Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen

If you ask me where the heart of a home truly is, my answer will be, without a doubt, the Kitchen.

Why else would it feel like you had invaded someone’s privacy when you go through her fridge without her permission?

A home is never complete without a kitchen. It’s a space where good meals were created and shared. A place where families, couples or friends gather and spend some time together. The kitchen is a home’s open and unspoken intimate space. It’s always great to know some interior design ideas for the kitchen on hand.

Prioritise the main functions of the kitchen first, then aesthetic appeal. Some of the things to consider in designing for your kitchen are:

  • Workspace and Worktop
  • Cabinets
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Color and finally,
  • Socialising space

Before you consider making the changes, big or small, do maintain the synergy of design by matching the color schemes or style with the rest of your home. This is most important!



In my previous article, How to decorate for your home, I mentioned that knowing your floor plan is gameplan. In a kitchen, the game plan would be about utilizing the three main stations: Fridge, Stove and Sink. Depending on your kitchen layout, it will be good to nail down where these three would be. Think about flow, think about accessibility. Then you’ll be able to see how you can design the rest of your kitchen more effectively.

Types of kitchen layout | Your Casa Concept

There are generally 6 types of kitchen layouts that your future home has. If they are already installed and you’re here to find ideas to spruce your current kitchen, great! Let’s get down to it.



An expression of personality that is minimal yet profound. Something that immediately grabs attention, but fits so perfectly in sync with the rest of the design.


Stand at the entrance of your kitchen. Take a wholesome look at the entire kitchen space in front of you. If you want to make a statement on the wall, you’ve got to make it prominent. It’s a feature wall. Where’s the best wall to do that?

Statement walls are also great to sort of ‘section off’ an area, like the dining area in your kitchen. Or if your kitchen is an open concept, it helps with dividing the kitchen from the rest of the room.

Creating a statement wall can be as easy as painting on a bold, different colour (but not too bold that it’s way off your color palette) or having a wallpaper on it. Tiles are great too.

And if your feature wall is spacious, go on and add some open shelvings to place your most used cutleries. You can also nail on an art piece or two on display. Get creative!


The deal breaker of interior designing – lights! Before you consider THE beautiful style for your kitchen, ask yourself this: What is the function of that light?

Decorative, yes, but we also want your kitchen to be illuminated well enough for you to chop those onions and read through the cookbook with proper task lights too. Mood lights that are too ambient will damage your sight in the long run but bulbs too bright can create an uncomfortable glare.

Choose wisely.

Find your eye-catching statement light at: FINT Design.



The closest I’ve gotten to making a statement on the ceiling when I was a kid, was to paste those glow-in-the-dark stars set with adhesive tape (and wishing I won’t spot a fallen star the next night).

Statement ceilings have come a long way and are likely to stay in trend for the next few years. Traditionally left at its pure white state or beige cream at most, it’s now an interesting aspect of interior designing!

Image Source | HOME BUNCH

Similar to statement walls, you can go for a contrast color or artistic wallpaper design but be extra cautious of your choice. You want to go for one that does not ‘squeeze’ the room. Choose a design that stands out, but remains cohesive with the rest of your kitchen and home.

If your budget is bigger, you can experiment with geometric or 3D designs that are sure to catch the attention of anyone walking in your kitchen.

Image Source | REMODELISTA



No one can deny the calming effects of the greens. Plants give a sense of comfort while living up the space of your home. Moreover if you have ample of light coming in, plants will guarantee to present you with that much needed refreshing breath of fresh air.

I like houseplants that are easy to care and maintain. Here are my top four.


It’s a versatile plant that is great in a pot or in those hanging-from-the-ceiling baskets. It grows better in a bright kitchen with a good amount of natural light. But the English Ivy can also adjust to low lights as well. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight!



Also grows better in bright lighted kitchens but it’s so peaceful that you can’t exactly kill this guy unless you completely leave it unwatered for weeks. It does not need much water, just keep it’s soil lightly moist and you’re good to go.


Image source | PRO FLOWERS



People who live in apartments or don’t have gardens but wish to grow some herbs, you can. Probably most appealing to the ones who cook frequently (or everyday, for that matter). There are plenty of common herbs to choose from but not every herb is easy to maintain. Personally, I love to grow parsleys, mint and coriander. (Moroccan style mint tea, anyone?)

If you cook and do use herbs often, maybe you would be more driven to grow the slightly difficult ones! I’m sticking to the ones that are easier to manage. Check out what other herbs you can grow at home!


Behold, plants that survive without soil! So easy to care for that you’re left to be more concerned with how and where to place these cuties. Once a week watering is enough. Still, it’s good to care and keep a lookout for signs that they need more water.


And if you fancy something Japanese, here are some indoor bonsai plants that have great aesthetic appeal as well. Bonsai plants do more than just beautify your place. Each bonsai has its Zen philosophy behind them that make them very appealing as gifts too.





Another way to draw the eyes up is placing a hanging structure from the top. Besides hanging plants and statement lights mentioned earlier, you can install these hanging structures that are not just decorative but would increase your storage capacity as well – shelves and cabinets.

Once again, I’m just blown away at how creative people can get with ladders. I mean, ladders suspended from the ceiling? Super aesthetic and believe me, totally eye catching.

Image source | BETTER HOME & GARDEN



All those greeneries, statement walls and ladders whatnot are too much of a hassle for you?

What we can’t sacrifice for time, we invest in some money. Counter-height or bar-style dining area is nice to be paired with some cool stools. Invest a bit more for the ones that are unique and stylish. They can add some decent contrast to your kitchen! Manhattan Home Design has some amazing stools to choose from.



You might have already had a designed kitchen for a while and you’re tired of it.

Get back to the basics. Bring back the classic.

Go back to the neutral, bright palette that can never go wrong and is most beautiful when the natural light comes in. So calming and peaceful that you can probably enjoy some reading time in your kitchen itself.



When you’re getting down to thinking about designing your kitchen, it’s good to know how much stuff you have and how much of those you actually need.

Why keep 30 bowls and plates when you only host a party once every two months? There are biodegradable utensils that you can consider when it happens. When you pare down to only the number you often use, you’ll be amazed at how much space you have.

That empty space in the cabinet can be used as a ‘small appliance garage’ so you can keep them out of sight, making your kitchen look cleaner and your designs will naturally show itself.


*Last edited: 3rd April 2021.

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14 thoughts on “Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen”

  1. Truly speaking the kitchen is the centre of all homes, not even the parlour or the dinning room; and not even the living rooms. Once the kitchen is order, one tends to put all other rooms in other too. The first sight of many visitors go to the kitchen first. Having a beautiful layout in the kitchen with beautiful colours and adorned with flowers is very important. But I agree it depends on the layout of your house. But even at that one can make the best look of his kitchen no matter how spacious or not. I love light blue colours and will always want to use rhyming colour materials to decorate my kitchen, though the one i have now is all white!

    Great presentation, with wonderful picture illustrations.

    1. Hi there!

      What a great insight. I do get curious with how someone’s kitchen would look like too. Hahah

      Wow! A white kitchen is a great start indeed. Blue is such a peaceful colour to have and going with a colour you love will let you feel more connected to your kitchen! Do try it out and see how it all blends in with the rest of your home.


  2. Hi Sam, I have been thinking of redesigning my kitchen for quite sometime now. I didn’t know where to start planning for it and here comes your post. It feels like the missing puzzle piece I’ve been looking for. I now find myself drawing out the layout of my kitchen, looking to see if I can shift the cooker or worktop around. Thanks for this post, now I have a clear direction! 

    1. Hi Juliet!

      Glad I was able to spark off some ideas for you to design your kitchen better! When you nail down your main workstations, you’ll definitely be able to create better space for the rest of it. Have fun with it. Time to get creative!


  3. Hi Sam. Great article and some of the media used looked fantastic. I wish I had the space available to create such wonderful kitchens.
    I love the way you describe what is needed and the added greenery is a must especially for large open plan areas. Well done

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I’m sure you’ll be able to design one as amazing still!

      Oh yes the greens. Requires a bit more concern for them but definitely worth it.


  4. I agree, the kitchen is a sacred place, and green plants add a lot of good energy. My kitchen is straight out of the 70’s and really needs to be redone. I’ve been thinking about it, but just beginning to do the research now. And hopefully will tackle the job soon! Goal is this summer. This is inspirational, thank you for the read!

    1. Hi!

      OOH RETRO. Some people would appreciate that style! But yes I’m sure you’ll love a new look!! Glad that the article was able to inspire some ideas for you.

      Have fun with the it!


  5. Hey,

    This is an excellent article. It is very detailed, well organised and very informative. I love your site too, the branding is excellent.

    I’m so pleased I came across this article because we are right at the beginning of ideas to upgrade our kitchen and you have given us a lot of food for thought here.

    When we have brainstormed our ideas after following your advice, if we have any questions then we will come back to your articles to find the answers, or we will get in touch if that is ok?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom!

      Appreciate the kind comment! Doing my best and still working to improve.

      That’s wonderful, I’m so glad this article was able to spark off some ideas for you and your family. Brainstorming can be a great bonding session too. I’d love to hear about your ideas.

      Thank you, cheers

  6. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    I know it’s time for my kitchen to have a makeover (unfortunately 16 years since the last one), but I’ve never really put much thought into it.

    In fact, many of the factors you have written about here have never entered my mind, but the way you describe some of the features has truly given me a lot of inspiration.

    I guess I had always looked at the kitchen simply as a place to cook and nothing more. However, I feel a spark of creativity coming on very soon.

    Thanks for a fantastic read and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Partha,

      Sometimes we’re so used to our home that redesigning never really came up. I’m guilty of it too. But the fresh look will make you fall in love with your kitchen once more and you’ll feel more energised for some reason! Hahah

      Yes find that creativity and put in your personality in your kitchen!

      Thank you for your kind comment, cheers!

  7. Another fantastic benefit of getting your kitchen in shape is the value it adds to your house! Some great ideas in here, and so many can be implemented without spending a packet. Modern minimalist is definitely my choice. Great article.

    1. Hi!

      Oh yeah that’s a super plus point. Modern minimalist is clean, crisp and chic.

      Glad you enjoyed the article.


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