Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

Folks, we’ve made it to the last 2 months of the year filled with many changes and uncertainties – most of it indoors. That’s almost a year of adapting. The worldwide pandemic has undoubtedly changed normalcy that we are accustomed to, be it work, life or the holidays.

The show must go on. We may not have the luxury to celebrate Christmas on a large scale, so predictably, people are looking to give more efforts to decorate their homes. Decorations that are friendly for the wallets, decorations that can be made by hand.

Tired of decking your home in the traditional festive colours?

The Farmhouse Christmas decor has always been the charmer. Majestic, magical and intimate. It is the perfect decor style that is flexible enough to match with your current homes. Beautiful enough to look just as festive for the joyous occasion before closing the chapter of 2020.

Simple and neutral, let’s look at how you can have your own farmhouse Christmas style for your home.



Farmhouse | Your Casa Concept

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear farmhouse?

I think of nature, wood, fresh air and a piece of mind.

A farmhouse is always found in rural or agricultural areas, away from the urban concrete jungle. Some farmhouses are not that far from a barnyard, where the homeowners may rear farm animals and grow crops as well. The simplicities and happiness of organic farm-to-table lifestyle.

That aside, from outside to inside, the farmhouse decor is rustic beauty. Picturesque.

Farmhouse Interior Design Style | Your Casa Concept

A style that immediately introduces warmth, coupled with a touch of vintage and modernism combined. People like that. A warm and cosy feeling for their homes.

The farmhouse decor sticks to very neutral, earthy tones and materials. A style that is clean, accentuating lines and natural lights.



For that vintage/rustic look to really come to life, furniture of farmhouses is usually hand-me-downs, DIY-ed or bought off a flea market. However, the farmhouse decor trend has picked up in recent years, with incredible rustic statement pieces in the market at luxurious prices.

For a farmhouse Christmas decoration, the concept is subtle elegance. Fabrics are maintained in neutral tones. It’s about the combination of nature and all things fresh – lights, natural greens and pinecones. Not forgetting eucalyptus as a cherry on top.

Christmas Knitted Stockings | Your Casa Concept

Image Source | AMAZON


The warm and cosy feel comes from layers of (literally) warm materials. Christmas stockings that are knitted are excellent choices for that farmhouse vibe. They make a good gift too, so why not get another bunch for your family and friends?

Khaki material is enough to make it look warm and soft. This particular one I found on Amazon was rated 4.8 and 4.9 out of 5 for durability and softness respectively. Those of you who are not as patient as me when it comes to knitting, I’d say these are absolutely worth it’s price and value.



To get that dreamy winter wonderland look, you know you need the fairy lights. If you are used to them being outside, try decorating them indoors as well this time. Drape them around the walls and stairs. Go beyond that. It goes well on your bedroom headboard and the high kitchen cabinets.

Those with kids, it’s the best time to turn their rooms into a magical one with the smaller bulb white fairy lights. Be creative with your light placement. Let the kids chip in some ideas, who knows it’ll turn out good. Be sure to account for safety at all times.

Fairy Lights For Christmas | Your Casa Concept

The effect of fairy lights is an instantaneously cosy one. It helps to know that most fairy lights are made from LED lights which use less energy and they last longer too.



What is a farmhouse Christmas decoration without some bits of nature?

This piece of decoration is better done on your own to bring out its uniqueness. Around the metal hoop wreath, coil a variety of small greeneries (don’t forget the eucalyptus), a bit of long and thin twigs and some berries for colour. A matte red ribbon works great as a finishing touch too.

There is a video of how to decorate your own fresh hoop on Youtube, which looks fairly easy enough for anyone to do.

How To Make A Floral Hoop:

It is common to find one hanging in the living room. Choose an appropriate hoop size. If it’s going to be alone on a wall then you can afford a bigger one. The statement piece.

For me, it’s the one hung on the front door of a home that says, “Ah, Christmas is here”.

There are a variety of hoop sizes, so make sure you’re getting enough natural materials. However, it is not necessary to decorate the entire coil. Especially when the metal hoop, like the one I’m recommending, looks fantastic on its own.

Get creative with your resources!

DIY Christmas Wreath | Your Casa Concept



Those typical bright and colourful wrappers will not blend in the farmhouse Christmas decor well. Nude the colours. Earthy tones.

Have your presents wrapped in simple beige or brown craft papers. Twine-tie them for that rustic touch. We’re not going for a ‘cheap’ look, but we’re looking at more vintage appeal when it comes to farmhouse Christmas style.

Farmhouse Christmas Wrapping Style | Your Casa Concept



Typically, the farmhouse Christmas tree will be kept toned down too. But honestly, I think it’s the one thing that deserves to stand out. Keep the earthy tones in mind. Lessen the ribbons of bold colours and get more things from nature – woody elements.

Christmas Wooden Ornament | Your Casa Concept

Keep the sparkly bells but switch them to gold and silver ones. Or even, transparent glass bulbs that you can see through. Although glass is not normally used, in this case, it totally brings out a classy, vintage vibe. That will really make your tree shine in the beautiful farmhouse Christmas decorated home.

Christmas Glass Ornament | Your Casa Concept

Place a thick throw at the bottom of the tree as a cherry on top for that warm cosy feeling. Don’t forget the white fairy lights to loop around your tree!



Here comes the vital part of any celebrations – the dining table.

The place to gather. Where family, friends and loved ones share a meal together and bond over conversations that last through the night. Table setting sets the mood right. The joy and satisfaction of a good setup makes the meal more enjoyable by tenfold.

Ceramics Dinnerware for Christmas | Your Casa Concept

A variety of ways to spruce up your dining table, the farmhouse style. The image above is leaning more towards a more vintage, close to industrial decor where you have wood and rustic elements in the picture. Grain sack runners, or rough linens like jute or hemstitched, have a wonderful effect on a wooden dining table.

The farmhouse Christmas decor appreciates things that are handmade and homely. Line up sets of unique ceramic dinnerware for your family. Great for many other occasions, not solely just for the Christmas festivities.

A gem of ceramic art found on Amazon, this dinnerware set is made of ceramic stoneware with powder coated finish. The subtle speckled design makes it feel different than the regular clean finishes. Certainly, made to bring out the elegant rustic look for your table. It’s the kind of design that makes your food stand out and look more appetising, a restaurant feel. Touche.

Stoneware ceramics dinnerware for Christmas | Your Casa Concept



The farmhouse decor’s simple concept makes it easier for you to decide on just a couple on table decoration to fill the place. You can opt for the old vintage mini lanterns or a line of planters like the ones in the images above.

Some people like the candle holders and mercury glass vases. Or more eucalyptus, winterberries or pinecones – simply running through the middle of the table . There are honestly endless farmhouse decorated table ideas, you might end up with a mess.

How to choose, you might ask?

Take a step back from the ideas. Focal point is your table and dinnerware. Your decorations should compliment those two subjects. What is your farmhouse Christmas decoration concept for the rest of the home? Is it leaning towards the wooden aspect, nature or the whites?

Keep the designs in flow, a single motion.



We have to accept the fact that we will be spending Christmas in small numbers this year, safely in our homes.

Get inspired for a farmhouse Christmas decorated home this coming December. If you and your family have the time to make anything by hand, go on, this is the best time to try. Nothing is more genuine than a gift or decoration that is made by hand.

Bonding with your family when decorating makes festives memories much sweeter.

Festivities are more intimate when spent with your closed ones only. Don’t forget to prepare the games, hot chocolate and desserts.

How are you planning to decorate your homes this year? Share your thoughts about the farmhouse Christmas theme and the decor you are going for, all in the comments section below.

*Last updated on: 25th September 2021.

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16 thoughts on “Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas”

  1. Farmhouse decor is one of my favorites. We used to decorate our Christmas tree like this many years ago. Your post just reminded me how beautiful this style is. I like the look of the vintage style of the dining table. It’s a great idea to stylize everything in the same way.

    1. Hi!

      Yea I have to agree. It’s really a comforting style to have at home, if one enjoys nature and all things simple.


  2. I really love farmhouse style decorating. It’s simplicity and neutrality are warming. I love those Christmas Stockings and fairy lights always create a magical ambience. I think a splash of deep colour also doesn’t hurt and would take nothing away from the farmhouse feel – like going for a deep red Christmas stocking. Thankyou for your ideas.

  3. We still use farmhouse decorating for Christmas in combination with the modern ideas as well. I just didn’t know that it’s called like that. It simple and I like it a lot. I think you’ve done a great job with this post. Moreover, I got a few great ideas for this Christmas. Thanks for sharing! And happy holidays! 🙂

    1. A mix of old and new always hits people in the right places. Awesome! Glad my article had inspired. An advanced holidays to you as well!


  4. Christmas is round the corner! Thank you for sharing so many tips on how to decorate our home in a lower budget.

    Making some DIY decorate is a good ideas and more meaningful. I’m a person that love nature. Therefore, I like the concept of farmhouse decor.

    I’m staying in the city. Therefore, definitely it will be feeling warm, cosy and good when back home seeing all these farmhouse decor.

    Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance! 🙂

    1. Its simplicity is truly a charm – both on the eyes and the wallets. Hahahah. You do? Then the farmhouse decor will definitely be perfect for you this year.

      Happy and merry Christmas in advance to you too!


  5. I came across your post and wasn’t aware of how big this market was. I live in Kentucky and apparently, there are shops all around here that offer farmhouse decor.

    I really love antiques and anything from simpler times. This is reminiscent of those days. I have been thinking about moving out of the city more and more (but I do need a great internet connection). I can become quite nosy if I see a lot of neat old stuff in someone’s house.

    Christmas is definitely going to be strange this year. I just hope we get a bunch of snow this year to create some Christmas joy in these strange days.

    Thanks for your post Sam… many blessing, Brian

    1. Hi Brian,

      The farmhouse decor has become quite popular, probably because people want to feel a touch of vintage. To feel more homely in a fast paced era we are living in. I know I do!

      Totally understand, I gravitate towards people’s vintage stuff in their homes too.

      May it be a blessed Christmas for you, a cosy and intimate one with your family and friends.


  6. Thank you for sharing these farmhouse style Christmas decorating ideas. I really like this style, it works genuinely, homely, and warm. I like Christmas stockings, Christmas tree and fairy lights. Such decorations for the Christmas holidays really delight both adults and children.
    Every year we think of some changes in terms of decorating for the holidays, we already have a concept for this year, but some of these ideas will come to life next year!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hi Nina,

      Feels breezy, right? I love it too.

      I’m sure you had done up an amazing Xmas decoration for your family. Have a great celebration and stay safe always.


  7. This is beautiful, I love those ideas! I didn’t know that Farmhouse decor was such a big thing, but you have given me great ideas for this year’s Christmas decorations and also for the rest of the year. The fairy lights are very pretty; I might get some of those as well, They really give a nice, cozy look to a room.

    1. Hey!

      Christmas is literally round the corner, hope you can get them shipped over in time (if you’re planning to get the lights)! I personally would like the Farmhouse decor for its simplistic nature and yes, they look super cozy and comfy too!


  8. Hi SAM,
    Amazing Christmas creative decoration ideas, it’s like transforming a farmhouse into a winter wonderland.

    There is something so special about handmade DIY Christmas decorations that money simply cannot buy.

    Farmhouse decorating style is just so beautiful those fairy lights, stylish stockings, sparkling bells, eye-catching garland decors and creative wreathes just make everything so magical.
    Overall this idea of decorating makes everything memorable, fun, and exciting for the family.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hey Samantha,

      Indeed, a winter wonderland magic when everything falls in place. Decorating the house is a good family activity, I must say!


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