Interior Design Ideas for Bedroom

A place of slumber. A room for you to unwind and recharge. Believe it or not, a well designed bedroom can influence your emotional well being on a day-to-day basis.

Consider having some time to redesign your sleeping space. A messy or disorganised bedroom can result in frustrating mornings. Why would anyone want to sleep or let alone, step into a space that brings headache?

Simple plays of colors, patterns, textures and furniture does wonders. Creating your comfortable, unique bedroom ambience is essentially an incorporation of your style and personality. Personalising your space can give you a sense of satisfaction and something you can really call your own.

Designing is very opinionated and that’s the beauty of it. Sharing with you some ideas, hopefully you’ll get inspired to make fine choices and design that cosy bedroom that better reflects you.



Optimising your space, no matter how big or small, is the foundation of interior designing. Not everyone has an eye to visualise the best way to place their furniture. For those with smaller spaces, it’s even more important for you not to waste any more square feets.

Write down what you absolutely need in your bedroom first. Generally, these are the ones commonly found in bedrooms:

  • Bed (of course)
  • Bedside lamps
  • Wardrobe
  • Shelvings
  • Table (vanity or work)
  • Reading corner

Whenever within your means, change:

Furniture switch for small homes | Your Casa Concept

Built-in bed storage can keep your towels, bed linens, seasonal wear, books and luggages. Keeping the clutter away from sight gives you a piece of mind. I’ve written an article that shared about bedroom storage that you can have a look at.

It is very important to keep your bedroom, as much as you can, in a relaxing vibe. Other DIY storages are ones you can install on the wall. If you are a bookworm like me, this helps to store some books that are within reach. Decorate the wall shelf with a photo frame of you and your partner and perhaps one small potted plant. There you have it – decor and art.

Arrangement-wise, always start with the bigger furniture. Your bed works best between two bedside table lamps, against a wall. The other big furniture often goes opposite your bed wall.

‘Other big furniture’ can mean:

  • Wardrobe
  • Work or vanity table
  • Reading chair/bench

Below is a rough sketch of how a bedroom is optimally arranged. Try not to block the windows, it’s where you get natural light to illuminate during the day.

Not saying that your closet can never be beside your bed, they can. In smaller apartments, it’s pretty common actually. You don’t have to have both bedside tables either. Sliding your bed all the way to the corner and having just one bedside table works great too. Bottomline is to have comfortable spaces between all your furniture and using every corner wisely.

If you have windows on each side of a wall as the example below, it’s always nice to have your bed on that same wall too. A symmetrical look is instantly created. Notice how the area rug anchors the entire bedroom.



Time to change the bedroom wall colors? Colors make a huge impact on setting the mood of a room. Pick colours that exudes warmth, comfort and calmness whilst still coordinating well with the color of your living room. Organic, or warm colours, like shades of blue, beige and brown are colors that allow you to take a step back from the rush of life.

The easy thing about light colored walls is that we can always contrast them with a large wall art or a gallery of art frames.

Dimensions: 71.38” L x 1.5” W x 21.38 H

For the bedroom, I personally would invest in a large abstract art that is more on the subtle side, like this hand painted canvas art. Encased by a silver leaf frame around it, this piece of art adds a magnificent air of both calmness and elegance. A large abstract art as such is an expensive investment, but definitely worth the mood it brings to your bedroom.


Layers of textures can also add a flavourful mood. Throw in cosy throws and soft area rugs. Anyone would appreciate soft bed linen. Fact: you don’t actually need a throw. However, their addition instantly brings that fluffy, relaxing vibe.

Throws are perfect for a snuggly feeling. Choose the ones that have a silky, thin touch and are easy to care for.

Fortunately, Amazon has exactly what I described and it is priced decently too: The Bourina Throw Blanket. You can choose from more than 5 colours. Also, this brand provides a 1 month return and replacement. Awesome!

Knitted Throw Blanket | Your Casa Concept

Area rugs. Add in that warmness for your feet when you get up in chilly mornings. Depending on the structure of your room layout and size, we can have:

  • All the furniture in a huge area rug,
  • An area rug that fits just the bed
  • A runner beside the bed (budget friendly option!)
  • Area rug that covers just the foot of the bed, down to the centre of the room

Sizes do matter! Picking a rug size fitting with your bed is recommended to maintain the balance of design in your room.

Recommended rug size for bed | Your Casa Concept
You can get quality Oriental, Antique, Persian and Modern area rugs from Rug Source. Their rugs are marginally lower than most rug brands and with a wide array of selection, you’ll be so spoilt for choices. Check their sizes first and see if it will suit whichever rug placement design you have in mind.

Compare the two pictures below. They both have a charming modern, sleek look, but one room looks slightly more comfortable than the other – by simply having a fluffy runner rug.

Non-slip faux rug runner for bedroom | Your Casa Concept


This rug runner from Amazon does the trick. Soft, cosy and plushy artificial animal wool that is most importantly made with an anti-skid design at the bottom so you or your kids will not slip even when you are groggy from the first step out of your bed.



Next, introducing warmth through textures. Using wood for your ceiling will definitely take the term ‘warmth’ off the roof. The essence of wood helps to introduce the calmness of nature into the bedroom.

The reason why cottage houses feel cosy is because of the generous amount of wood all around. For urban houses, it’s not that wise to cottage-fy your place entirely with wood. What we can do is make those little slight adjustments.

Using wood on ceiling | Your Casa Concept

The idea is to install wooden panels or faux wood beams.

Full of texture and differently patterned. Normally paired with white or beige walls (or even black as per the image). Your woody ceiling would go great with soft rugs and a couple of throw pillows. This will help to blend the elements altogether to create the wholesome, comfortable feel.

Installing wood panels or faux wood beams for your ceiling can come at a price (and loads of efforts). Might be a little steep for some with a budget too. My alternative suggestion is, you guessed it, the wallpaper.

I found this beautiful, rustic wood wallpaper on Amazon that seriously looks like real wood. With strong adhesion and thick in size, this value-for-money vinyl wallpaper is made easy for you to give your bedroom ceiling the woody feel.

This is one illusion I’d pay to fall for.





Now we’ll talk more about wallpapers –  for the walls.

Wallpapers are a good way to inject colours, prints and a personality. They don’t take up any room space either. It’s a great space-saving design idea.

Rather than a singular colored room, others prefer louder contrasts. Those who appreciate art naturally would go for a bolder, contrasting print. For example, the geometric print kinds.

Wallpapers are also much cheaper than purchasing a single (or two) modern art canvases. So this wallpaper idea is great for your wallets, for sure.

Personally for myself, I’d love to keep my aesthetics mellow in my bedroom. The choice of wallpaper I would go for is one with natural texture and lightly coloured.

Statement wall with wallpaper | Your Casa Concept

By pasting up the wallpaper only on a single inner panel, it can help to create a statement already. It completes the naturalistic Zen-like theme of this space.





Hanging Lights on bedside | Your Casa Concept

Image Source | ELLE DECOR

More commonly found in kitchens or above dining tables, we have also seen an increased use of hanging lights in bedrooms as well. Call it chic or elegant, it undeniably adds more charm to the bedroom.

Bedside lamps can be quite space consuming, as if the tables are not small enough. What about my book, tablet, phone and coffee? Something has to go! And that thing can be the lamp.

Float the lamp instead, by having them on the wall or hung from the ceiling. It’s a very simple addition (or change), nothing too work-intensive.

Sconces in bedroom | Your Casa Concept

Both hanging lights and sconces reduce one less clutter on your bedside table and can add a pop-ish visual appeal. You’ll probably be drowned from choosing so many nice looking lights. But always remember to choose one that fits the overall theme of your room.


*Bulbs are not included.

This glass globe pendant lamp has a maximum cord length of 120cm. Easy to install, but for those who are inexperienced in electrical wiring like me, it’s best to call a professional to fix it up for us.

You can also up your lighting game by having a piece of statement light above you. Rated 5 out of 5 for style and 4.8 out of 5 for easy installation, it’s easy to guess that this is value for your money. A design that fits the scandi, modern themed room anyday. Once again, bulbs are not included.


Wire Cage pendant light | Your Casa Concept




Another way of spicing things up in the bedroom is changing your headboard once in a while. The headboard does take up a bit of space. This means that it is one of the first things that your eyes will naturally be drawn to upon the first step.

If you feel that your bed does not match with the colors in your room, the biggest culprit is the headboard (or otherwise, your choice of bedsheets).

It’s flexible, it’s quirky, it’s fresh. But for this idea to work, you’ll have to say goodbye to your footboard style bed frame. Opt for a bed frame that supports just the bottom of the bed. This will then give you the flexibility to add and replace a headboard anytime you feel like.


Headboard Ideas | Your Casa Concept

Change your head board according to seasons and mood. Match them better with your curtains and walls. You’ll be able to earn a bit of extra spaces too.

… Or maybe not having a headboard at all.

No Headboard on Bed | Your Casa Concept

A bed without the headboard like the above allows us to play more with statement items and colors and that results in a super clean, modern look.



The more traditional canopies have a flowy, breathable piece of cloth that gives you sensual privacy, lulling you to your deserving beauty sleep. Luxurious. Regal. An oasis in the bedroom vibe.

Are they still in trend in 2020? Hell yes.

Most canopy beds now are without the cloth. The frames become an aesthetic play for designers. Designs differ from thickness and fabric. Introducing warm tones can also come from your canopy beds!

Bed Canopy | Your Casa Concept

However, be careful with your selection of canopy. Because of the nature of it, visually, they will seem to make the room smaller. Think about it. Instead of a flat rectangle, it’s now an entire ‘cube’ to fit into your bedroom, so you can imagine how that can affect – visually

This idea will be an interesting add. Probably will not be too appealing for those staying in smaller spaces.

Bed Canopy | Your Casa Concept


Every single room in your home is designed for a main purpose and your bedroom is one for you to catch a good night’s sleep. Still, you can infuse creativity with functionality. You’ll just feel happier walking into a room that is pleasing to the eyes.

Tiny living means getting very strategic with creating storage spaces, within your space. We all love a clutter-free home anyway.

With the Covid’19 looking to swallow our 2020 mostly indoors, why not spend some time to recreate and redesign your bedroom with these ideas!


*Last edited: 25th December 2020.

** Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which allows me to earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. There are no additional costs to you!

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  1. Sam,

    My wife and I live in a downtown area and have a small apartment and two aging dogs. We don’t have enough room to add pet stairs or a ramp to help our girls get up on the bed without starting to break some toes as we try to move around the room.

    I’d love to hear any suggestions you have.


    1. Hi Sean,

      I can imagine your poor toes getting hit often. Assuming your room is small, I’d first suggest sliding the bed all the way to the corner (if you haven’t done so). This would allow you to have (slightly) more freedom of space to line this much needed ramp for your girls and ageing dogs.

      Not sure which ramp you have currently, so I’d just recommend a good, foldable one that I found on Amazon. You can fold this and keep under the bed or the side of your wardrobe when not in use. It can hold up to 130 pounds, so I believe it’ll be alright for your girls too!

      Here is the link of the ramp mentioned:

      Hope I helped!


    2. Thanks for the tips, I have never really known how to properly design my apartment or my room. We used to pay for interior designers to help us, but now I will use some of the new knowledge that I gained after reading your post.

  2. Dear Sam
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their dream-like bedroom. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  3. I’m just about to take on the task of my bedroom but after reading this I’m feeling quite inspired, I’ve got a wooden floor so I’m definitely thinking an area rug will look great! something I’ve never considered before, I also like the look of wallpaper as a centre panel, it does create a great feature.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Wooden floors are such a charm. The rug and feature wallpaper wall would be a wonderful fit to the overall look and warmth of your bedroom, for sure.

      Have fun while you’re at them!


  4. wow

    This article was such value. I have just bookmarked this post because of the fact that I was thinking of renovating my family’s bedroom and I was looking for ideas as this will be a surprise for them.

  5. This is an interesting niche and I enjoyed reading up on the various materials for decor and your furniture suggestions. Uniques approach to blogging on interior decor. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Hi Sam,

    There’re lots of really interesting and even funny ideas here to transform one’s bedroom into something really stylish yet functional and comfortable. It was the headboard and the canopy that really had me laughing yet at the same time intrigued.

    Thank you for a comprehensive piece on bedroom Interior designs.


    1. Hi Femi,

      To be quite honest I’m surprised myself. But I secretly tried the no headboard idea and its truly refreshing. Hahaha. That’s the magic of design! More than simple functionality. It’s cool.

      Appreciate the kind comment!


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