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What is Samsung SmartThings? | Your Casa Concept

What is Samsung SmartThings?

One of the things that is frequently searched during this pandemic season is having smart homes devices. What used to be a far-fetched idea is now a more welcoming thought since big players like Amazon, Google and Samsung come to play. They came up with products that are easy to understand. User-friendly for everyday people like you and me. It is no longer just for the tech enthusiasts. Anyone who educates themselves well enough can… Read More »What is Samsung SmartThings?

What Is A Smart Home System | Your Casa Concept

What Is A Smart Home System?

Technology has gone a long way from just asking Siri to play Spotify on your phone. The smart system of the 21st century is about making you take charge of your home’s functionality – all in a single interface. From door locks to switching off the lights, smart devices can even help you grill that meat the next time you have a barbeque. It’s basically anything you can think of. The speakers, window blinds, heater,… Read More »What Is A Smart Home System?