

Find out how to build | I HEART ORGANIZING


Creating storage spaces within your home gives you lesser reasons to have a cluttered and messy place.

Take a good look around your place and see how you can input some of these ideas. It’ll be a fun challenge to build them yourselves. The satisfaction of building your own is super valuable. You can’t put a price on it, for all the effort and time you put to make it.

Get those measuring tapes, plywoods, used drawers and all else ready. It’s crunch time!


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  1. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie)

    Hi, Sam, thank you for providing us with smart storage ideas for our homes. Not only does effective storage makes for aesthetic appeal around the house, but it also helps to get us organised and easily get things sorted when needed. I find the under the stairs storage very efficient, but mine has been lying empty. I am going to get this done immediately for storing the extra pieces of stuff and at the same time beautifying the corner. Bedroom storage ideas are also valuable. I have bookmarked your site and I will be coming back for more. I am also sharing with my friends.

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for kind comment. We just cant get enough of storage spaces can we? Hahaha glad you found the article useful!

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  2. Such great storage ideas that you have presented in this article. I live in an apartment/condo building and can visualize so many of your suggestions making a huge improvement in my space. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Sam.

    What a great post. I am really into home decor and image. There are some great ideas here. I didn’t know there was such thing as headboard storage and the keys behind the frame is a an amazing idea! That’s certainly something I will look into. Thanks for an excellent read.

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  5. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I really admire the way you ultilize each available space in the apartment. However, tiny house really needs a good arrangement like this, to ensure comfort and easy accessibility of items/documents. I have learnt a whole lot from this article, I will definitely put same into practice. Warm Regards

    1. Hi!

      Even with the limit of space in a smaller home, our creativity will still be limitless! Glad you enjoyed the article.



  6. This is a great article with amazing storage ideas. I found storage behind the mirror and storage in the headboard new and interesting.

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