Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Bedroom window treatments are essential not only because they protect our privacy. They function to maintain the cosiness while still blend in our bedroom decoration and interior style. Might sound like an overreaction, but the importance of our bedroom windows is often taken lightly.

From flowy, relaxing curtains to rustic shutters, they all have their own charms which can make or break your sleeping haven.

Here’s a guide to the different types of bedroom window treatments, for you to understand them a bit more before you decide on choosing the right one that fits your type of bedroom and style.


By now, we should realise that home decorating is a lot of strategic planning and choosing a window treatment is no different.

Knowing where your natural light is coming in, is the first step. If the morning rays are going to hit you in your face every day, getting the sheer treatment only is not enough. It will work better with blackout drapes.

Next thing to consider would be your concept. What are you going for? Is it going to be a contrasting statement piece or is it going to be in tune with your walls? Or are you going to match it with the main furniture in your bedroom, like the bed cover, rug or chair?

Finally, measure your windows right. A metal tape ensures better accuracy.

Going for a bedroom treatment that matches with your wall will naturally create a more cohesive palette. Choosing otherwise would make it an accent piece. Point is, the colour, pattern and texture of your chosen bedroom window treatment will be a definite eye-catching aspect in your space.



We’ll start off with the most common type – the curtain. Highly popular not only in bedrooms but also for all windows in a home. The range of styles and textures make them an excellent decor addition to a room as well.

Installation is easy, whereby they hang from a curtain rod that is installed above the window frame, or go as high as just a few inches below the ceiling. While you can just slide the curtains to each side to bring in some sunshine, you can alternatively hang or tie them.

Although curtains vary in lengths, they are all commonly lightweight and flowy (However, we are seeing options for blackout or room darkening curtains too.) It can’t be argued that curtains bring out a light and airy bedroom.

Adding a second layer of curtain gives your bedroom an elevated, hotel-like atmosphere.


TIP: Choose a lighter, almost-sheer curtain, as the inner layer, and a darker and thicker one as the outer layer. This will fully accentuate your natural lights, bringing out a luxurious and airy bedroom of your dreams.

TIP: If you want your curtains to “clear” your window when drawn open, extend the rod beyond the width of the window at least 6 inches on either side.

Short curtains


For homes taking on the minimalist concept, consider giving short curtains a try. It might look awkward for those who are used to long curtains but they are pretty charming with the right colour chosen!



The big difference between curtains and drapes is the density of fabric. Drapes are made of heavier and thicker fabric like damask, silk or velvet. It creates a much-loved aesthetic illusion of formality and royalty. It’s no wonder drapes are used in primary bedrooms, living rooms and also dining rooms.

Velvet Drapes

Velvet Drapes by Half Price Drapes

These thicker fabric drapes are also often lined to block out light and are great at blocking cold drafts or heat spilling through the windows, meaning it can help to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

More often that not, drapes are solid coloured to really enrapture the swanky appearance of a room. We can find wider options for patterned drapes today, from floral to contemporary ones.

Drapes would go well with most interior designs, particularly modern-styled furnishing.

If your bedroom window faces the glorious morning sunrise, drapes are the perfect choice for you to be protected against them and have uninterrupted sleep.

Or is your home situated on a busy street? Try hanging up the drapes. They do not completely block out the unwanted noises from outside, but they are good noise reduction items to have.

Drapes for bedroom

Some might want to get creative by layering the drapery panels with valances or swags (which will be explained in a while). However, due to its material and look, the layering might be too much for a bedroom. Opting to hang sheers beneath the drapes might be a better layering pick.

TIP: Add more softness to a room by creating a small ‘puddle’ to your drape. A puddle is an extra mound of fabric that is intentionally left to sit on the floor. The puddle can vary from a small one to a large puddle, depending on you.

For a small puddle, order the drapes 5 to 6 inches longer than the length from the rod to floor. A large puddle might require somewhere between 7 to 12 inches.


Sheers for bedroom

Soothing to the eyes and delicate to touch, sheers in bedrooms are well.. A sheer delight.

Sheer, as explained in the dictionary, means transparently thin. Made to be lightweight, they can be made from fabrics like polyester, chiffon, lace, linen and cotton. Some of the best reasons to have sheers:

  1. They provide just enough privacy.
  2. Do not close down the natural lights entirely.
  3. Protect your furniture near the windows from harsh, direct sunlight.

Something like a filter, sheers softens the lights coming into the room. They are designed to maintain a gentle and soft ambience, which is great to have in any bedroom – but not on it’s own.

Sheers do amazingly well in living rooms and entryways to really open up a space. A bedroom, however, would require more insulation and privacy qualities. Hence, they are often paired with other window treatments.

Simplicity is versatility. Besides layering sheers with curtains or drapes, you also have options for sheer shades and even sheer shutters. All of which provides a relaxing and stylish bedroom while still giving you the insulation and privacy you need.



Shades and blinds are both popular types of window treatment and often overlap in definition, which sometimes confuses the buyer.

Roller blinds for bedroom

Roller blinds in bedroom

Because they both cover just the window opening, shades and blinds nail the minimalist look perfectly and can fit in just about any interior style. They give you the flexibility to adjust light coming in and privacy by simply pulling a cord.

Shades offer a variety, like the roller, roman, bamboo, cellular, etc. Endless styles, colors and patterns that you would be spoilt for choices.

The choice is totally yours, factor in:

  • Thickness of material (your light blocking, privacy and noise reduction needs)
  • Style of your room (are we going for simple or posh?)
  • Budget (Roman shades can be rather expensive)


Blinds are made from much harder materials as compared to shades. We are talking about wood, aluminium and vinyl.

Shades for bedroom

Whether horizontal or vertical, the slats can be opened or closed easily with cords that run through the blind’s length. Their ability to have more airflow passing through makes them poor insulators of heat. Opt for the shades instead if this concerns you.



Nothing like a pair of ol’ rustic-style window treatment: the shutters. They are not usually found in the bedroom. Still, shutters are amazing additions to coastal, country and of course, rustic home interior designs.

Shutters look especially stunning when painted in many different colours or kept in it’s natural, woody state. Alternatively, we do find faux wood in the market because they are easier to maintain.

shutters for bedroom

Fitted neatly within window frames with hinges, they can be swung opened and closed easily.

When we speak of privacy, shutters installed in bedrooms are one of the best if compared to the other window treatments mentioned earlier. Plus, the density and thickness of the shutters tunes down the unwanted outdoor noises, should you live in a busy street.

Its insulating properties are both a good and bad thing – stuffy in summers but great at keeping away the cold temperatures during winters.




Valances are really just additional fabric that is draped near the top of a window frame. It is versatile to be used with all of the above window treatments shared – curtains, drapes, shades or blinds.

valances for window

Valance by Deconovo

Styling valances include the pleat, arch, gathered, mounted on rods and more. The added fabric adds depth and flair, which works like a charm in master bedrooms.


Other popular layering treatments are swags. Similarly, they are intended to layer a touch of elegance to your window.

Swags can both be glamorous and romantic. They are loosely slung and typically draped over a rod. They might match the underlying window treatment, or purposely of a contrasting colour or pattern to bring a fresh outlook to the bedroom.

TIP: Swags are excellent alternatives to drapes for a canopy bed.

window swag

Image source | ZEBRABLINDS

Are window valances and swags out of style? The answer is it depends.

Rather than the bright heavy fabrics and patterns, pick the lighter and simpler type that adds the extra depth to your base window treatment. The right complement will make them a fine touch of elegance.


Dressing up your windows well completes your bedroom style. Like the garnish to a great dish. It’s about the harmonious blend of colour, texture and feel.

Those listed here are basic window treatments that offer different purposes. That’s why we are able to see plenty of mixing and matching of treatments instead of just a single one. The right pairing will make your bedroom look incredible.

Printed curtain for bedroom

Image source | JENN PABLO STUDIO

Don’t be afraid to play around with prints and patterns! Choosing subtle-patterned window treatments that are still within your bedroom’s palette can be fun and fresh. And while you are at that, see the different texture options as well.

Whether you are matching your window treatment to your ceiling and rug linings or choosing it as a prominent, contrasting accent piece, do remember that you choose those that help you get a good sleep each night.

That means, you’ve got those that help you block out those bright sunlights or outside noises. And thick (or thin) enough for the climate your home is at.

If you are ready to buy new window treatments for your bedroom, I recommend Deconovo and Half Price Drapes for your wide selection of trusted quality window treatments. Both stores have positive reviews and customer support that can guide you through.

A good treatment is a worthy investment. And always, have fun planning and choosing them!



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18 thoughts on “Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas”

  1. Hello Sam,

    Never given much thought about window treatments, much more with bedroom windows, because my wife is the one doing the hunting/collecting for curtains for our home windows. Nonetheless, this was a good read and learning.

    I know we tried mostly the regular curtains (my wife), sheers (my mother), and drape in the master bedroom (my mother’s influence too). We never tried blinds nor shutters. All our windows have a screen as well to protect from mosquito bites. We sleep with our kids, and the window is always closed due to the air conditioning. The window is always shaded from the morning sun. What do you think do we need to consider in deciding how to design the window treatment for this room? What we have now is a curtain with cartoon characters.

    1. Hey Lemuel,

      Curtains themselves have a large variety, I’ve known plenty who have used only curtains for all their rooms. So there is nothing wrong with that!

      Sheers and drapes together are a fine choice already, I feel. The shutters would not do good for your kind of climate so you can perhaps try the cellular shade?

      These shades are:
      – versatile,
      – traps good air (preventing less transfer of heat and cold)
      – child and pet safe
      – filters light and cuts glare

      Installation shouldn’t be too hard for this. Have a go if you like! (:


  2. I like to have plain coloured curtains for my room especially, i think it just gives me a homey and roomy feel. I like simple curtains with little to no designs to avoid any business in my room décor. I like to keep it simple at all cost.

    I like how they are able to block light from entering the room, keeps me warm enough in the winter and i like it very much. i could consider having sheers, as it able to block noises from outside and gives you that peace and calmness you sometimes desire.
    Really great and useful article.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Femi,

      I’m with you on that, I’d prefer solid coloured window treatments as well. Simple and neat!

      Curtains and sheers together will create a nice layer for you visually and on days you want to feel breezy, pull those curtains aside and let the sheers do its magic. I think you got the idea.

      Glad you love them.


  3. Hello!

    I love this post. I’ve just bought my first home and have been in it about a month working on things to make it feel light, fresh and mine! The master bed was so dark with blue walls and wooden blinds but I’ve repainted it a greige with a rustic pink accent wall and it actually makes me not hate the wooden blinds so much!

    I’ve also always been a fan of room darkening curtains but now that I’m in a house with good quality blinds I get to use sheer blinds. One of my favorite times of the day has always been in a house when a sun is setting and it filters through sheer blinds.

    I found a nice pair that is a natural color and linen texture and they are amazing! They make the room so relaxing and breezy.

    1. Hi Haley,

      Greige, rustic pink and wooden blinds? What an amazing combination. That simple change of wall colour has turned your room to be much lighter and welcoming. Awesome job on that!

      You are right, sheer blinds are beautiful against the natural light. It’s a very calming feel and a way to introduce the outside to inside. I believe your next experiment will still be great.


  4. Hi SAM,

    Thanks a lot for this educational post about window treatments. I’ve never paid so much attention to windows, so this post helped me learn something new today. 🙂 My room is the only place that I could separate the office and my place totally, so I prefer those kinds of two layers of curtains that help me relax and relieve after a long day of work at the office. I also like shutters which reminds me of any B&Bs in the countryside. They don’t need to say much to bring me a good sleep at night. I’ll bookmark this post in my browser for future reference.


    1. Hi Matt,

      If that’s the case, your bedroom treatment is more important that ever. One that could prep for work mode and the other for a cosy night’s sleep. Choosing two layer of curtains is a good choice! There are blackout curtains, almost like drapes but in lighter fabric. That could perhaps be an alternative choice for you should you feel like looking for a fresh look!


  5. I love the swags and would love to have that in my bedroom. I just wonder how much dust they would gather and how often I’d have to wash the dust out – I live on a dirtroad in the desert. I also really like shutters and I would love to add them. They give such a rustic feel to the house and additionally they’re a good protection against strong winds.

    1. Hi Christine,

      That’s right. They do collect a fair bit of dust and since you live on the dirtroad area, it’s probably worse for you.

      Shutters in your home sounds epic, it really brings out that rustic flavour to it, as you’ve mentioned. Or add on Roman shades if you’d like. That contrast will be amazing!


  6. I’m usually good at picking things, except when it comes to curtains. I swear to god, I’m about to change them for the second time this year, and it’s not even August yet.

    Although I live in the city, I’m a big fan of shutter curtains for some reason. There’s something about how the wind doesn’t affect them as much that draws me to them. I might also get a pair, and hopefully, I won’t throw them out by the end of the year.

    1. Hi there,

      True, shutters are quite sturdy in that sense. I think they are a great touch to a home in the city. Something that feels more laid back, something rustic.

      What I love about window treatments is how flexible they are to mix and match around with, there is actually no particular wrong answers to your bedroom window treatment choice! At the end of the day, as long as you like it and they are able to help you get your privacy and good night’s sleep, it’s all good!

      It’s nice to have a change and maybe instead of throwing them out, you can consider selling or donating? Just some suggestion, so it’s not really a waste on your end (:

      Cheers. SAM

  7. Hey Sam
    You are really good at this. The ideas like putting a second layer on your curtain to give it a hotel look was one of my favorites.
    Damn..Reading this post made me want to have a wife like you who can understand this. But I am sure I will get one like this. Because I am really bad at putting any sort of design in the bedroom yet I love having such beautiful looking rooms.
    I learnt a lot about bedroom design thank you especially the Valances.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      It’s amazing how much can change simply by adding in a second layer!

      Hahah I wish your future partner is keen on interior designing. Honestly, it starts with interest, then looking through (many) inspirations and finally applying them. And of course, you can always drop by here for more tips. Hahaha.

      I’m happy to share, glad you learned plenty.

      Cheers. SAM

  8. Hi SAM,
    Very nice infor.
    I have never come across to such like bedroom treatment! After reading this complete post the necessity of bedroom treatment has been enlightened. The right selection of drapes, curtains, and colour of curtains are very important.
    The best thing about this article Is that I have come across and learned many new terms today and one of them is valances, I had never come across this term before and after reading this I came to know how much can this enhance the show of one’s bedroom.

    Thank you for such an amazing and interesting article! I would definitely keep in mind your recommendations for buying new window treatments.


    1. Hi!

      Glad you got plenty of takeaways from the article. Have fun choosing your next window treatment that fits the concept of your bedroom!


  9. I missed using curtains and drapes! I stopped using them many years ago. Using curtains and drapes can really add some depths in the room but the downside is you have to wash them or send them to laundry. Plus, you also have to change when season changes. So those tasks are additional to my to do list.

    That’s why decided to use blinds instead. It is way easier to clean, you just have to dust it off. It’s economical too. I chose a coloraturas that will suit all year round, so I don’t have to change it. The downside? If you move houses often, like us, the problem would be the window sizes!

    Speaking of which, we will be moving next year and the shutters you suggested here looks nice! I would love to try it if I can! Do you have any tips that I should remember in case I opt for shutters?

    1. Hi Mina,

      Blinds does seem like the option that people go for these days. Like you said, it saves you from having to do heavy laundry.

      I would think that the same problem of different window sizes would apply to most window treatments – unless you are lucky enough to get the same width and height for the next home. It’s another thing to consider when moving homes often, I suppose.

      For shutters, if you’re alright with natural wood, go ahead. But it comes with all the potential wood problems in humid environments where they don’t do quite well with moisture, heat and humidity. Instead of real wood, there are other options like faux wood or those made from fibreboards.

      Shutters will also take a bit more time for cleaning due to the number of panels it has. So all in all, it’s how much time you’d like to invest in maintaining.


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