List of Interior Design Styles

Very much like fashion, one’s personality can also be shown through the choice of their interior design style. There is no best kind of style, only one that best expresses you.

Homeowners that have a lack of understanding of their preferred style which matches their personality would often find themselves having mismatched items around the house – which is actually a common thing.

If it’s a new home, this presents a huge challenge for interior designers. Remember, their job is to find a style that suits you and everyone living in the same home!

A good grasp of knowledge can help you choose better, making it a smooth selection of your colours, furnitures and decoration choices for your home.

These 9 interior design styles never fail to be in trend and surely at least one will fit in very well with your personality. At the bottom of this article, I’ll share with you some stores that have amazing interior items that you can get for your home!



Image Source | AMARA

Think Nordic countries. Even if you’ve never been there, you can’t deny there’s an air of magical beauty that blankets their stunning sceneries of snow, mountains and vast nature.

That’s what inspired the cool scandi interior that has been immensely popular around the world. This style is extremely calming on the eyes with its fine layers of fabric, wood and glass. A timeless design that easily accentuates cosiness in simple shades and textures.

The Scandinavian character is in it’s intricate decorations that falls mostly in more rounded curves. It’s colour palette is as calm as the beautiful Nordic countries – hues of grey, blue, green, black and white.

An art that feels gentle and warm. That’s how I would describe the Scandinavian interior design style.

Scandinavia Dreaming Interior Design Book


For those serious Scandi lovers, this is the book for you to feast your eyes on beautiful Scandi interiors from around the world while learning more about this unique interior design.


Image Source | MY DOMAINE

The complete opposite of minimalism.

There’s no telling how eclectic designs should be done. It’s purely injections of one’s zealous personality. They are bursts of fun with styles that jump from one to the other, old and new. It’s a playground of vibrant accessories and patterns, an eye for detail in the textures and variation of layering.

Creating a form of unity in eclectic design style is rather difficult because you don’t want the pieces to be fighting for attention. There IS a lot going on. It’s the kind of design that is meant to mismatch yet come together in a cohesive blend.

Striking and bold, yet fluid in its entirety.



Image Source | ARCH DAILY

The industrial design is most famous for it’s bricks, brass, metal and wood choices that undoubtedly brings out the air of rustic, sleek charm to it.

As opposed to eclectic’s bold colours, the industrial interior design style sticks to a very neutral colour palette to maintain the clean look.

Because of its ‘raw’ nature, it can give off a very cold space. This happens when homeowners are too focused on a single element. On top of that, this design is commonly paired to an open layout or minimal furniture.

Warmth to the space is often with the introduction of softer textures like rugs and leather.

Image Source | FRESH HOME


The best vintage interior design style incorporates both the old and new into a single space which makes it a very appealing choice of style.

Vintage can be incredibly versatile and dependant on the personality of the person. It can stretch from elegance to chic.

A vintage piece is often the focal point, the wow factor. Fundamentally, things are kept minimal to allow the vintage pieces to stand out. The colours, patterns and textures that compliments the vintage piece decides the vibe of the vintage.

For example, bold colours and patterns to vintage items paints a chic retro feel whereas pastels and florals give a rather relaxed vibe. DECORZEE has an array of beatiful embossed European floral pattern that can really do wonders to one’s vintage theme.

The idea to bring in a thing from the past whilst keeping up with current designs is refreshing and uniquely a reflection of the person who owns the home.



Heavily influenced by Japanese design, we have here the minimalist interior style. Relatively new trend that started in the early twentieth century and you know it’s here to stay.

The Joy of Less - A minimalist guide to declutter, organise and simplifyRECOMMENDED BOOK

THE JOY OF LESS: A minimalist guide to declutter, organise and simplify.

Inspiring and thought-provoking. This is a personal favourite to understand that minimalism is a mindshift, a lifestyle. It tackles deep into questioning one’s consumer habits.

The memorable ‘less is more’ principle, which can be applied to life as well – to find appreciation in the simple and natural forms. This simple principle of gratitude, draws a strong connection with the people who have seen positivity in their changed lifestyle.

Minimalist interior design keeps colours to the elemental airy and earthy colours like black, white, grey, beige and mustard. It’s simplicity draws careful attention to finer details like the lines and natural light.

Undoubtedly, this design makes one’s home look spacious. Crisp and clean, it’s a design that defines functionality in it’s very own naturalistic appeal.


The mid-century modern interior design style is a playful combination of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s era topped with a Scandinavian vibe as the cherry on top. A statement of character, a style to remember.

Mid-Century Modern - Interior Design Book

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Relatively mellower than eclectic and more flexible than vintage, this is an interior design style that introduces just light tinges of retro. The charm lies in its highlight for prints, patterns or arts. So you get a good mix of clean lines and subtle lively pops of color and prints.

With that in mind, modern mid-century design’s colour palette falls into the hues of  welcoming orange, yellow, green and brown.


Image Source | DECORILLA

Light and breezy vibes all over, the coastal interior design is for those who enjoy the freshness of the beach and the sea.

Traditionally, the style literally brings the beachiness inside along with seaside accessories like the seashells and ship’s steering wheel but it has since toned down a bit to keep it mod.

The thing about the coastal interior design style is that it instantaneously makes your home feel spacious. We’re talking about shades of creamy beige and yellow and the colours-of-the-sky-and-sea blue with textures of wood and glass to really work out the breezy vibe.

What can we say, it’s summer all day, err day.




‘Contemporary vintage’, ‘contemporary industrial’ and ‘contemporary scandi’. Not uncommon, are they? The lack of an actual statement item or focal point is exactly its specialty as we see plenty of designs that do have a mix of contemporary personality in them.

Contemporary in the 21st century is all about clean lines, metals and glass. This design is appealing for those who want the practicality of their home yet aesthetically feel like it’s straight right out of the magazine.

Layered with textures of velvet and soft linen, it’s hard not to love this interior design style.




Modern Style Interior Design

Visually stunning and appealing. The modern interior articulates it’s deep love for sophistication.

The differential factor between a contemporary and modern home is the age factor. In modernism, it’s all about the sleek and textures of metal, glass and steel which is meant to give off a mature vibe.

Neutral colours and a strong play of cleanly articulated lines is commonly found in this interior design style. It is also big on the concept of open layout and less cluttered furniture and decoration.

Deep down, everyone would love to be pampered with the sleekness of luxury in their homes. Why else would we pay for expensive hotels and stays if we don’t? It’s no wonder that this style never falls off the radar of the trend!

Modern Style Interior Design Decoration | Your Casa Concept


There are more than 9 interior design styles. And every single one of them has their own charm.

We’re seeing plenty of mixed styles because honestly, there are no hard rules when it comes to interior designing style! Once you have found the mix you love, you’ll be able to seek better choices of your interior items that blend in well together.

The question you need to ask yourself: Which style(s) resonates most with you? Share your favourite interior design styles in the comment section below!

Vision that, your very own personal aesthetic.





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6 thoughts on “List of Interior Design Styles”

  1. Hi Sam,

    Really enjoyed reading your article, and learned quite a bit about interior design. My girlfriend and I are going to be re-decorating and we are looking around for how we should do it. I don’t know if we have the money to re-decorate our home like the pictures in your article, but we can get somewhere close.

    I like the Versatile Vintage style. If we can get somewhere close to that then I think we would be really happy. I will let you know how we go and if we need any help or tips, would it be OK to get in touch with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      I’m very sure you two can! Versatile vintage is a classy piece of work.

      Would love to hear about your progress with the re-decoration.


  2. I would absolutely love to tell you I am more the minimalist style.but I am more the Bold Eclectic type (Thanks mom!)
    I travel a lot and stay in apartments all over. Most recently I stayed in one with Sturdy Industrial design. Oh my gosh that was nice. Brick walls and large beams across the 10 foot or more ceilings. Just beautiful. I’m hoping to stay there again if I go back there.
    If I had a cleaning person I would love to move into the home listed in Sophisticated Modernism. Very classy.
    Really fun post. Thank you.

    1. Hi Teresa!

      Hahaha, spunky! You can never get bored in an eclectic home, I feel.

      The best part of travelling has to be the opportunity to stay in apartments that put in great effort in decorating their place. I agree with you. Besides its obvious aesthetic appeal, you can feel a bit of the owners’ personality in the decoration.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Appreciate your comment!


  3. I really enjoyed reading and the photographs in your article on your list of interior design styles, I think I am more partial to the Naturalist style being a small town country boy.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Glad you enjoyed them! The naturalist style is indeed a charm. A lot of natural lights and space going on, I suppose!


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