6 DIY Home Design Ideas

Doing It Yourself saves you some money and coming out with a creation that is uniquely yours. Of course we all have the option of buying the product or paying for professional services, but the value of making something on your own – priceless.

It does not only limit to manually building an entire shelf yourself. DIY home design is about paying attention to details, because even the smallest changes can make a HUGE difference. A touch of you!

Buying new home accessories or furniture may put a dent on our financials. Doing it yourself might take some time and maybe some initial cost to prepare for it. However, in the end, creativity is all a choice and your decision to make. Both time and money are important, so here are 6 DIY home design ideas for you to try out!


The Add-On Effect

You already have the final product you bought before (and you don’t know if you did or someone gave it to you because it’s been so long). If you don’t feel like replacing it or throwing it away, don’t.

What we can do to splash a new wave of freshness once more, is to add a new form of detail on it.

Jute ropes

Jute ropes are a major fashion statement that easily screams nautical. Spot your clean, cheap vase, grab some strong, hot glue gun and wrap the rope neatly around it. You now have a vase of an entirely different vibe!

See if you’d like to have the rope around the rims of your side tables and shoe racks. And it does not stop there. Jute ropes come in a variety of sizes, look around and see what else you can rope on to.

Oh yes, these guys can be rolled into darn good coasters too!


Box shelves on the walls are great and simple pop out-ish designs which help to store your books or home accessories. The downside is, they can get a little dull.

Find any old, used frames and use strong glue around its edges (at the back) to stick on an open wooden box. There you have it, unique frame boxes that you can now install on your walls.




The famous ladder that appears on almost every home design magazine and pinterest. It stands out because it is the first thing most people will see. Reason being, they are curious.

“What are they doing with the ladder?”

Not only does it add an aesthetic look to your space, but its functionality – endless. It can be super versatile, depending on where you put it, and what you put on it.

You can stack some books or a plant on the steps. Maybe drill in some nails on the side of the ladder so you can hang more things.

Small, short ladders make adorable side tables.

Heck, it can even serve as an entire, unique new shelf when you slide in sturdy planks between 2 double ladders!


Wallpaper & Paint


We all know how amazing the wallpaper can be on the walls to make them look more alive. Remember, small changes, BIG impact?

Wallpapers can be used on furniture or appliances to give it a whole new look! From your drawers to wardrobe panels, you can work with wallpapers that go abstractly well with the colors of your home.


Like wallpapers, painting should not be limited to just the walls. You can paint on the floors of your balcony, front porch or your small lounge area.

Appliance paints can stick to metal and are able to stand heat. Get fancy and give your kitchen appliance some fresh coat of spray.

Renew the look of the small metals in your home with spray paints ( that you can get for less than $20). No more damaged or dated metal furnitures, handles or knobs. Just brushed, shiny and polished finishes.

Both wallpapers and painting work well to cover the scratches or discoloration that comes over time. It pays to pay attention to details, because these small changes can get you amazing results. Painting might require a bit more time and technical skills, but it is still something that you can learn easily from the web if you find the time for it!


Switch the Door Knobs

Speaking of knobs, if you don’t think the metal spray paint doesn’t impact much, the next option is to change it entirely! Head on down to the hardware store, grab a screwdriver and pick out a different door knob design.

Small changes, people, the small changes matter.

Large Printout Image

I love large art paintings to death, but sometimes the prices of these beautiful, large art pieces can send one starving for a month.

We live in an advanced era where you can actually print out a large image you personally took. Keep in mind the device you took the picture from. You don’t want your enlarged image to come out pixelated and blurred. Double check with the person printing out your image and ask if the pixels are good to go.

A good tip to capturing THE image of nature, bring out a frame and look through. You want to get the right angle in the frame. Picture perfect enough? Go.

Glue on some wooden sticks at the back to create the frame and voila, your new large standout art piece!


The Huge Pegboard

Okay. So the floating wall shelves and add on frame boxes don’t appeal to you because it might seem too messy for you. Why not get one large pegboard mounted on the wall?

This single pegboard instantly adds storage and is more versatile in where you want to allocate the shelves. It goes really well against a single colored wall and most definitely pleasing to the eyes.



Try Them!

I’m sure it pains you to let go of the old essential things you once bought with your hard earned money. Before you throw them out or give them away, you’d want to ask yourself if you can still do something about it.

Go have a look around your home and see where you can get creative at, the cheaper way. The possibilities are endless! The thrift stores are actually goldmines, if you know how to finetune it to the way it fits into your new home. You might even get them for free.

The thing is, you can get unique with your home without having to spend too much. Saving that extra couple of hundred dollars helps. You can make use of that elsewhere.

Most of all, you’ll definitely appreciate the items more because of the efforts you put into it! Also, you will feel accomplished learning that you can actually do them by yourself, so.. Just do it!


Last edited: 3rd April 2021.

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16 thoughts on “6 DIY Home Design Ideas”

  1. Thank you Sam for some new ideas! I’m actually thinking about doing a wallpaper project in my lounge. Wallpaper has come a long way and I’ve seen such amazing designs lately. I was wondering if you could recommend a good place to start looking? I believe you can also print your own designs which would be pretty cool as well. 

    1. Hi there Justin!

      Have to agree with about the wallpapers. The designs are always evolving and the reason why it’s still widely used till today. Yes! You can even customise your own design too. Just awesome.

      Ooh tough one. You can check out Graham & Brown , insane amount of choices for classy designs. Or Chasing Paper ! I LOVE their variety and it appeals to the younger crowd too.

      Have fun decorating your lounge!


  2. Those are all awesome ideas for sprucing up some things around the house! I like the spray paint idea on some of the older appliances to make it fit in with whatever room your in. Lamps are another item that’s super easy to paint, wrap with jute rope or change the shade on or bulb to give it a different look!
    What about some hidden storage ideas? People always have so much stuff, it would be nice to know some ways to store it so your place doesn’t look so cluttered.
    Thank you for some great ideas!

    1. Hi Amber, glad you liked the ideas. It’s really cool how the small things can make a huge difference!

      Would LOVE to share about hidden storage ideas. I’ll consider that topic, most definitely.

      Appreciate the comment.


  3. Thank you for your DIY article,

    I thoroughly enjoyed some of your tips because I think it is good for people to attempt whilst some of us are still in lockdown. I love to repurpose things and not spend too much money but give a look a complete transformation eg Door handles so I am looking forward to trying some of these.

    Certainly great information for someone like myself.

    1. Bet it’ll be fun to change things around a bit! Might as well right? Hahaha.

      Likewise. Repurposing is super valuable, glad you love it as much I do! Feels satisfying to see the end result too.

      Thank you for dropping by and hope you will enjoy the process of making those transformations.


  4. Thanks for the tips to get the creative juices going.

    Remodelling, repurposing something can be so self satisfying on so many levels.
    As you say it gets a whole new lease of life & can save you money.
    But more than that you have something totally unique.

    My sister is very good at doing things like that.
    For example she has this mirror with these twirly metal things, looks good.
    But then she hooked up a couple of birds that were decorated hair combs, nothing cheap looking but she had them around the house & now WOW!
    So simple yet it is so effective, it has to be seen to appreciate it. 🙂

    1. I always, always, always admire people who are great at craft and decoration. It’s definitely a skill. But most importantly, you really have to admire their attention to detail. Your sister is amazing!

      Yes, you tend to appreciate them more because it’s all your efforts! You can never put a price on that, really.

      Great that you liked this article. Thank you! Hope you’ll have fun along the way of creating your own unique creations!


  5. I don’t have much imagination when it comes to interior design or decorating or making use of small spaces, but you have certainly given me some great ideas that are things I can actually do! I never thought of a ladder as being a decorating piece. I have an old ladder that could be refurbished and put in the living room. What a great idea!

    I also love the large printout image idea. I have an idea for a photo I’ve been thinking about for a while and I think it would make a great large print for my living room. Now I just have to pick the perfect day to take pix. Maybe I could even do a seasonal grouping. Great idea! In fact, this one was an idea I had just Monday.

    I’d never heard of jute ropes before, well, I didn’t know that was what they were called, anyway. I love the idea of using them to enhance or renew the look of something! I love nautical stuff and I think a few jute ropes would really add to my living room! I could even drape some over the ladder to really spice things up!

    Thanks for the great ideas. I look forward to exploring more of your tips and insights!


    1. Honestly when I saw first saw ladders on a few interior designing pages, my initial thought was: ladders, really? But the more I looked into it and saw the abundance of ladder styles and functionalities, I was just, OMG this is genius? Since then I was just looking forward to how else people are using their ladders. Amazing isn’t it?

      Designing is really all up to an individual’s creation.

      Seasonal grouping! That will be a beautiful one. Make it picture perfect!

      Oh YES. Going nautical gives off a super relaxing vibe. Would go great with a house with plain, bright colours!

      I’m so glad you’re loving the ideas. I wanted to keep them simple because most of the times DIY requires some real effort and skills to a point. So I hope to share the ones that are just small changes that has big impacts. 

      Have fun doing them!


  6. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. When I first saw the ladder design on this article, I was curious about it’s purpose, having gone through it , it is indeed an awesome design especially when floor is placed on it. Also, I admire the large printouts image of nature, it will really fits perfectly on my sitting room. More beautiful designs from you. Warm regards

    1. Ladders are truly the new thing now. Endless possibilities with so many ladder designs you can have!

      I love the nature as well! That calming effect will instantly set a comfortable vibe across the room for sure. Do get it printed out and enjoy the view with a cup of warm coffee or tea! Just perfect.

      Thank you for your comment!


  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains useful information’s one could hold on to, i think this would be a great way to be more creative and also a great chance to save money as well. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi! Your comment means a lot. I do hope to share DIY ideas that are not difficult to do because I know how hard it is to get motivated to even start. 

      Hope you have fun in the process as well


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