Decorating Ideas for A Home Office

Even more people around the world now are working from home due to the ongoing Covid’19, which have indefinitely eaten up the whole first half of 2020 as well. We are reliant on virtual meetings more than ever and many have started their own businesses from home too.

Whether you’ve got the entire room for it, a cosy corner or just a built in desk, a dedicated work space should be one that inspires you to get down to business.

Aesthetics aside, designing your home office to inspire you is actually something powerful. It is aimed to motivate one’s productivity level and reduce household distractions so you can get real, actual work done.

I’ve gathered some simple tips to decorate your own productive work space at home that you will certainly love.


To create the home office that is suitable for you, it has to work for you. List down your business activities and needs. Not everyone requires the same thing. And not all businesses can make do with a small table.

This way, you’ll be able to list down the framework of your office and get the things you absolutely need in your home office.

Here are some possible questions to guide you.

  • Do you really need a large table (workspace)?
  • Are you able to digitise your files or would you need a cupboard?
  • If so, how many files are we talking about?

It is also important to keep your home office neat and void of clutters. Also, if you really need your files with you in the same space. A proper filing system goes a long way to maintaining a clean office.




Bringing in a little green plant adds an element of freshness and life to your home office. Not to mention, it looks real pretty too.

There is nothing too feminine about having an adorable potted plant! Our green friends are known for its calming effects and the small ones are easy to maintain. Size matters. Choose a couple of small sized pots for your desk. You want to decorate just a little, without making your desk looking too cluttered.

Some indoor plants are easy to care for, which makes it really possible for anyone. But if you do have a bad rate of green plants dying in your hands, maybe you can consider the artificial ones. They are still greens and some faux greens look super real, no one can tell. And hey, these will stay alive forever.

Anyway, when there are greens, there are natural sunlight. Getting some natural lights in your space will let your space feel bigger and breathable. Those fresh lights penetrating in could help you function better as well.

There is something enticing about the leafy shapes. It gives a light, breezy feeling that would make you feel at peace even as you work. Go the extra mile, try having a leaf-patterned wallpaper on one of your office walls. Neither green, not living but still a splash of freshness.


Unlike your living room, your home office is the place where you can have stronger design choices to make it absolutely yours.

Creativity space lies in the color chosen. If the clean white concept might bore you to sleep during work, why not splash it with a bold hue to pop some excitement? The idea is a combination color that speaks to you most. That’s when you have successfully combined functionality and aesthetic appeal into one.

Work with accent walls or statement items such as frames, shelves, chair or rug that will stand out the moment anyone walks in your home office. We’ll talk more about rugs in just a while.

Go bold or go home. (You are at home technically, but you get it.)


Stay close within modernism, with a dash of vintage. Rather than turning your office into a total rustic 80s (you can if you want, and if it still complements with the rest of your home), mix it up just a bit to have that feel.

Image Source | DEAR DESIGNER

If you have a thing for vintage and antiques, display them proudly in one area of your room. A vintage gallery wall works great as well!

Grouping them together in a single area instead of spreading them around makes it neat. Include a glass cabinet to store your smaller artifacts together if there is enough space for one.

Period-style furniture is absolute beauty and screams ‘class’ instantly. Pour some whiskey and play some classic songs during your break. Amazing vibes.

Or do you fancy a world map as a centrepiece? Enjoy The Wood’s quality birch plywood world map is a great addition for most interiors. It’s both sophisticated and classy. A joy to hang up on your home office wall!


Rugs remain an instrumental piece of decoration throughout the years, which explains why the rug industry is worth more than $100 billion USD.

Image Source | SYPSIE

Visually appealing, check.

Layering your room with teture, check.

Adds warmth to the room, oh yes.

The right patterned and quality rug can harmonise the design of your home office with added level of comfort and appeal. Can your rug make a statement? You bet it can.

There’s a science behind the fact that rugs are sound absorbers. The materials in a rug like the fibers and tufts help to absorb these sounds. Not extensively, of course, but it can definitely reduce airborne and surface noises. Example, when things dropped onto the floor.

If you feel your home office is echoey, throw in a medium sized rug and you will be able to hear some difference.

Find your choice of rugs from Rug Source Inc! From contemporary to Turkish type, they are known for quality rugs at value price.


Luxurious, sexy and sleek. Those are adjectives I’d describe the color black in interior designing if you match the color black to brass accents. Once again, it is important to keep up with the design of your overall home shade, tread lightly on this idea if you are planning to go all black.


A lighter way to introduce black to your room is going for a monochrome theme. Then slowly add in tinges of black, wine or woody colored items around. They blend so well together and that makes black such a gorgeous, timeless color.

The mood of darker tones introduces both a playful person and serious personality. Who said you can’t have a sexy home office?


The sexiness in black naturally comes out when you manage to match the right items that goes into your home office. Fancy something like the above picture? Try these sites and match your own and you’ll know what I mean.

Ceiling lights: RIVERBEND HOME

Large Wall Art: DECORZEE



Can you still have a productive home office in a smaller home? Definitely. Your main objective is optimising what you have.

To avoid feeling boxed in, opt for a space that has a view to look forward to – most preferably against a window. If this work desk of yours is in your bedroom, make sure it’s dedicated solely for work. Avoid putting anything else unrelated. It helps your mind, psychologically.

Image source | BED BATH & BEYOND

A particular corner in a living room helps too, combined with the use of the rug to ‘divide’ the space. I especially love space saving furniture, like this drop down front desk, which can easily be put up when not in use.

It will be good to opt for the open wall shelvings to organise your things neatly without taking up too much square foot in your limited space.



Is an interior designing article ever complete without mentioning the minimalist style? Maybe it might look bare, but you can’t deny the tidiness help to accentuate the lines and colours in the room more.

The lesser your colour palette, the more it grants your space cleanliness (and spaciousness) and that results in more air for freedom of creativity. You can easily match with any simple furniture for your home office.

Because the minimalist theme strongly motivates one to keep the space clutter-free, you tend to really focus on the exact things you need for work and nothing else.

Creative play in the minimalist theme is the intricate attention to detail in the tone and textures of all the materials, big and small, around the room.


Are you excited enough to get up each morning to head into your home office and do some work?

Any chair and table at home is reasonably enough but a well designed home office (or work space) can inspire you to get in the zone better without getting distracted by home activities and the dangers of lazing on the couch or bed (Guilty of that, sometimes).

Everyone needs that space for work, so take some time to design one to potentially improve your productivity level.

**Last edited on: 7th October 2021.

**Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. There are no additional costs to you!

34 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas for A Home Office”

  1. Waooo! Thanks for sharing the great content! Personally like “BRINGING SEXY BLACK”. It really my style. Want to put this design into my future house.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      I do feel that a lot of guys love the idea of having black in their home office! Hahah it has a nice feel to it, doesn’t it.

      Thanks for your kind comment!


  2. Wow these ideas look amazing and I need some inspiration, my office space does not work for me at all :), thanks for sharing some really good tips and I like the concept of green and the different approaches you take to work stations. Most definately food for thought.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your kind comment! I personally tried bringing in the greens recently and it has worked its magic, truly.

      Glad you found the article useful. Enjoy decorating your office!


  3. Thank you for very present article Sam. I think it will be vital for everyone working from home, in the time of crisis almost everyone though, ha-ha. I like the stage when you are talking about minimalism, as this is really helpful. Often people choose to go for different classy( but in most cases not needed) supplements and then they are stuck on admiring those things, rather like being productive. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Julius!

      It’s the new way of working, for the time being, and who knows? Hahah.

      I do agree with you (I prefer mine minimal too)! But some people really do prefer their offices classy, so it all boils down to everyone’s individual personality and how the office can motivate them to work. (: To each, his own, they say hahah! It’s interesting.

      Appreciate your thoughts and comment!


  4. I have been looking for nice tips on how to decorate the home business spot. I am glad I did stumble on this article. I like your first order of business and your tips on green living are a must-have which I am going to implement.

    The color pop is amazing tips too, now I wish my first home decorator had read this post. I think I will have to refer it to them because this is a must-read for anyone planning to deco or design a new home especially if they have then intention of working from home.

    Thanks again for this is a very useful post.

    1. Hi Richard,

      I’m glad you found the article useful!

      I introduced the some small potted greens in my home office too and it feels therapeutic, honestly!

      Thank you for the kind comment.


  5. Great article Sam, my home office is in serious need of a revamp and you have given me some fab inspiration, I Have to share an office with my husband, do you think its possible to merge two styles in now room, I like my area quite feminine whilst he’s more blacks and darker colours.


    1. Hi Amy,

      Oh most definitely. See if you two can get mesh some ideas together on the colour palette of light grey, oak burgundy brown, pinkish beige and white! Perhaps coupled with some fine wall art gallery and an elegant looking statement light to complete a chic, balanced look.

      Hope this can work out for you two!


  6. Hello,
    You really have a natural talent for decorating ideas for a home office, and all your ideas are awesome things I would never consider on my own.

    I am trying to downsize to prepare to move to an apartment from a two-bedroom house, I was just wondering if you had any decorating tips for apartments for a single person with a dog?


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I hope you can get inspired to design a great one for your own.

      My suggestion would be:
      1. Create a space dedicated for your dog. They need their private space too, hahah. Have them complete with a bed, toys and mat or rug to protect your floors!
      2. Invest in tougher materials for your floorings (like concrete/tiles) would be good.
      3. Furniture arrangement wise, have a clean one to have your dog a little bit of freedom to run around (even in limited spaces)
      4. Avoid potted plants (if he’s a feisty playful one hahah).

      I hope these could help you a bit!


  7. Hi Sam,

    This is a cool post that inspires me to arrange a workspace that is a best fit for me in terms of my needs and my style.

    Right now I don’t specifically design my workspace due to having a toddler who loves climbing up to tables, plays with computers, and everything on the tables. I cannot close the door all the time because I need to watch her too. So, right now I work standing up and don’t use any chairs at all so my baby won’t get hurt.

    From your suggestion, I like the idea of having a color pop workspace. It will surely make me excited to get up and go there to get some works done. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the inspiration. I have bookmarked your site for future reference.


    1. Hi Ferra,

      Your daughter sounds like a really active one! Hahah.

      Glad the article could inspire you. I’m sure that you can create that amazing work office that works for you!


  8. Awesome – my office is very similar to the second style above, with the white. I’ve got one plant but would love to get more – just really makes the room and gives it a better “feel”. However my office at home is quite small – do you have any suggestions for small plants that don’t require direct sunlight? Thanks!

    1. Hi Gareth,

      I can imagine an awesome office. Good for you!

      Try air plants terrarium? They are perfect indoor plants that strive even in low lights. These guys don’t take up much space either, and you can get creative by hanging them too.

      Hope this helps!


  9. This is an inspirational post and I like all the design suggestions you gave for designing a home office. As you said, the home office is a place to go bold if you wish to. I like the idea of having plants around so that will be the first thing I will be adding to my home office. I also like to display pictures of my loved ones so I will be looking for a space saver.

    1. Hi Bolupe,

      Your office, your colour. Get that look!

      Most definitely. Pictures of loved ones are really the icing on top for really personal home office. I think you’ll go great.


  10. Hi Sam.

    Thank you for the interesting read and ideas. I have worked from home for 5 years and have a small “box” room which houses my desktop PC. When I started out the office was not well thought out and was not optimized, if that makes sense.

    After a year of using my office I decided to make better use of the space and I found a really great large corner desk on eBay – The desk was twice the size of my previous desk but fitted snugly in the corner and had lots of shelving underneath. The added bonus was that the desk positioned me with a view out onto our local road. So although the desk was much larger than the previous desk it made the room bigger in useable space.

    It has had a few more smaller tweaks since then, I have added a few personal touches to the walls. After reading your post my next change will be a little pot plant to  sit on my window sill.



    1. Hi Mike!

      I think it’s great that you are constantly making efforts to make your office work for you! Love all the ideas you have implemented. Changing things up helps to introduce that breath of fresh creativity.

      Keep it up!



  11. Great post, This is not just for working, but as a student, this has a lot of potential. We need a great space sometimes to optimize our learning!
    Thank you for the post.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Absolutely. Think how much more motivated one will be if his study room is well decorated!

      Thank you for your kind comment.


    1. Hi Marian,

      Moving in a new house! Exciting times ahead. Happy for you!

      Appreciate the kind comment. Hope you’ll enjoy the process of designing your home as a whole as well.


  12. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Sam! i completely agree that making your home office truly yours (customization to the extreme! Haha) helps to boost your productivity and ability to get real work done. I’m currently working out of my room, which is the best space in my house to truly focus (I’m even more focused in the actual office and library, but those are still closed, unfortunately. Haha). My room pops with color, personalized aromas, and creativity-it definitely gets my creative juicing flowing! Great read! I will definitely share your post with my friends and family. God bless you!

    1. Hi!

      Makes a huge difference doesn’t it? You will feel proud of the effort you put in as well!

      Your room sounds beautiful. Happy for you!

      Appreciate the kind comment, bless you.


  13. I love your website; you have provided fantastic ideas for an office. I live in a tiny place, and I don’t have such luxury. My office at home is the dining room table when I do find another place to live. I most certainly know where to go to see your ideas again.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks, glad you like them! And hey, there is nothing wrong with using the dining room table to do your work (I still do that from time to time) Hahaha.

      Don’t let your space dampen your home office spirits! I’m sure there is a way for you to arrange for one. I have just the article for you,

      When we don’t have the luxury of space, we focus more on the necessities – starting with the desk. Hope you’ll get inspired from this!


  14. Love your ideas a lot! Whoever works form home would really appreciate this article as I do. I am also planning to create my little work place because on the long run it feels a bit uncomfortable to work from my sofa or dining room. I really like the idea of the black design. I would perhaps combine that with minimalist style. The most important is super comfy chair, thats for sure!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks. I agree with you, really. I felt the same when I was constantly doing work on my dining table. Having a dedicated space will really help! Looks like you’ve got some awesome ideas planned. Enjoy decorating that productive nook of yours!


  15. I really love the Color Pop concept! Orange is such a striking color! It is also very uplifting. This is actually the color of the curtains in my study. I find that the upbeat bright color in my environment helps make the day go by quickly – since we have to work from home. I think your tip about having some plants in the room is a really good one. I spend the better part of the day in the study, so anything that is cheerful is always welcome – and succulents are quite pretty! Thanks

    1. Hi Ceci,

      It is! But I also feel that orange is a make or break colour for most people. It’s an amazing colour if you know how to pull it off!

      Indeed! I’ve gotten some greens for my own office table as well and sometimes I would look up to it and smile for no apparent reason. The power of plants I guess. Hahaha.

      Glad you loved the tips.


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