Area Rug for The Bedroom

A continuation of bedroom ideas, this time specifically on the topic of area rugs.

Pulling together all your decor elements in your bedroom is the rug. Warm and cosy, a rug (or two) helps to protect the floors from being scratched. It is also a wonderful way of showing off your personality.

Everyone’s bedroom layout is different and because of that, it will actually be helpful to know some tips on choosing one. Let’s dive into the magical world of rugs.




The most important furniture of the bedroom – the bed.

Even if you have other big furniture like your wardrobe or your vanity table, the focus of the room should be your bed. Therefore, rule of thumb: your decision of choosing a rug depends on.. The bed.

One of the best, if not the most common, rug placement is one that extends around and over the edge of one’s bed. Here are the rest of the recommended rug sizes for the different bed size.


Recommended rug size | Your Casa Concept


It’s that stretch of arms in the morning with your eyes closed and then planting your first step onto the floor – warm. Not being dramatic but it’s really the small things that will make you feel happy in the morning.

Area Rug for Bedroom | Your Casa Concept

Those with smaller bedrooms, the better option for us is a relatively smaller one that has just enough rug space near the foot of the bed. In fact, a runner would work great too. Place the runners on both sides of the bed (or one side if you have your bed pushed all the way to the corner).

Runners are usually cheaper – something your wallet would be thankful for.

Runner rugs for small bedroom | Your Casa Concept

Let’s observe the image above for a while. The owners here obviously went for the sophisticated, modern vibe. The interior style that speaks volumes across the room – a beautiful combination of wooden floors and different shades of olive green walls and curtains.

Choosing a soft, fluffy textured runner was a smart move to compliment the modern style. The feeling of luxe is slightly more elevated now.




I was pleasantly surprised by this faux fur area rug I found on Amazon. 100% artificial fur, but still is comfortably soft that I’d give it a 5 out of 5. Number two, back lining. Don’t you just love a rug that does not move around? Not to mention, machine washable too!

For an area rug under $50, it is certainly a value for money!


You can never go wrong with a square or rectangular area rug. And realistically, it’s not only the bed frame that sits on the area rug. We sometimes have bedside tables. Other times, a bench at the foot of the bed.

You can have:

  1. All three elements sitting completely on the area rug,
  2. Just having 2/3 of the bed and the bench on the area rug (most common); or
  3. Only a third of the bed (or barely) and the bench. So the rest of the rug takes centre stage.

Area Rug placement | Your Casa Concept

Having most of the area rug on display as the picture above inevitably draws one’s attention to it. This actually allows you to play with a bolder design, if you’d like.




What are the colours of your bedroom furniture and your walls?

Always take the cues from the room. If your walls are already filled with printed wallpapers or loud artworks, your area rug can be of a more simpler, solid subtle design to tone things down a little. However, if your rug is the statement piece, you can choose a livelier, bolder design.


Matching rug with room colour palette | Your Casa Concept

GET A SIMILAR LOOK: Modern Oriental Rug (4’’x6’’)


This rug I recommended from Rug Source is a beautiful combination of wool and silk material, hand-tufted. Did I mention free shipping and 30 days return?

Play around with illusions! In my earlier article on ‘How to Choose a Wallpaper’, I talked about the impact that certain patterns have in our home and space.

Striped rug for bedroom | Your Casa Concept

You can ‘elongate’ your room’s length with a striped area rug. Stripes, in its natural form, gives off the modern look almost effortlessly. It does not have to be outrightly striped, per say. Much like the above image, the idea is: the ones with lines. We’ll talk more about materials in a while.

As far as design is concerned, one can always try bold on bold. The interior style of maximalism or eclectic. Intentionally mismatched design, perfect for the ones who would appreciate explosive statement pieces and colours in a single room.


Striped rug for bedroom | Your Casa Concept


Sisal rugs

Sisal rugs, for example, are said to be the most durable rug material with easy cleaning maintenance. Natural looking because it is literally made of plant fibers. Tough and coarse, this material is not for the ones who are used to the fluffy and soft rugs.

It’s absorbent factor is both a pro and a con. Acting as a natural humidifier for your bedroom, the sisal rug will be cool in warm weather. The sisal rug would only require dry cleaning.

Superb choice for those with earthy toned rooms as well as the minimalist and mid modern styled rooms!


Silk & Viscose rugs

Pet owners, the material advised not to have are rugs made of silk or viscose. Undeniably the popular rug materials; they feel soft, they look soft and they are indeed comfortable.

However, their soft and sensitive nature is the exact reason why they wear off pretty fast, losing its color, shimmer and quality over a short timespan. Imagine your pets clawing on this rug continuously over time?

Easily damaged when wet, means no water-based cleaning. And get this: you can also ruin the silk or viscose rug fibres when you clean them with a high temperature cleaning equipment too.

A bit of high maintenance if you ask me.


Polypropylene rugs

Durable, check.

Easy cleaning, check.

Easy maintenance, check.

The kind of rug that combines functionality, comfort and design. Polypropylene rugs are made of synthetic fibres that are more stain-resistant and weather-resistant. Durable against messes and scratches, this rug is common for your kids’ bedroom. This is the rug that you can actually wash off with a hose if you feel like it. Dry it good and it’ll be clean and pretty once more.




What lies at the back of your area rug is as important as the design in front of it. Don’t you just hate it when the rug moves while vacuuming?

A rug with padding and traction is always the better choice so you don’t have to worry about them slipping or sliding away. Or better yet, one that prevents you from slipping and sliding.

In addition to preventing unnecessary accidents, the more premium rug pads give you that extra bit of cushion and noise absorption!

An investment worth having.

Rug pads | Your Casa Concept
Highlighted as Amazon’s choice, Mohawk Home’s rug pads come in almost every size you can find. It is important to know that it grips well on any hard floor surfaces.

Unique rug size? No worries. Their rug pads can be easily trimmed with just a pair of scissors.

Rug pag rating | Your Casa Concept




It is always good to have a bit of foundation of choosing the right area rug for your bedroom. Look beyond the design. Layout, size and material matters in the long run of maintaining your area rug proper.

What was shared here does not only apply to just bedroom area rugs, but just about for any rooms in your home. Now you too, can decide better on a rug that is both of quality and of your personal style.

What are other rug materials that you prefer? And perhaps some tips on caring for them as well. Share them in the comment section below!



*Last edited: 23rd December 2020.

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  1. Hi,

    This is great info, especially because I am still building my house and collecting ideas for the interior design. I like the sisal rugs. Even though they are not soft and fluffy, they are natural and they look nice, and I think that they will still feel comfortable when I place my feet there after waking up in the morning 😉 They will probably be great in hot climates, right?

    The striped rugs looks great too, the stripes will indeed elongate the bedroom, What a great idea! Thank you for these amazing tips!

    1. Hi Christine,

      Honestly, I love the texture of sisal rugs too! It just feels very natural and also because I’m a sucker for any earthy toned materials hahaha. Yes, they are wonderful for hot climates. When the natural light comes in, it’s a very therapeutic vibe.

      Glad you loved them!


  2. This is a great article and well laid out. I love the warm shades!
    I have never tried using rug pads and think it is an excellent idea, especially quality ones which don’t slide away.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I must say, you give very detailed information on furniture. Things I would have never thought of. I love your site and will be using it for furniture ideas from now on. Excellent information.


  4. A great collection of ideas!
    I do hate when my rug moves or gets sucked up to the vacuum cleaner, you are quite right. How on earth have it never occurred to me to buy a non slip rug pad-it escapes me.
    Although, I wonder-our rags are the rustic, hand woven ones and are pretty soft. Do you think they would hold well on the pad, as well? Or would you recommend some other product for that?
    I also like the sisal rug and If I was to replace mines, my choice would definitely be this one.
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    1. Hey Kerryanne,

      The Mohawk brand that I recommended works great on all rug types! Go for it.

      Oh yes. I’m a fan of the sisal rug as well! Glad you found the article useful.


  5. Hi Sam ,I have been thinking about getting a rug for my office .I didn’t know what to do until now .What a nice timing !I am glad a read your review just now .It is like you read my mind .really ,thank you for this nice article .I now ,know which one i am going to choose and the size .Great article Sam !

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