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Decorating Ideas for A Home Office

Even more people around the world now are working from home due to the ongoing Covid’19, which have indefinitely eaten up the whole first half of 2020 as well. We are reliant on virtual meetings more than ever and many have started their own businesses from home too. Whether you’ve got the entire room for it, a cosy corner or just a built in desk, a dedicated work space should be one that inspires you… Read More »Decorating Ideas for A Home Office

Small Computer Desk for Home | Your Casa Concept


A small computer desk is just the beginning. The pivotal lifestyle change of working from home has created a strong demand for a dedicated work space or a home office. Most of the people around you are probably living the work from home life, even if you are not. A home office, at minimum, should have a computer (or laptop), a modest storage area and perhaps a printer. Given that some of us do not… Read More »SMALL COMPUTER DESK FOR HOME

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4 Types of Desks for Home Office

Back at the office or not, most of our homes have some form of area or a room dedicated just for work. What I learnt about working from home for the majority of 2020, is that it can be a total grey space between rest and work. Some days I would clock in too much hours. While other days would be full of distractions with minimal work done.   Having a dedicated space is important… Read More »4 Types of Desks for Home Office