Small Home Gym Design Ideas

“When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

No lockdown or pandemic should be an excuse for you to skip a workout if your gym is right in your very homes. Make the most of your space, even if it’s just a small corner.

Maybe you’ve bought the things but you simply haven’t budged. It’s dusting up. This is why creating a space is important. What we want is to create a space that motivates you to exercise. To get you going at any time of the day.

There is no need to spend tons of money trying to replicate the entire gym you used to frequent. We can still sweat it out and have satisfying workouts with that few things.

The key to having your own home gym is a good strategy of placement and organising.

Enough warmups, let’s get to the grind. Here are some easy home gym ideas for small homes, to help you achieve that fitness goal this year!


… Is a dedicated space with a comfortable range of motion for your workouts.

Placement of your mat is highly vital. It is best to carve out a corner in your living room rather than your bedroom. Nothing wrong with having a home gym in your bedroom but I feel that a resting spot should maintain its purpose. The bedroom is for you to have a proper rest.

It will make a difference! Remember that the home gym should always be motivating you and keeps you fully focused on the workouts.

Making space for home gym | Your Casa Concept

Consider shifting the big furniture about to make space for your workout corner. It does not have to be a large one, let it be reasonably spaced. Keep in mind that you don’t lump your furniture too close together.

A durable mat, more known as a density mat, can help to protect your floors.

Psychologically, it helps to partition a space too, very much like a rug. This is particularly useful for a small home. What we aim for is to partition off a corner of a room solely for your gym.

Small home gym design ideas | Your Casa Concept

Density mats are typically seen in gyms near the weights section, as seen in the image above. It is thick enough to support your cardio equipment, your more intense exercises and most definitely your yoga sessions. Again, it is mainly used to keep your flooring protected.

Now you’re thinking that the black density mat would not go well with your home’s interior design.

The alternative would be a rug with an anti-slip base BUT it may not have enough depth to cushion the cardio equipment and your body weight well to protect your flooring. Also, the chances of sinking in.

You would have no issues with this if you are not planning to get a large machine. Just focus on getting a space of comfortable range of motion.

Density mat for home gym | Your Casa Concept
Density mat for home gym | Your Casa Concept

These interlocking, non-slip matte guys that I found on Amazon are easy to assemble. Made with high density foams, you can choose to fix yourself either 6 or 12 tiles. One tile’s dimension is: 25 (L) x 25 (W) x 3 (H) inches.



Long runs or any cardio exercises in general is good for you. To get yourself prepared for it might be a drag, a lingering lazy feeling. But the after feel, victorious. I’m sure many would admit that there is a love hate relationship with cardio.

cardio machine for Home | Your Casa Concept

We all know that running around the neighbourhood or the park is completely free. So is following a workout (without equipment) on YouTube.

But by having a cardio machine at home means you simply have no excuses to skip the workout. It’s right there.

In most gyms, you get a variety – treadmill, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, etc. Whereas your humble home gym, one is enough. Choose just one that is your favourite, that you are sure to hop on to.

There is certainly no ‘best’ cardio machine to buy. However, there are some considerations that you should put some thoughts into.

The size of your cardio machine matters. One that serves your workout purpose and does not take up too much space in your home gym corner. Remember that you do need some free space for stationary exercises or yoga time.

Is your cardio machine going to be noisy when in use? Those who live in apartments, you would not want to disturb your closeby neighbours every single time you have a workout.

To sum it up, these factors affect your choice of a cardio machine for home:

  1. Size;
  2. Noise level during usage; and
  3. A machine you personally would not get bored of using.

If you haven’t decided, I would suggest an elliptical cross trainer. Compact in size and is still a full body workout.

This one from Blufinfitness allows you the benefits of a good cardio workout indoors with low noise levels. Some key features of this cardio machine are as such:

  • Compact size (in CM) : 162 (L) x 169 (H) x 65 (W).
  • Quiet motion – silent drive system.
  • Built-in wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Has a range of automatic and manual programs to challenge yourself to.
  • Heart Rate Control with pulse monitors.
Elliptical trainer for Home | Your Casa concept

Its other design features are rather impressive and are of commercial grade. If you’re planning to invest in a machine, might as well get one of good quality. You can find out more about this elliptical cross trainer here.


Having yourself an organised home gym keeps things less cluttered and messy. There are various ways to have your yoga essentials or weights kept neatly in place.  Which one exactly to have, depends on the space you’ve got.

Organising your home gym | Your Casa Concept


A shelving dedicated to solely your gym items could also cement your whole home gym vibe.

Rather than storing them someplace else, like your store room, now you can easily see them and get some workout done conveniently. There is really no excuse, isn’t it?

Keep things minimal, arrange by priority.

A good way to store your jump rope, resistance band, weights, kettlebells and provides you a surface top that you can put your rolled yoga mat and towel on. A speaker on it if you liked too!

Shelving for home gym | Your Casa Concept

Get a simple, compact 3-section organiser that you can slide into a corner.

This will force you to get only what you need in a home gym too, also to rethink if you actually need more equipements than you already have.

As you are storing heavier items like weights, you might want to lay this furniture flat instead of upright. It’s much safer and more stable, reducing the risk of breaking it.

We all know that it’s only gym etiquette to put the things back where they belong. So, always keep your environment neat and clean. Keep it lean!


They are not there to merely check yourselves out.

When we are not able to have more space to make our home gym look fancier, mirrors are the solution. One that is also functionally important.

On a serious note, mirrors aid to keep your form in check all the time. There is no one to help you correct your form when you are working out at home. You correct them yourselves.

Design-wise, mirrors are valuable in helping to brighten up and make the space look more spacious. They do help to beautify a space. You’ll always be more motivated to walk into your bright and spacious home gym corner.

The finishing touches to a fully functional home gym.



The motivation behind designing our own home gym is simple – to be healthy. Or to reach new fitness goals or just to relieve some stress.

With things still being uncertain with the pandemic lingering around, we all need to find ways to maintain our fitness in our very homes. A small home should not stop you from having your personal gym. In fact, it trains you to think more practically.

It boils down to one thing – you just need to create a decent amount of dedicated space.

Work with what you’ve got and be proud about it! You took the time and effort to design a personal home gym, that’s honestly something.

How are you keeping yourselves healthy at home? Share some of your favourite workouts or items that you have in your home gym and why you think they are great for anyone looking to design theirs.

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26 thoughts on “Small Home Gym Design Ideas”

  1. Gorjan Spirkoski

    I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to craft such a fantastic post since it’s everything I needed for my next project – a budget-friendly, functional, low-ceilinged, tiny a** gym.

    I’ll be buying the elliptical cross trainer, as I’m sure it will help me out tremendously during my warmup sessions. I didn’t plan to, but I might as well get a few mats just to make sure I don’t damage any of recently-renovated floors.

    Once again, thank you so much for this post. It’s all I needed!

    1. Hey Gorjan,

      Tiny but I’m sure it packs a punch. I live in a small apartment myself, so I totally understand you. Just have to make do with what we have!

      Recently renovated floors? Damn, then you should really consider the mats! Glad you liked the article. Have an awesome time designing your gym.


  2. Heading into the new year is a great time for such a well thought out article. With health and fitness a top resolution, showing people how to organize a home space is very useful. You gave a lot of good insight and ideas on how to exactly setup your individual space. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Hi Yvette,

      I agree with you, health and fitness should always be everyone’s goal. Seeing that we’re all still going to be staying indoors more often, why not get a home gym of our own while we’re at it. Hahaha.

      Really glad that you enjoyed the article. Happy new year and wishing you good health!


  3. I think that this is the best post I have read so far about organizing or installing a home gym. You give some excellent ideas on creating your own area for a home gym. A large mirror will also make it look more spacious. I had not thought of this before, but I am now thinking of making a small gym corner, either on the terrace or in the bathroom (I am building a house and the bathroom will be spacious too, so there will be space) We’ll see what is more convenient. when the house is built, I will come back here to check your tips.

    1. Hey Christine,

      Thanks for the compliment! That means a lot to me.

      I see. Either ways, it sounds like you’ve gotten a good idea on how to design yours already. Awesome! I love the idea of a home gym on the terrace. That would be one hell of a gym alright.

      All the best!


  4. Ivan Brozincevic

    This is an awesome idea. I like how you have thought about every single aspect of building your own small home gym. People usually a thing, I know I used to, that having your own gym at home is an expensive project. But that’s far from true.

    All you need is a bit of imagination, expert advice like yours here, and a few bucks for all the equipment and other stuff. And you never know, it might turn into a real gym one day where other people will come to exercise and work on their health.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I’ve got a lot of awesome ideas from you and can’t wait to use some of them in my own personal home gym. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Ivan,

      I agree! There’s a misconception of buying weights they don’t use and for some reason the large treadmill is the reason why a home gym is impossible in a small space. There’s really a way to work things out with what we have, if we do it right.

      Opening your home gym for your neighbours? Now that’s an opportunity right there. Go for it! Now I’m as excited as you too.

      Have fun in that!


  5. Hi Sam,

    thank you for your article. I cannot wait to move from my tiny flat to a bigger house where I can be able to apply all the advice in this article and build a nice gym in my own home. Great job.


  6. Hi Sam,

    I am so pleased that I came across this article. It is the beginning of 2021 and as we are in lockdown in the UK, we have to workout at home. I am starting my new home workout regime today and I need a bit of help with it.

    So coming across your advice really will be the help I need. I will keep you updated on how I am doing, and if I need any further help then I will refer to your articles. Or, I will get in touch if I have any questions. Is that OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best and happy new year,


    1. Hi Tom,

      It’s not looking so good in the UK at the moment, so I’ll be praying for you and your family’s good health.

      The lockdown will definitely be a boost for you to start on having a home gym. Some motivation for you to exercise at home, that’s for sure. You can always bookmark this page to refer back anytime. Drop me an email if you have to! I’d be happy to help.

      Happy new year to you as well, Tom.


  7. Hi SAM,

    It’s good to see you are sharing recommendations for a home gym, and it comes at the right time when I check on something that I want to purchase online. I also like that you provide tips to organize our stuff in cube storage shelves so that our place won’t look messy. Haha…I can’t wait to see what I am going to decorate my home gym. Thanks a lot for sharing today.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Awesome! Well to be honest, I have been keeping my equipments in the storeroom. But the cube storage really does help to kinda put it in your face. Loved it.

      I’m sure you’ll do great designing one.


  8. Hi, I wish I lived in a larger house, where I can have room for a gym or even a mat. I love your site; storage ideas are a great idea to keep things organised.

    Your images are lovely, and the mats used for under the exercise bikes is a fantastic idea. It would stop the floor from being scratched.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Ah I see. Please don’t let your space restrict you from designing one. Maybe the cardio equipment is off the equation but I’m sure we can slot in some good area for a yoga mat. I’ve some excellent yoga channels that I personally follow on Youtube. Boy, do they make me perspire. Let me know if you’d like me to share them!

      Indeed. We need to protect the floors too


  9. Hi Sam,
    Great post on setting up a home gym. I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time. However my type of workouts requires the use of squat/power racks, so my hurdle has always been finding enough space for such a large chunk of metal. Do you have any recommendations there?

    1. Hi Dev,

      Oh that large piece of metal is indeed a headache. I didn’t recommend them because a good one (that is actually stable and safe) would require much space, like you said. I know guys really love the power racks and for small spaces, we have to get a little more creative and use alternate exercises!

      Maybe you can get these adjustable weights/dumbbells instead and proceed with goblet squats. You’ll need to put in more reps. Also! Get a pull up bar to install at your doorway.

      But if you really want the squat rack and found a decent space in your home without compromising too much of the rest of the furniture, here’s a link of the best space saving power racks:

      Hope this helps! You can reach out to me anytime.


  10. Hi Sam,

    Although I am not a big fan of fitness, I appreciate your ideas. All I need is a mat as I do yoga daily. You are so right that the purpose of the bedroom shouldn’t be changed and we should do the exercise in the living room instead.

    When I travel I like to do my yoga exercise outdoors also throughout the summer.

    When it comes to mirrors, I do agree with you and I can say that every time I have a mirror while I do exercise it pushes me to exercise longer.

    1. Hi Ola,

      I believe yoga is also fitness! Hahaha. I love the gym and all but the yoga sessions really hit the spot. I was amazed at how yoga had helped me in strengthening, cardio and of course, toning. Plus it’s super therapeutic too (when I didn’t actually die from the difficult moves).

      Sounds beautiful. Yoga by the beach or in the park would be great. Thanks for suggesting!

      Yes to mirrors! Glad you liked the article.


  11. Great post, and good ideas. No question that I dread doing cardio but when I am finished I feel like a champ! lol I do find using the elliptical the easiest way to motivate myself, but have not been able to since the pandemic lock down. I will check out the one your recommended. At the moment I have just been using dumbbells and doing some circuit training until we can get back to the gym.

    1. Hi Robb,

      Agreed. I do enjoy the elliptical myself when I (used) to head down to the gym. I honestly feel that its a great best-of-both-worlds of a treadmill and a stationary bike. Plus it’s good for the knees too! The elliptical was a highly effective cardio machine when I tore my knee ligament and had to lay off from running.

      Nice! The difficult circuit trainings can really challenge you.


  12. Hi SAM,
    Such a great article with fantastic ideas on setting a gym at home. Let’s be the real cost of going to a gym with membership is more than its true value instead commit 100% at home fitness can help us meet our fitness goals.

    Your ideas mentioned article are so amazing now it seems a home gym can be a worthwhile investment.

    There’s a lot that can be done with few cost effective pieces of home gym equipment.

    Home gyms make it easier to stick to a fitness routine, saves time, perfect exercise environment and we can encourage our whole family to join in and improve overall health benefits.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      That’s really true. I’ve saved a lot more since ending my gym membership and spent some money on some dumbbells and the mat. You are right, having the equipments at home means everyone at home can use them too. Superb investment if that’s the case.


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