How To Decorate For Your Home

“Oh that thing looks nice.” You said as you continue to browse. After buying and putting up everything that ‘looks nice’ in your home, you realised you had ended up with a room full of things that just don’t match!

Decorating your home can be a tough task. Why do you think interior designers get paid for just thinking how to decorate homes?

Your home is your own humble abode. One that can express personalities. One that makes you, and anyone else staying in the home, feel good. A well decorated home will naturally make you feel at ease, as it should.

To make decorating something simple, I came up with a game plan that can easily help you to decorate your home to one you can truly call yours.

Knock Knock Who’s There?

The most important aspect of a home – the humans that live in it. The first step to decorating for your home is knowing who stays there and finding out what everyone likes.

It sounds simple if you are staying alone. However, if you’re a couple or a family, things can get a teeny bit tedious. When it comes to decorating, it’s vital to understand that each bit of personality. It helps to define your home.

Try to keep the living room kept at something neutral that pleases everyone, starting with the color palette and style that suits your ceilings and floors. You can get more personal with your bedrooms, but just not the shared common room. This room is used for family time, so it has to be something EVERYONE loves. Begin with a base color then work off from there.

You can definitely get more personal with your bedroom style. I recommend sticking to the color palette so that there is a color flow throughout. Not only does it help with creating a smooth vibe, it will also give a bigger space illusion! Especially useful for a small home.


Rethink, Reset & Redefining Your Home

Now it’s time to have a good look around your house and observe your home down to the smallest detail. Go around once more but this time ask yourself this question: “Do I really need that?”

As if starting on a blank piece of canvas, you would need to reset as much as you can. I don’t mean tearing down your wallpapers and removing the furniture till your home is bare and empty. What I meant is decluttering.

You might have started out with little things at the start when you first bought your home. As the years go by, they just accumulate. The bigger the house, the more things get accumulated as well!

There are psychological reasonings behind cluttering and why people find it hard to declutter. The top 4 common ones are:

  1. Emotional attachment
  2. Clinging onto the past
  3. Going through a change
  4. Bad organisation skills

The idea of decluttering is to disconnect, take control and set up an organising system that improves the cluttering problem at home. If you’re stuck on choosing what to throw away, remember why you are decluttering in the beginning.

You want to decorate your home!

Not everything belongs in the trash. If it’s still in good conditions, you can choose to give away or make money from it. Either ways, you will feel good.

Don’t make decluttering a chore, start one area at a time. Take pictures after every decluttering session and feel proud of your progress!

Clean Canvas - How to Decorate Your Home

You’re done with the physically and emotionally draining job of decluttering! Good job.

When your home canvas is blank (theoretically), it’s easier for you to find inspiration that defines you. There are a million home styles out there and they all look incredible. Narrow it down to the color palette and style chosen before and also most importantly – the budget.

Have at least 5 inspirations that you feel most connected to that you simply can’t throw away. Study the details. What are the furnitures, what are the materials, what are on the walls, what are on the floors? Study them well because they are all going to be in your budget.


Size Matters In Home Decorating

Knowing the measurements of things you are about to buy, the measurements of your home and it’s floor plans is akin to knowing you have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

They serve you the same purpose – knowing that at the end of day, they fit nicely together to form a beautiful picture.

From the 5 inspirations you have, you’d probably have a list of what you would like to buy. Your job now is to find where to get them, in its right measurements.

Chances are, you may not be able to find the exact one with exact measurements. Work along with the next most possible alternative. Remember to stay within the budget!

Also a reminder that you’re not on a home makeover reality show. Don’t rush things. Stay. Within. The. Budget.


Illuminating The Decorated Home

Lights play a very important role in decorating your home. Think of any festive celebrations, the first must have item is lights! Illuminating your space will further enhance your immaculate decoration you have diligently planned out.

Surprisingly, more often than not, it’s an overlooked element of decorating. Play your lightings right and you can turn your home into one that is more welcoming, inviting and pleasant.

We’re not looking at just pretty wall lamps or chandeliers. We’re looking at incorporating lighting that is in synergy with your designs and thus illuminating effective ambience.

Consider the activities usually taken in any given room in your home. Take the study room as an example. You wouldn’t put a romantic, dim orange light for the study room, right? You’d go for something bright with a mix of natural light to make sure it stays conducive and great for your eyes.

Besides the functionality of the space, you may also be interested to accentuate a particular element – maybe something like a wall art you just bought. Or towards a piece of furniture. It draws people to that focal element.

Natural sunlight provides a calming and relaxing effect to spaces. Look at where the sunlight is going in. Are you able to fully utilise it? Also take note of the areas that could not be reached of these beautiful, cost-free rays. Those areas would need some lights to ‘fill up the gap’.

With all things considered, I’d also like to emphasise on trying your very best to choose energy-efficient, LED lights which are also cost-efficient. Imagine if every household is able to switch to LED! Collectively, we will be using lesser energy and cause lesser harm on the environment.


Quick short recap!

1. Knowing WHO are the people staying at home and decide on a favourite color palette everyone likes.

2. If you only remember you had the item when you accidentally chanced upon it, chances are, it’s time to let it go. Appreciate the old memories, make way for the new ones!

3. Floorplan is gameplan. Know your measurements, from the high ceilings to the low floors. Knowing your numbers also means budget setting.

4. The cherry on top: Efficient, energy-saving lighting with a mix of healthy natural lights to accentuate your beautifully, decorated home.

Homes decorating is not meant to be perfect, it’s about having THE synergy. Be inspired by the designs you chose but do remember to create a home that uniquely defines you.

Life happens. Different humans may come in. Clutters do happen time and again. But no matter at what stages you are in life, your home will always be your sanctuary. This is the place that makes you happy, it should be a priority! Take pride in maintaining the home you have proudly decorated.

Rule number one is to remember WHY you want to decorate. Too dull? Spice things up? Just moved in? Why?

Keep saying you don’t have the time and you truly won’t have the time. Just do it! Enjoy the process (because it IS fun), take pictures of your progress and you’ll be amazed at your own efforts.


Last edited: 3rd April 2021.

4 thoughts on “How To Decorate For Your Home”

  1. Isn’t it so true how one can have something on the wall for years and years and not change it up. I know I have done that. I am thinking about some of those things on the wall right now actually. This inspires me to change things up a bit! Thank you!
    And natural light is the best!

    1. Truth is, we’re all just busy in life to notice the smaller details. I’m super guilty of this too! But making the tiny changes does help to make you feel refreshed. Oh yes I just LOVE natural lightings.

      Thank you! Hope you’ll have fun with the process.


  2. Hey,

    It’s great that I have came across your article because decorating my home is something I am being told to get on with. I need the push to get me into gear and to get on with it.

    You have some great ideas and tips on how to decorate our home and I am looking forward to putting some of them into practice. I will let you know how I get on with decorating our home.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. The motivation to start takes some energy alright, but once you’re on momentum and know what’s the end result you want to achieve, it’s all worth it!

      Good luck and have fun while you’re at it. Thanks! Greatly appreciate your comments too.


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