A small computer desk is just the beginning.

The pivotal lifestyle change of working from home has created a strong demand for a dedicated work space or a home office. Most of the people around you are probably living the work from home life, even if you are not.

A home office, at minimum, should have a computer (or laptop), a modest storage area and perhaps a printer. Given that some of us do not have an extra room dedicated for a home office, we turn to finding the perfect work nook.

There will be an option out there, even if you stay in a tiny apartment. This is the moment to use that unused corner that you never knew you had. With a great range of computer desks in the market, it’s best if we know which one that best fits our homes and most importantly, one that would allow us to do productive work.


Posture, posture, posture. The right investment in an office desk (and chair) should do your body posture good. We’re sitting for at least 6 hours each day, or more, so the least we should do is set a correct and comfortable sitting position while we work on our computers and laptops.

The height of your ideal work desk depends on your height. With your seat correctly adjusted, you should be able to bend your arms comfortably, at 90 degrees, or set to your forearm height. The same goes for standing desks.

Work from home | Your Casa Concept

Maintenance of good posture is vital. With a comfortable forearm support, there will be less strain on your shoulders and neck (and provided you sit right and not slouch).



Wall mounted desks, or floating desks, are easy, flexible and can come in multiple styles and width. It is also a space-saving option that appeals to those who are handy and like installing things themselves.

The common height to mount is 28 to 30 inches from the floor. However, it is always good to measure one that fits your height well. Also choose a table that is wide enough, from the wall, so you have a decent amount of leg space.

We would want our wall mounted desk to be as stable as possible. Check that you do have smooth walls to steadily mount the brackets and screws.

Personally, I would go for a wall mounted desk if all I need for work is a laptop and just enough space to write. There are wall mounted desks that can be folded when not in use, perfect for really small spaces. A simple desk.

wall mounted fold down table | Your Casa Concept


Length: 23.6’’ | Width: 15.7’’ | Height: 9.8’’ | Material: Pine | Colour: Brown (Wood)

Wall Mounted Fold Down Desk | Your Casa Concept


Another variation of wall mounted desk will be one with shelvings that come along above your table. Shelvings always do good for storing your files, notebooks and maybe a small indoor plant to complete the whole ‘this is my workspace’ corner. Compact in size, simple and sleek. It’s a steal.

Wall Mount desk with shelves | Your Casa Concept


Length: 30’’ | Width: 20’’ | Height: 73’’ | Material: Wood and Metal, Brass Finishings | Colour: White/Gold

Pros and Cons of Two Shelves Wall Mount Desk | Your Casa Concept


Combining both storage spaces and foldable functionality, is the wall mounted, cabinet desk. It’s like having a relatively large briefcase stuck to your wall. All else can stay inside, except for your laptop. Fold up when not in use. Easy, right?

Wall Mounted Foldable Table With Shelves and Drawer | Your Casa Concept


Length: 23.5’’ | Width: 20.5’’ | Height: 20’’ | Material: Medium Density Fibreboard, Metal | Colour: White or Black



This next desk is not one that is mounted, but it does require the wall to be a useful piece. For something more sturdy (maybe), we have a ladder that you can easily place against any wall of yours. A smooth wall and flooring would be recommended for this mini office desk of yours to hold up.

Ladder Desk with shelves | Your Casa Concept


Length: 18’’ | Width: 29.5’’ | Height: 72’’ | Material: Woodl | Colour: Cappuccino

Ladder Desk with shelves | Your Casa Concept



Looks matter. One way to spice up your work office without actually having a room to create the professional ambience, is to have the desk looking aesthetically pleasing all on its own. Have this accent desk of yours sit beside a window, at best.

Plus point would be a nice looking table that comes with drawers or storage spaces to keep away the small stationeries and files, making sure that your work surface remains neat and tidy.

When we say accent, it means it’s the kind of table that actually stands out. An example would be this rustic, industrial table that comes with built-in drawers. They usually work well with most home interior designs.

Rustic Locker Desk | Your Casa Concept


Length: 17’’ | Width: 41.5’’ | Height: 31.5’’ | Material: Industrial Metal, Wood. | Colour: Brown and Black

Rustic locker desk pros and cons | Your Casa Concept


This other table is a mix of clean structure, sturdiness and distressed finishings – a design and colour that will definitely suit any home colours. As compared to a drawer, the shelves at the bottom left provides you more flexibility as to how you’d like to store or decorate your items.

Distressed Finishing Work Desk | Your Casa Concept


Length: 23.88’’ | Width: 42’’ | Height: 29.88’’ | Material: Wood | Colour: Teal

Distressed Finishing Work Desk | Your Casa Concept



Here’s one for occasional work, the C-table. The reason I say this is because, perhaps:

  1. You’ve used up all the wall spaces around your humble home, or,
  2. You already have a work table, you just want another one to switch around whenever you want.

With no assembly required, the C-table can slide in near your sofa when not in use. Actually, maybe the C-table should instead be called a sofa table extension.

White C-table with gold finishing | Your Casa Concept

Surface top of a compact-sized C-table, at most, must be able to fit a laptop, your cup of caffeine and maybe a bowl of snacks. Not something I would choose for a permanent work table. An extra alternative, yes.


Length: 12’’ | Width: 20’’ | Height: 25’’ | Material: Metal, Marble | Colour: White and Gold
White C-table with gold finishings | Your Casa Concept



Corner desks are not exactly the most compact desks out there, length wise. Still, should you have an empty corner that you can make use of as your workspace, this desk is one to have.

Measuring at 51 inches for length on both sides, the corner desk provides ample surface workspace you need separately – one side for just the computer, the other for writing, drawing, etc.

This table also comes with a neat monitor shelf that would be good for that eye-level to monitor posture.

Corner Desk in white-gold with monitor stand | Your Casa Concept


Length: (50.8+50.8) ’’ | Width: 18.2’’ | Height: 29.5’’ | Material: Medium Density Fibreboard, Metal | Colour: White, Black, Brown

L Shaped corner desk pros and cons | Your Casa Concept



It looks like a regular table. It feels like one too. And people are willing to pay hundreds for this particular kind of table because of its ability to adjust its height.

Minus off commuting time means lesser daily steps clocked in. In the many new findings during the pandemic, one of the statistics have shown how much fewer people around the world are clocking in their necessary physical activity minutes – while still consuming the same amount of food.

Standing desk | Your Casa Concept

The height adjustable tables have been around for a while and are the hottest item (still) for working adults working remotely now. This functionality has allowed them to clock in their work time while standing up at some point. Ideally a 1:2 ratio, where one is recommended to stand for about an hour to every 2 hours of sitting down.

It does sound like an expensive method to get people to be healthy, when in fact you can just take a pause to have a run or do yoga or even get some housework done. That aside, the convenience of a height adjustable table is simply refreshing because one does not have to shift anything or anywhere. Simply press some buttons – all in the same square feet of your home.


Length: 48’’ | Width: 24’’ | Height: 28.7 – 48.4’’ | Material: Chipboard | Colour:Black, White

Adjustable Desk Pros and Cons | Your Casa Concept



The primary reason why we even rack our brains for a work desk for our homes is because we want to instill a healthy routine for us to live and work under the same roof.

There is certainly no harm in bringing your work desk into your bedroom. However, over the course of time, your brain and body might associate your bedroom with productivity – which eventually makes it harder for you to establish a clear line between rest and work.

Work from home | Your Casa Concept

By that, it could be harder for you to have a good sleep when it’s time to sleep and for you not to doze off when you are supposed to get some work done.

Those of us who live in one bedroom apartments could find this rather impossible to do – the work desk has got to be in the same space. Here, we try our very best to establish boundaries and draw imaginary partitions.

Believe it or not, a simple thing like making your bed before you start work could set off a signal to your brain, to communicate that it’s time to switch on to work mode. It also helps to place your work desk at a position where the bed is behind you.

Work desk in bedroom | Your Casa Concept


There are a lot of home desk choices to choose from, even for a small home. Before you become bombarded with so many options, measure how much space you can afford. Sneak in shelvings below or above the table for more storage if you have to. It’s all about getting creative, right?

Besides the desk, you will still need to choose a good chair to pair it with. A chair that will last you through long hours of sitting down. And maybe a small indoor plant, picture frame or accessory to liven up the desk.


Spending the amount of time and effort choosing and designing your home office but not being able to effectively switch to your work mode headspace is a waste.

Here’s a tip: Put on your work clothes at home to set you in the right mind and mentality.

It’s easy to dismiss this as silly, however, wearing real clothes instead of pajamas for work is a good start to draw that transition from relaxation to work at high levels of productivity each day.

When you are done for the day, turn off the computer and change your clothes to something more relaxing. The goal is to have the mind control to know when to be relaxed and when to hustle it through.

Find that desk, adopt a healthy ritual for yourself and make your small home workspace work out better for you. Good luck!



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  1. I love the office desks the look awesome., especially the wall mounted one with the book selves. Providing a guideline on measuring your space for your new desk is a wonderful idea. Thank you for the information, I’ll go and measure up.

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Wall mount shelves are indeed the most space savvy kind of tables! You really do need to measure it according to your height to make it most effective as a work desk.

      I like the ones with shelvings too. Looks really neat.


  2. Oh wow, those are brilliant ideas! And it comes at the right time, as my house is still under construction! I love many of these desks, I especially love the wall mounted fold down table, small and simple, yet practical. I also liked the two shelves industrial wall mount desk and the ladder desk. I didn’t even realize that there were desks that you could mount in the wall.
    It’s a good recommendation not to have a desk in your bedroom, since the bedroom is for rest. I want to build a play/study room next to my bed room, so both rooms are separate, and now that I’ve seen these mounted wall desks I would love to get one of them.

    1. Hey Christine,

      Desks have really come a long way from being just a ‘rectangle’ work surface. I also like the fact that there are more options for small homes, it’s really great. I like the mount desks and ladder desks too!

      I have experimented having a desk in my bedroom and it’s really tough to draw the line. I find myself gravitating towards the bed to lie down and ‘do work’, which will result in sleep. hahahah.

      I think your idea of separating both rooms is superb. Good luck with that!


  3. Hi SAM,

    Besides my bed, my desk is probably the place I stay the most time every day since I am always in front of my computer, instead of the living room. The adjustable table is my top pick since you can sit and stand to work on the same table. I always find out that your efficiency goes up if you stand to work, and that’s why my company starts to ordering adjustable tables for our offices.

    A good chair to pair with is also an important factor. Do you have other recommendations about chairs? Or can we hear from you very soon?


    1. Hi Matt,

      Wow, same here. Only when I work more frequently at home that I realised I really have to step up my home office to make it more comfortable for productive work (for myself). Likewise, the adjustable desk spoke to me most.

      Most definitely the chair we choose for our home office is vital! The ergonomic chairs does anyone good actually, just a matter of aesthetic choices. But hey, I might be coming up with an article guide for that (:


  4. I prefer the accent desk with a built-in drawer. I love having stationeries around while working. When an idea creeps into my mind, I can quickly scribble it on a note. Thank you for the nice recommendation.

    1. Hi Muslimah,

      Oh my. You must be that colleague who everyone goes to for extra pens! Hahaha. But yes, having stationaries around is nice and convenient.

      You’re most welcome! Glad you liked the recommendation.


  5. Having a cute and small computer desk at home is very convenient when you need a quiet place to just work from home or do your personal stuff. I usually prefer accents desks with storage where I can just put my books and laptop once I am done using them.

    I also prefer not to not have my computer desk in my room, I want it to be in a place where I don’t have to see my bed and be tempted to jump into it. This has been wonderful article Sam.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Hey Femi,

      Agree with you! I do like having desk with drawers too, to keep the work top clean and neat.

      Indeed, the bed can be a big distraction for most of us. Thank you for your comment!


  6. It was an amazing article that I read today, I didn’t know that a computer table is very useful, I like the way you explanation of computer table. I like this long one with the corner, I think that will be perfect for me. It will be close to my bed.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Manu,

      Yeah, it’s really useful and good for productivity, in the long run. As a freelancer myself, simple things like choosing of my desk is actually vital for me to maintain my discipline to be focused at work.

      Indeed! I like the corner desk as well. Feels like I would have more space for both writing and computer work instead of being crammed to write.

      Hope it’ll work out for you!


  7. I spend too much time at my computer, so a good setup is really important. I like to have a corner-type set-up so that there is a lot of desk space available to put everything that I am working on.
    When travelling recently I stayed in a hotel where they had a shelf as a computer desk. I found it convenient as there were additional shelves above to keep all of the other supplies within reach. Great idea, and I can see how this works well in small rooms.
    I haven’t tried a standing desk yet, but m keen to give it a go, as I know that sitting for extended periods of time every day is not good for our health.
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Same thoughts about the corner desk! Its really nice to have a decent amount of space just meant for writing notes.

      Shelves are super space savvy, it’s smart of the hotel to do so. Things look less cluttered too with this arrangement, I feel.

      Oh you should! It’s pricey but I’d say its a good investment to have since you said you are spending a great deal of time on the computer. Good luck with that.


  8. I moved to London a few days ago, and since the rent is expensive as hell, the apartment I got is kind of tiny, you might say. I have no clue how I found your post, but I bought the desk thanks to you, and I just wanted to show my appreciation by leaving a comment.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I absolutely love it, and it fits my tiny-a**-apartment perfectly.


    1. Hey Gorjan,

      I’ve never been to London but I have heard how crazy the rentals are. But hey, we work with what we have. I’m glad that you were able to chance upon this article and bought yourself a desk for your home workspace.


  9. Hi SAM,

    Very Informative post! thanks so much for sharing this detailed post on having a computer desk at home.
    Having a cute and small computer desk at home is very important, most especially when you need a very calm and quiet place to work from home.
    The idea of separating both room and working space is very important because working in the bedroom can be really tough as one may find themselves going towards the bed to lie down to work which will result in sleep.
    The accents desks, mount desks and ladder desks are just so perfect and there have options for small homes too, it’s really great.


    1. Hey there!

      Sometimes I’m guilty for heading to the bed for my naps too. That’s why creating a conducive workspace at home is very important. Im glad you found the article informative!


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