How to Grow An Indoor Garden

Only five months left till 2020 is over so why don’t we take this opportunity to make some interesting changes! From simple ones to a complete overhaul change, you can always add a fresh layer of appeal and make the most out of your comfortable space.

More than just aesthetics, plants as a whole are good for our health, eyes and cleanse our air altogether.

Plants are excellent choices to beautify your space, be it indoors or outdoors. Probably one of the more positive outcomes of current circumstances, the stay home lifestyle has seen a spike of interest in having more greens indoors.

Be it herbs, air plants or house plants, they are all relatively inexpensive – a practical interior designing idea and your very own, indoor garden.  




Imagine having a child, or a pet. Wouldn’t one have to prepare before their entrance in our homes? Similar for plants.

Some decide to deem themselves to be plant ‘killers’ after seeing their greens dying despite taking care of them. But for most cases, the actual reason is because the room was not suitable for the indoor plant’s needs.

Strategic placement, increased functionality. Certain indoor plants require more sunlight than the other. Unlike artwork and statement furniture, plants are living, breathing organisms. Lighting takes top priority for these guys. Afterwards it’s water, nutrients and then finally aesthetic appeal.

Indoor plants in interior designing | Your Casa Concept

That one empty spot near the window. The higher spot on a bookshelf. A corner in the room. Placement of plants, in various corners and heights gives a massive difference to your space.

What makes indoor plants a joy for interior designing is the different leaf textures each plant offers. When you are able to play textures and heights, your room just instantly has more life and flavour.

Indoor plant for home tip | Your Casa Concept


Display your house plants without taking too much countertop space by simply hanging them.

Certain indoor plants like the English Ivy can be hung from the ceiling and they create a stunning visual to your space. Especially for homes with the Boho, Rustic, Scandi or Mid-Modern interior designs, hanging plants fit just right in.

Macrame Plant Hanger | Your Casa Concept

GET THE LOOK: Handmade 100% pure cotton, Macrame plant hangers.



Ideal-sized plants for your tables – coffee, console, office, etc. You would want something small and take up just that little space on your table. It’s best to have compact plants that can grow in low or indirect bright light for easier care too. Some examples of compact plants are succulents, baby ferns and orchids.

Geometric Terrarium Clear Glass | Your Casa Concept

Change things up with your small potted friends. The fun part about succulents and terrariums is the ability to change its pots and casings. You can certainly get a more edgy, elegant look with a geometric planter!



There are many indoor plants that don’t require frequent watering. These ‘once-a-week’ greens are indoor plants that only require you to water them once a week. I’ll share four, rather larger, popular indoor plants than you can challenge yourself to grow and care.

Tropical Monstera Deliciosa

Tropical Monstera Deliciosa Indoor plant | Your Casa Concept

A plant that has such distinct leaves. It honestly looked like someone made the effort to cut them gently but that’s really how it looks naturally.

Do they need direct sunlight? No, they might burnt from it. But they do require an ample amount of indirect sunlight. Decide if your space has a relatively large amount of natural light coming in before you consider getting it.

Trimming of its air roots to keep them neat and tucked to the pot is essential. During the Spring and Summer season, give it a liquid plant fertiliser once a month.

Plants want to look good as well, so as far as beauty goes for them, they’d appreciate spray mists at times. Afterwards, keep the leaves clean and dust free by wiping them with a wet cloth.

Tropical Monstera Deliciosa outgrows its pot roughly about 2 years. Make sure to repot to a larger and deeper pot for your growing plant.

WARNING: This plant is toxic to dogs and cats.

Cat and dog owners who still wish to have this, you can opt for a faux tropical monstera deliciosa that looks exactly like the real thing – except it’s safe and toxic-free. (Not to mention super durable too)



The fiddle-leaf fig has broad, leather looking leaves, popular for giving off a rather elegant look. For those houseplant fans looking for a challenge, this is your plant.

Location, location, location.

This plant absolutely needs PLENTY of sunlight, preferably right next to the window. It appreciates a few hours of direct sunlight to grow majestically beautiful.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree caring tip | Your Casa Concept

Again, once a week of watering. But because this plant is more sensitive to environmental changes, water a bit more during the winter season and when the air at home is dry. Best is to check the moisture level in the soil!

Does the leaves need wiping like the Tropical Monstera Deliciosa? Yes.



Prized for its sweet flavours, a hybrid of a mandarin orange and a lemon. Arguably, it thrives better outdoors but you CAN grow a citrus indoors. The Meyer lemon tree is also able to grow blooming, beautiful flowers of delectable citrusy fragrance to freshen your homes – as long as they have ample sunlight.

Find the brightest spot in your home and close to your windows. That’s the right spot to have your indoor Meyer lemon tree. For this plant to thrive indoors, feed them with citrus fertilisers. Earthpods’s fruit tree fertiliser comes in a capsule form, which makes it fuss-free and smell-free. It provides the nutrients and minerals that can make your Meyer lemon tree happy indoors.

They like their soil moist but not soggy, so it’s a rough gauge of once a week watering.




Cast Iron Indoor Plant | Your Casa Concept

Image Source | STYLIST

‘Plant-killers’ individuals, this one’s for you. Lush, mature greens that is a huge favourite amongst houseplant fans for easy maintenance. Thrives well in medium to low light, no direct sunlight. The cast-iron plant really does not require much water that overwatering is the biggest problem for people growing this plant indoors.

Once a week or ten days of water, even less watering during the winter months. You can afford to miss a week of water. She’ll be able to handle it. Be careful when you have seen browning on the leaves. Something’s off when that happens – and it’s either under or over watering.



Snake Plant indoor plant | Your Casa Concept

It’s exotic-looking, sword-like leaves are exactly why it adds a massive personality into your interior homes. Highly tolerant like the cast-iron plant, the snake plant can do well in low lights and occasional missed out watering sessions.

Less fickle plants like this gives you the luxury to place it anywhere you’d like in your home. (As long as there is some form of low light coming in). Stick to once a week watering then let the soil dry completely.


The New Plant Parent book | Your Casa Concept

The New Plant Parent is a wonderful guide to being a plant parent, new or experienced. An incredible rating of 4.8/5, it is loved by many for its insightful, personal sharing which can be seen throughout its writing and pictures. One will be able to understand the right balance and supple needs of an indoor plant. A book that is truly in-depth and covers all aspects that every plant parent would need from:

  • Finding the right light,
  • Everyday care,
  • The right pots and containers; and
  • Recommended species.

The New Plant Parent book | Your Casa Concept



Have you ever thought of growing your own herbs, but never had the time to? No other perfect time than now. The feeling of growing your own produce is immensely rewarding (also chemical and pesticide free).

From small potted herbs in the kitchen to a row of tomatoes and lettuce in your backyard, these healthy friends of ours will definitely purify our eyes with it’s vibrant colours.

Technology, in it’s very own ways, makes things easier. One will no longer have to worry about changing seasons. You can grow fresh herbs anytime you’d like. Who wouldn’t like convenience?


Aerogarden Bounty Basic | Your Casa Concept

Aerogarden Bounty Basic Rating | Your Casa Concept

Introducing the smart garden, Aerogarden Bounty Basic. With a touchscreen feature, you can have your little garden of pre-seeded pods and harvest your own fresh and flavourful countertop crop – all year round. No more soil in the equation.

The control panel has:

  • Planting tips
  • Step-by-step setup guide
  • A vacation mode (so the next time you travel, don’t worry, they are well taken care of)

There are 4 different versions of the Aerogarden. The Bounty Basic is the cheapest of the four yet still has all the functions you need!

Aerogarden Bounty Basic Comparison | Your Casa Concept


Of course, if you are planning to get this, you’ll have to get the seed pod kit too. I’d recommend starting with 3 pods first and get the hang of it before you move on to 6 and then fill up the entire 9 pods with different plants or fruits! This seed pod kit will have all you need for your Aerogarden plant journey to start. Seeds not included.


Aerogarden Grow Anything Seed Pod | Your Casa Concept


As briefly mentioned earlier, some plants do contain chemicals that can cause trouble especially for our small children and pets. When you’ve found the plant that you love to get, have a more in-depth read up on the toxicity, see if they are animal and child friendly. As much as we want to have our indoor garden going, we want everyone in the home to be safe.



Whichever plants you are taking care of it’s important to regularly prune, trim and wipe. Plants are very much alive and believe me, your attention makes your plant happy and it will indeed grow healthier.

Removing the dead leaves encourages new growth. Wiping the leaves keep dust and insects from sticking around. Repotting only comes in the story after a couple of years when your plant roots are visibly growing out of it’s drainage holes.

All in all, regular maintenance is key to healthy growth of your precious indoor garden. Embrace your garden, love your greens and watch them liven up your space.


*last updated: 27th December 2020.

** Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which allows me to earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. There are no additional costs to you!

20 thoughts on “How to Grow An Indoor Garden”

  1. Great article on how to grow an indoor garden. I’ve been home so much and I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. How are plants good for our health?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Alyse,

      Good for you!

      Here’s the thing – every house plant has their own benefits. Example, the Lavender is known to be a huge stress reliever. It’s scent calms people down.

      And generally, indoor plants can absorb your home’s air pollutants, making them a natural air purifier.

      Good air is always good for your health! Not to mention having the greens are extremely therapeutic too.

      All the best.


  2. I agree.  Plants have the power to create a special feel; especially when it comes to an indoor garden.  A space with plants has better energy to it.  I love taking care of house plants and I even go so far as to name houseplants.  I tend towards zen gardens, herb gardens and once-a-week greens.  Plants do appreciate our attention as much as we appreciate the positivity and even the food they bring to our lives.  Thank you for a great article on how to keep indoor garden plants happy.

    1. That’s the word – Zen.

      The vibes and air that plants bring in is absolutely wonderful. You sound like a great houseplant owner! I’m sure your plants appreciate you as well. It really requires effort to care for them.

      Thank you for such a positive comment. Bless you. I strive to have my own herb garden too!



  3. Hi Sam

    I really enjoyed your post. i came across your post as my friend has just moved into a new house and he and his wife are looking at ways to modernise their lounge with plants. Your post is exactly what they are after. Thanks for some great information.

  4. How to grow indoor garden is a very interesting and useful guide that interests me more than you can imagine, you see I am not able to do my outdoor gardens any longer so I am starting to do indoor gardening now. I have had some success with some plants and some failures with others, so maybe you could recommend some good indoor plants for a home that receives very little sunlight

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jeff,

      You are not alone, I’ve had some plants dying under my care too. For me, I’ve recently gotten the snake plant. Extremely tolerant and I’m absolutely loving it.

      Best of luck to you too!


  5. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for sharing.
    I always want to put some plants in my house but just wondering what kind of plants is suitable for me. Now, thank you for your article. I think “The Once a Week Greens” is my choice because they don’t require frequent watering. Haha…. Am I too lazy for that?
    Also, your suggested guide is so useful. I learned a great deal of knowledge about growing plants. Thank you so much.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Alex,

      Not to worry, I prefer them too. Hahaha. (That makes 2 of us lazy)

      Glad you found the article useful! Best of luck in your green journey!


  6. Hi Sam,

    I love plants! At the moment, all my plants and trees are planted outside, because I am still building my house. Once the house is ready I would love to have indoor plants too. Succulents and hanging plants are great for that. Now, I have them outside, but when the time is right I can get some cuttings and grow them in the house as well. I planted a small succulent garden next to the construction of the house 🙂 I love the triangular pots for succulents, they are very pretty.
    I also have some snake plants growing outside and they are indeed very sturdy, they can go without water for several days.

    1. Hey Christine,

      Wow! An experience plant owner. I’m sure your home will look beautiful with all the indoor plants in soon! Happy for you.

      All the best,

  7. Hi, Sam,

    I have been always fascinated by how plants can change the comfort of a home, and I admire a location that has plants in it.

    But I had never the courage to make it in my own home, believing that it requires too much time and knowledge to grow and take care of those plants.

    To me, it’s similar to having a little baby, or a pet, you always need to take care of them:)

    After all, I think you need to love the process, and then it’s not that complicated.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Indeed! Changing it from ‘hassle’ to ‘I’m doing it because I want to’ really makes a difference! Be it taking care of plants or anything else.

      Lovely thoughts, Natalie.


  8. Hi Sam, I absolutely love this. I am going to be moving soon and a so excited about investing in some new plants. Can you give me recommendations on plants for improving air quality in the home?

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Congrats on moving!

      I’d suggest the spider plant, snake plant and English Ivy! Relatively easier to care for and they do wonders to removing the air toxins in your new home. Have fun!


  9. Hello there,

    I never thought there were so many options to consider in terms of an indoor garden. Thanks for providing insight into the once a week plants, they’d certainly be up my alley, I have limited time so it would need to be low maintenance for it to survive in my home! factors,

    Very insightful, thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      There are really so many to choose from! It’s just a difference in your home environment and well, yes, your level of care you can give them hahaha.

      Likewise, I’m a huge fan of the once a week greens too. Best of luck in your green journey.


  10. Sam,

    I like your suggestion for growing your own herbs. It can be economical. Which herbs would be best to grow inside? Plants like the snake plant could be helpful for the forgetful person who forgets to water the plant occasionally. Similarly, I think that plants make a great addition to the home. I have seen hanging plants at homes before, and it does add nice decoration to it. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Robert,

      Economical and fresh too. There’s a different satisfaction from using the ingredients you grow yourself!

      My top 5 herbs to recommend are Basil, Chives, Mint, Oregano and Parsley. Reason being: easy to grow and I do believe they are more frequently used! Hope this helps. Do make sure you get a good spot with the sun coming in for your little garden! Best of luck.


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