Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas by Your Casa Concept

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Bedroom window treatments are essential not only because they protect our privacy. They function to maintain the cosiness while still blend in our bedroom decoration and interior style. Might sound like an overreaction, but the importance of our bedroom windows is often taken lightly. From flowy, relaxing curtains to rustic shutters, they all have their own charms which can make or break your sleeping haven. Here’s a guide to the different types of bedroom window… Read More »Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Small Computer Desk for Home | Your Casa Concept


A small computer desk is just the beginning. The pivotal lifestyle change of working from home has created a strong demand for a dedicated work space or a home office. Most of the people around you are probably living the work from home life, even if you are not. A home office, at minimum, should have a computer (or laptop), a modest storage area and perhaps a printer. Given that some of us do not… Read More »SMALL COMPUTER DESK FOR HOME

Gray Living Room Ideas | Your Casa Concept

Gray Living Room Decorating Ideas

Gone are the years where gray is boring. For decades, gray has been on the walls, floors and decorative items of homes. It is now a popular hue, known for its earthy tones that brings a sense of welcoming calmness. As we spend more time indoors, home owners are looking to make their homes more cosy, more spacious, or just something different. There has been an increasing interest in warmer gray shades, sometimes known as… Read More »Gray Living Room Decorating Ideas

Barcelona Chairs - Modern Style Interior Design

What Is Modern Style Interior Design

Sleek surfaces and luxurious feels. These two are the main impressions of a modern style interior design. Like most popular interior styles like the Scandinavian and Minimalism, this style is proven a timeless design statement to have. A celebration of natural materials and zero tolerance for unnecessary detailing, the clean modern style interior designs make a good choice for prestige hotels, offices and even in your homes as well. What is modern style and how… Read More »What Is Modern Style Interior Design

What is Samsung SmartThings? | Your Casa Concept

What is Samsung SmartThings?

One of the things that is frequently searched during this pandemic season is having smart homes devices. What used to be a far-fetched idea is now a more welcoming thought since big players like Amazon, Google and Samsung come to play. They came up with products that are easy to understand. User-friendly for everyday people like you and me. It is no longer just for the tech enthusiasts. Anyone who educates themselves well enough can… Read More »What is Samsung SmartThings?