Buying A New Mattress Guide

Buying a new mattress is not as easy as it seems, frustrating even, for some.

Hundreds of mattress brands and retailers out there, both online and physical stores. On top of the different kinds of materials and wide spectrum of prices, there are actually more important factors to consider before you bring home your new mattress.

Sleep plays a huge role in your physical and mental health. How your sleep went the night before can really determine your mood the next morning.

Choosing the right mattress that caters to YOUR body and sleep style can determine whether you will be having comfortable sleep every night (or day). Here’s a guide for you to choose a new mattress that suits you most!




You wouldn’t call it a mattress store if you don’t spot people doing their weird tests on the bed. Not just one or two persons. Maybe more than 30 people have sat and laid down on that bed so it’s not truly the best way to choose. The real bed will feel rather different than the model bed everyone sat down on.

Do not decide on the mattress after only lying down and saying ‘this feels good’.



Close to 80% adults do experience back pains at some point of their lives. Not all beds that are marketed to have ‘lumbar support’ are the perfect ones for those who experience back pains while sleeping.

It boils down to one’s sleeping style, weight and a bed that’s not too soft or too hard.

Buying a New Mattress Guide | Your Casa Concept


It does mean that the brand is confident in its durability – but you have to put into consideration the usage and how you maintain it’s conditions. Ask yourself this: would you keep a mattress for 25 years of its warranty even if you can clearly see indents and not having good sleeps at night?

Irregardless of it’s warranty, it’s recommended to change and replace your mattress after every 7-10 years.



Not necessarily. Price points are still marketing play even in the mattress industry. Do not just assume the $6,000 mattress will be of superior quality than the one that costs $800.


Replace your mattress when:

  1. You’re waking up with aches
  2. Visible mattress indentations and sags
  3. Your body changes – significant weight gain or loss



Two most vital components of choosing your new, comfortable mattress:

  1. The basic materials and it’s sizes.
  2. The type of sleeper you are.



Mattress size recommendation | Your Casa Concept

A twin, or single, is a good size for young children. Twin XL, or super single, works good for a college student or adult who just needs enough for a good night sleep without taking too much space in the room.

Of course, if you have a bigger space you can opt for bigger sized beds. Better comfortable than feeling squeezed in your own bed. Especially for those who enjoy tossing and turning, a bigger bed would probably be safer for you.

Majority of the mattresses sold these days are at least 10’’ thick, but there are some slim ones too. Depending on your body weight, those who are on the heavier side would choose a more thicker bed to really feel cozy.

Typically, people who sleep on the side will prefer a softer mattress. For those who sleep on their backs or front (stomach) prefer firmer ones. This scale below is a good gauge of which firmness will be comfortable for your weight.

Bed Firmness Rating | Your Casa Concept



Generally, if you prefer a mattress with a firmer base, foam is your choice.

The foam mattress is always featured to have at least one layer of polyfoam and/or memory foam – which helps to align the sleeper’s spine, alleviating their pressure points.

Low density foams degrade fast. So pick the ones that are from the medium to high density foams.

Also look out for the mattress’s ILD, which stands for Indentation Load Deflection. Normal ILD range is from 8-21. The higher the ILD, the firmer your foam mattress will be.

Pros and Cons of Foam Mattresses | Your Casa Concept


  • Side sleepers: Soft foam
  • Back/stomach sleepers: Firm foam
  • Good for toss-and-turn sleepers
  • Good for those with back pain
  • Good for those with allergies



There is a comfort layer, which is the latex, and a support core that can also be made from latex or polyfoam (similar to foam mattresses). The differential factor will be how the latex feels.

Likewise, factor in the ILD scores when choosing a latex mattress.

Pros and Cons for Latex Mattresses | Your Casa Concept



  • Good for back/stomach sleepers
  • Good for toss-and-turn sleepers
  • Good for those with back pain
  • Good for those with allergies



If you like a bed with a bounce, you have the innerspring mattresses. Durable too.

They have a layer or two of polyfoam and supported with steel coils that are evenly spaced out. There are 4 types of coils and they make a huge difference to how comfortable your innerspring mattress can get. It’s the quality of the coils, not the quantity.

  • Bonnel coils
    1. Hourglass shaped
    2. Oldest designs, found in cheaper innersprings
  • Offset coils
    1. Hourglass shaped
    2. Firm support, durable and adapts to sleeper’s body
    3. Minimal noise
    4. Normally found in more expensive models
  • Continuous wire coils
    1. Singular steel wire framework throughout
    2. Firm support and durable
    3. Minimal noise and motion transfer
  • Pocketed coils
    1. Barrel shaped, individually wrapped coils
    2. Pre-compressed to create firmness
    3. Minimal noise and motion transfer


Pros and Cons of Innerspring Mattresses | Your Casa Concept



  • Back/stomach sleepers: Offset innerspring
  • Toss-and-turn sleepers: Pocketed innersping



A combination of more materials that is presumably to be that mattress for you. The proper construction of hybrid mattresses are made with at least 2 inches of polyfoam latex and a support core of pocketed coils.

You can expect them to be pricier than the average, but yet the individual disadvantages of each material still lingers.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses | Your Casa Concept

Idle Sleep has one of the most credible and worthy hybrid mattress that does not disappoint, with a bouyancy foam that provides 400% more support than regular foam. Talk about the perfect sleep!



Airbeds have just that thin layer of polyfoam and air chambers that allows you to inflate and deflate according to your desired firmness and support.

The later designs allow you to control via remote but there are still many models that would need you to manually inflate or deflate them yourself. It can come with a number of air chambers from just two, four or more.

Pros and Cons of Airbed Mattresses | Your Casa Concept


  • Good for stomach/back sleepers
  • Good for toss-and-turn sleepers




Buying A New Mattress Guide | Your Casa Concept

After years of sleeping on the same bed, your body needs some time to adjust to a new mattress – typically a month duration. Especially for mattresses bought online, it feels like taking a big bet on the quality of the brand.

For that, it’s rare to see a mattress brand that is without sleep trial offers these days. Sleep trial gives customers the luxury to properly test the bed for a certain period of time and return the bed if they are not satisfied or comfortable with it.

The period duration can range from 30 days all the way to the entire year – 365 days. (Unreal? Yea, I know). Certain sleep trials even allow exchanges to be done, making sure that customers are able to get the exact size, firmness or a different material altogether.

Take note of the return policy fee as well. While some brands give you back 100% of your money without any fee, others would require you to pay a certain amount; be it for just returning it or to cover the shipping and handling of the returning product.

Are returned mattresses resold or reused? The answer is no.

Brands would not risk any hygiene issue against themselves, so these mattresses will be upcycled or donated.



Read the warranties of the mattress before you make the purchase.

I mentioned warranties very briefly earlier on, but without explaining what is covered under a mattress warranty. The common range would be between 10 – 20 years. I will re-emphasise: Do not assume the length of warranty to be equal to the lifespan of your mattress.

As opposed to a sleep trial, warranties are meant to cover certain defects or flaws of a sold mattress:

  1. When the mattress sag too significantly, too early.
  2. Workmanship flaws.

Do not expect to get covered by the regular wear and tear caused by you. Also, not when you become unsatisfied with the mattress after your sleep trial ends.

Mattress warranties will only be valid and limited to the original owner who bought the mattress directly from the retailer.

So let’s say you bought a mattress that has a warranty of 10 years. After 2 years, you sold it to your neighbour. If she found that there is a defect, her claim will be invalid because she is not the original owner.




Very much like insurance, the idea of a warranty is always safe. However, there is a part of us that hope that it will not have to be used at all.

Purchasing a mattress is a considerable investment. The mattress will sag and indent eventually, but having certain care done to your mattress allows us to enjoy the quality of our purchase slightly longer.



Don’t you love a fresh and clean mattress?

Dead skin cells, perspiration and occasional food and drink spills (and stains) are the kinds of damage and dirt that makes it unhygienic for anyone – not to mention detrimental to your mattress’s condition in the long run if left alone.

Regularly clean your mattress to get rid of the lint and dust particles.

Deckey’s steam cleaner is a 100% all-natural, heat-pressurised steam cleaning, promising to leave your mattress clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

Decky Handheld Steam Cleaner Rating | Your Casa Concept




The mattress protector, fully binding the mattress, acts as a layer of protection against potential spills and stains. Optional but extremely useful nonetheless.

Loved by top reviewers and produced from all natural ingredients. Idle Sleep‘s mattress protector is made with TENCEL technology that helps to absorb and remove moisture more effectively than cotton. This makes it ideal for any climates and seasons.



Wouldn’t be a waste if your new mattress is paired with a bed frame of bad quality? Not only are you lowering the value of your mattress, you are also risking having bad support that could affect the quality of your sleep.

Take some time to choose a good bed frame of the right size for your new mattress.



A mattress that has already sagged deep is a clear sign for you to buy a new one. Sleeping with a bad mattress is nasty for your back and spine. No one likes a bad night’s sleep and especially no one wants to wake up with aches.

Buying a new mattress can be a tedious process but it’s definitely not hard!

Your body and sleeping style are major factors to consider choosing the right mattress. And don’t forget to check for the brand’s sleep trials, returns and warranties as well.


*Last updated: 25th December 2020.

** Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which allows me to earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. There are no additional costs to you!


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    1. Hi Hannie,

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    1. Hi Joannie,

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    1. Hi Sarina,

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  4. Wow. Purchasing a new mattress can be like planning a moon mission. Luckily I don’t have back issues, I hope that I didn’t just jinx me. I usually sleep on a medium firm mattress on a platform. You brought up some interesting topics like replacing a mattress after 7-10 years no matter if the warranty is 20 years. I usually automatically buy myself a new mattress way before 10 years. Sleeping on dust mites and other creepy crawlers doesn’t really appeal to me, but they will be there no matter what you do. I just buy a new mattress if I get that feeling of too many of them keeping me company when I sleep. Anyways, great article. It was very informative.


    1. Hey Courtney,

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      Good that you replace your mattress before 10 years! And yes, if we can see dust mites, I think more people will be more inclined to cleaning their mattresses regularly.

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  5. Hi Sam,

    I just had to replace my very old mattress. Too bad I didn’t have your mattress guide. It would have come in handy. I will just have to bookmark it for when it needs to be replaced later. Or if I happen upon someone who needs to replace their mattress. Then I can share this guide with them.


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