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4 Types of Desks for Home Office

Back at the office or not, most of our homes have some form of area or a room dedicated just for work. What I learnt about working from home for the majority of 2020, is that it can be a total grey space between rest and work. Some days I would clock in too much hours. While other days would be full of distractions with minimal work done.   Having a dedicated space is important… Read More »4 Types of Desks for Home Office

Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas | Your Casa Concept

Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

Folks, we’ve made it to the last 2 months of the year filled with many changes and uncertainties – most of it indoors. That’s almost a year of adapting. The worldwide pandemic has undoubtedly changed normalcy that we are accustomed to, be it work, life or the holidays. The show must go on. We may not have the luxury to celebrate Christmas on a large scale, so predictably, people are looking to give more efforts… Read More »Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

What Is A Smart Home System | Your Casa Concept

What Is A Smart Home System?

Technology has gone a long way from just asking Siri to play Spotify on your phone. The smart system of the 21st century is about making you take charge of your home’s functionality – all in a single interface. From door locks to switching off the lights, smart devices can even help you grill that meat the next time you have a barbeque. It’s basically anything you can think of. The speakers, window blinds, heater,… Read More »What Is A Smart Home System?

Small Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas | Your Casa Concept

Small Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas

Everyone’s biggest clutter culprit has got to be the bedroom closet. Shoving in the excess clutter and closing the door to hide them? Don’t worry, it’s normal. When lazy off-days creep in or you just had an overwhelming week at work or school (or life, as a matter of fact), you don’t feel like organising things in your closet. Eventually they grow to be a pile of mess. Keeping things neat and organised takes a… Read More »Small Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas

Area Rug for The Bedroom | Your Casa Concept

Area Rug for The Bedroom

A continuation of bedroom ideas, this time specifically on the topic of area rugs. Pulling together all your decor elements in your bedroom is the rug. Warm and cosy, a rug (or two) helps to protect the floors from being scratched. It is also a wonderful way of showing off your personality. Everyone’s bedroom layout is different and because of that, it will actually be helpful to know some tips on choosing one. Let’s dive… Read More »Area Rug for The Bedroom